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31 January: Jessica Robbin at Big Naturals

Jessica Robbin at Big Naturals

I wish I was rich and had a big garden with a pool and a jacuzzi cause such things seem to work like magnets for hot babes. I could perfectly picture myself hanging out with Jessica Robbin and share with her all the things I have to offer. Ok it's time to quit daydreaming and watch her having sex with another guy at Big Naturals instead. And I also have her taking off her flower dress with a sweet smile for ATK.       

31 January: Lexi vacuum cleaning

Lexi vacuum cleaning

Lexi (aka Demi Scott) is the first one the crew of Downblouse Loving call whenever they have something to clean. Washing the windows, scrubbing the flloor, dusting she all has done it with style (read wearing revealing tops) before. This time Lexi's task is to vacuum clean and again she does a top job

Brookie provides excellent entertainment at Nubiles.

31 January: Azura Star drummer

Azura Star drummer

You guys know Meg White the former drummer of the White Stripes ? I always found this pale skinned, blue eyed brunette very attractive and the music is far from bad either. Why I bring this up ? Cause I had to think of her when seeing this shoot of American redhead Azura Star at the Life Erotic who gets naked before playing the drums. I will buy tickets for her concert if she will ever perform... Gallery

30 January: Ela sunset strip

Ela sunset strip

Back in nature, back with Ela. Just before sunset this Romanian Goddess allows the sunbeams to touch her naked skin. That sounds poetic doesn't ? That's what a gorgeous girl like her does to me (and more lol) :) Ela of Photodromm sunset strip 

More boobs in the late evening sun: Christy Marks, Lorna Morgan and Angela White.

30 January: Katy aka Edda

Katy aka Edda

Katy aka Edda has been around for quite some time but isn't famous at all. Which is strange cause when you look at her body (very slender, very busty) she can easily compete with other more popular models. Maybe it has to do with the fact this Russian blonde manily is active for less known erotic sites. Here are two galleries with pictures from Skokoff, 01 02 (she looks so cute with glasses).

30 January: Ae from Thailand

Ae from Thailand

Do you guys remember Ae from Thailand ? Apart from having the shortest model name I ever came across she also has an impressive pair of big boobs that must feel to play with. I found some more footage of her having with a luck gentleman 01 02.

Gail from that same country is not as top heavy as Ae but she does has the face of an angel.

29 January: Tiffany washes her car

Tiffany washes her car

Tuesday and it's Tiffany time again! And oh boy I wish I lived in the same street as her, as in this brand movie she washes her car in front of her house only dressed in a white shirt (braless) and tight shorts. When the car is all clean again this honey takes to the back of house, takes off her the wet top and also gives her big breasts a good wash :P Clip: Tiffany of Cosmid washes her car 

29 January: Pink aka Aurora Rose

Pink aka Aurora Rose

A few weeks ago we saw Aurora Rose make her (hardcore) debut at East Coast XXX. Even when she goes by the name of Pink at Bodyparts I instantly recognized here (I don't like tattoo's much but they do make my job easier lol). Enjoy some close-ups of her juicy big tits and watch her give head.

London Andrews is the star is this weird movie.

29 January: New 'College' girl

New 'College' girl

I always keep a closey eye on those College 'reality' sites like Haze Her, Dare Dorm and College Rules cause there's where new pornstars make their debut these days (like Natalie Moore and Jessica Robbin recently). In the most recent College Rules episode called 'How Many Cumshots Can We Get' (yes when you thought strip poker was wild...) I spotted another interesting new busty girl. 

28 January: Harmony White hardcore

Harmony White hardcore

We saw Harmony White pose naked and user her hands and tits so her going all the way seems like a logical step and not a huge surprise. But that doesn't mean it isn't a great thing to watch when it's actual moment is there. She seems to be one of those girls who are natural born performers and is truely enjoying the experience... Harmony White goes hardcore at Scoreland.          

28 January: Chrissy and Annalise

Chrissy and Annalise

The new week starts with a newcomer Chrissy of DDF Busty. This brunette is rather short (5'2, 157 cm) 22 years old and come from Hungary. So far for the information now let's watch her takes off her clothes in the living room (and this is how she looks in motion).

Also new is curvy Annalise of Cosmid who comes from North Carolina. Welcome to both of them!

27 January: Special: The Busty Army

Special: The Busty Army

I consider myself a peaceful person and I rather make love than war. But I am not a pacifist and there situations when use of force is necessary. Hence I present you my special forces. In order to join this squad the aspiring soldiers must proof they carry around a pair of natural big boobs. The women below all qualified with ease... The Busty Army

26 January: In a back alley with Ria

In a back alley with Ria

Ria Sakuragi aka Rin Kajika is back at Scoreland. She takes to a quiet back alley in order to show us what's hidden under her school uniform (that is almost identical to the one of Hitomi Tanaka maybe they bought it together since these two women are real life friends). Well this young lady got plenty to show that's for sure :P Ria Sakuragi back at Scoreland.

26 January: Carita Tevez of Playboy

Carita Tevez of Playboy

The logical question would be why I haven't shown you Carita Tevez earlier as this slender and tall beauty from Texas already modelled for Playboy in 2010 and isn't the type I would normally overlook. I don't have an answer thought except I am not perfect on contrary to the shape of Carita's big tits.

Just Susann's naked body and no distractions.

25 January: Paige first hardcore scene

Paige first hardcore scene

A few weeks ago redhead Jay Rose did her first hardcore scene at the British porn site Killergram. Now another British (may be she prefers Scottish) redhead Paige Delight (the one with the tattoos) does the same thing. It happens in some strip club where she has sex with the bartender. Paige seems to know what she's doing so I guess she had quite some practive in her personal life :) Paige Delight hardcore at Killergram.

25 January: Katerina on top

Katerina on top

Earlier this week I showed you Katerina/Katarina (the spelling varies) riding topless on her bike. Today we meet her again practicing a different kind of outdoor activity and yes that's exactly what you think (or hope) it is :) Enjoy her riding on top of her lover in the garden of Big Naturals in this clip.

Beverly Paige always in the mood to have some fun.

25 January: Drinking tea with Danica

Drinking tea with Danica

I am not much of a tea drinker myself (I prefer coffee) but hey when in England do as the English do. And it would be very unpolite to turn down Danica's invitation to have tea with her.  And you know Danica she turns the most oridinary things into remarkable experiences, so it's time well spent... Gallery

RayVeness getting friendly with Dick's dick.

24 January: Gina G. takes a bath

Gina G. takes a bath

About two weeks ago we saw Gina G. takes a shower at Busty Britain. Now this curvylicious young lady is back at that other British site about big breasts, Busty Brits (are you still following me?). There Gina again is in the bathroom but this time takes a bath instead. Some real quality shots here.... Gallery  

Roxy is a new British model I didn't show you yet.

24 January: Allison of Sandlbabes

Allison of Sandlbabes

Blonde Allison may not in be in the same league as Tiffany but she's a nice natural amateur regardless. I love her sweet smile and voice. This clip starts with a interview but Allison is shy and silent and talking on camera isn't really her thing. She does seem comfortable posing topless.. Allison of Sandlbabes.

The magic word to see Brooke's tits is please.

24 January: Martha P. of Femjoy

Martha P. of Femjoy

We know this young beauty best as Veronika I. of Met Art but it came to my attention that since a while she's also active at Femjoy as Martha P. In the following pictures she's in a romantic mood: lots of flowers, lots of flowers and she brought us a rose... Gallery

Jodie Gasson showing her new mesh outfit and a really nice model named Nicole.

23 January: The return of Petra Mis

The return of Petra Mis

The 2013 good news show continues. Long-time visitors will remember Petra Mis a blonde from the Czech Rep. who was a very popular model in the early days of my site. Natural shoots like these 01 02 were my favourite but Petra also did glamour work, aswell as a handful of hardcore scenes.  Why I bring this up? Cause Petra returns, riper but still sexy as Sherry Riley of All Over 30 (she indeed turned 30 in 2012).

23 January: A milk bath for Sarah

A milk bath for Sarah

Here's more amazing content from Sarah's new website. Could a daily milk bath be the secret behind her wonderful shaped big boobs ? I don't know but I do know it's a pleasure to watch... Gallery

And Sarah wasn't the first to to take a milk bath. Here are some previous galleries from the archives: Anya, Susann, Cassandra, Jenny and Jane.

23 January: Jessie Minxxx shaking

Jessie Minxxx shaking

Maybe you already recognized these pierced big tits with large areolas cause they are rather unique. They belong to Jessie Minx from Alabama who since a while has a personal website where she also has several hardcore videos. This clip I have for you is not of the best quality but watching Jessie shake her big ass and show her tits never is a bad thing. By the way also Jessie is a regular at MyFreeCams.

22 January: Tiffany Tuesday ?

Tiffany Tuesday ?

Cosmid did Tessa Tuesday for a couple of months. Are we getting Tiffany Tuesday from now on ? I would be all for that cause she's the best thing happening to us in 2013 sofar. In what is her first picture set she reveals her sexy body stocking she has under her basic clothes. Being the friendly girl she is Tiffany doesn't stop there and we also get to see her mouthwatering curves... Tiffany strips for Cosmid     

22 January: Katarina topless bike ride

Katarina topless bike ride

Katarina one of our most loyal busty friends looks amazing once again in this recent update of DDF. She takes off her shirt during a bike ride in the countryside and continues her cycling topless. And if you think these pictures are great wait till you've seen the clip (there seems to be a little camera on her steering wheel, good thinking!). The only problem is that the Queen song will be stuck in my head all day :) 

22 January: More Sha and Mia Zarring

More Sha and Mia Zarring

Some more info about Sha Rizel: she was born in 1988 and comes from Ukraine (special updated). Where she's a mainstream model since 2009 as Katya Sidorenko. For examples of that check out her profile at the social network VK. And from Ukraine we go to Russia. A visitor pointed me to the huge chested Mia Zarring. She's an actress/model who never went nude but her pics are quite interesting nevertheless 01 02.

21 January: Sha Rizel is back!

Sha Rizel is back!

I read in the paper that today (01-21-2013) is Blue Monday what is supposed to be most depressing day of the year. Ofcourse this is just bullshit made up by the travelling industry to make us want to book a trip to the sun. But even when you do feel depressed I have the perfect cure you cause the wonderful big boobs of Sha Rizel are back at Pinup Files (no Xmas clothes time time!). If that doesn't bring a smile on your face I advice you to see a doctor asap :)

21 January: It's Rabbit time again

It's Rabbit time again

Ofcourse visitor Grant was right mailing me that Jessica Rabbit was named after the cartoon character from Roger Rabbit (there is also a vibrator with that name by the way). But you can't deny she also shares the favourite hobby of actual rabbits can you ? Cause here's she again doing what she likes best (and looking great again) at Big Tits Round Asses.

21 January: Raquel Stoops

Raquel Stoops

Raquel Stoops aka Rockel Starbux has been making her home made videos to Cosmid for a while. There are 13 of them like this one of her brushing her teeth topless. But untill now they had no pictures shoots of her. So here she is looking cute with pigtails and glasses getting naked in the bedroom... Gallery. A new friend (hi David) also told me she's active at MyFreeCams very often (look for RockellSTAR).

20 January: Busty Girls Next Door

Busty Girls Next Door

I just spent a few hours reorganizing, adding and updating my special about what's probably my favourite subject: busty girls next door. Some of them do hardcore other's don't, some of them are one-hit-wonders other's became famous. But they all got one thing in commeon: their natural looks, sweet smiles and ofcourse their natural big breasts. I wish my neighbourhood had more of them :)

19 January: Azusa Omori oiled

Azusa Omori oiled

Azusa Omori is a Japanese young lady similar to Mikoto Kisaki I showed you in the recent weeks, a little chubby and and blessed with juicy big tits. She seems a little reluctant and shy but I am sure that's just acting (the Japanese seem to prefer it that way). One of the men she's in a room with puts lot's of oil on her white shirt and later gives those boobs a good rub... Clip: Azusa Omori having her tits oiled.

19 January: Cindy White at XX-Cel

Cindy White at XX-Cel

Blonde cutie Cindy White from the Czech Republis is a girl we haven't seen in a while. Actually I have my doubt if she's still modelling at all. Anyway I was glad to stumble upon her at XX-Cel where she looks very sweet and natural while taking off her clothes.

Susana Alcala does a striptease outdoors and has sex with some bodybuilder at Cumlouder.

18 January: In bath with Sara Willis

In bath with Sara Willis

Sara Willis fits perfectly in what is in my opinion is one of the best boob weeks ever. So let's follow her into the bathroom and enjoy her get naked (is it just me or she's getting more curvy in a every new shoot?) and take a bath. These clips look awesome aswell.

Wait the show isn't over, Sara gives us great on glass  entertainment in late New Year scene of Pinup Files.  

18 January: Mari Mars from Poland

Mari Mars from Poland

Another newcomer sure why not ? This young brunette comes from Poland and takes off her sweater and bra (but leaves her panties and stockings on) on the stairs for our viewing pleasure... Mari Mars of My Boobs

Redhead Ashley Graham shows every party of body at Twistys and let's watch Linday Lay showering

18 January: Voluptuos blonde Libby

Voluptuos blonde Libby

Visitor Ryan described me woman he spotted at Melon Madness he really liked but he didn't know her name. The lady in question is Libby a voluptous blonde from the UK who did (mainly) hardcore shoots for Busty Britain and Plumperpass in 2007-2008. Since I didn't had her listed at Busty Legends I immediately made her a profile. That's what I call customer service. By the way also check Sydney JJ if you like Libby!

17 January: Natalie Moore oh wow!

Natalie Moore oh wow!

I promised to let you know as I knew more about the incredible cutie from this Haze Her Episode. Well make yourself comfortable cause this honey just did her first hardcore scene as Natalie Moore of Big Naturals. Oh boy this girl is so very much type (those pale big boobs, that face... sigh) it's almost like Tess Ellen made her come-back and decided to be a pornstar now. Did I already mention I love her ? ;)    

17 January: Toni Leanne

Toni Leanne

I told you before that Busty Brits always seems to get the best out models. Like is the case with the girl you probably know best as Toni Summers. I never saw her look so sexy and seductive before and just like Tiffany yesterday this honey is also blessed with a phenomenal behind :p Toni Leanne of Busty Brits.

And here she's in motion for Busty Britain.

17 January: Aurora Rose

Aurora Rose

As far as I know this curvy blonde named Aurora Rose is new to the scene, although I did notice she's active as webcam girl at Naked. Well she isn't a shy girl that's for sure as she jumps into a hardcore straight away. Check out the preview of East Coast XXX

Hmmm I totally forgot to show you Scarlet Lavey's sex scene at Scoreland, pics and clip

16 January: Tiffany of Cosmid

Tiffany of Cosmid

2013 is amazing so far! Tiffany who I showed you last week at Sandl Models now also is modelling for Cosmid. The clip you see here is an introduction clip (which means more is coming, oh yeah!). She tells us that she orignally comes from New Jersey but is living in Florida now and then grants us a view at her big breasts and round ass (you know I am boob person, but that ass is quite something). What a fantastic girl next door she is :P Clip: Tiffany of Cosmid

16 January: Sarah Randall trampoline

Sarah Randall trampoline

I told you already during the weekend that Sarah Nicola Randall now has her own personal website. Now let's have a look at one of her first updates. The one I liked best is the one where Sarah is wearing a purple fishnet top on a trampoline. Well it be would be a total waste if she didn't actually use the trampoline to do some jumping right ? A preview of that in this clip.    

15 January: Estelle Taylor returns!

Estelle Taylor returns!

Wow look who's back! It's the absolutely stunning Estelle Taylor. Her first shoot was released almost four months ago and she nows returns looking better than ever taking off a tiny bikini and revealing her perfect big boobs with a smile. And as you can see in the clip the fun later continued in the bathroom... Estelle Taylor back at Scoreland. By the way: she stills is active at Myfreecams (look for Mystiquexx).

15 January: Ela and others

Ela and others

This and the next post will be all about big tits from Romania. The first girl is the slender beauty Ela who we saw a few times in nature already and now gives us a panoramic view at a city (and herself ofcourse).

More: Roxanna Miller presents her pale ones in the bedroom  and Arianna Sinn as a chesty hooker showing her assets on the backseat of a car.   

15 January: Alice Wonder of Twistys

Alice Wonder of Twistys

And even more news about Alice today as I found out she also appeared at Twistys as Alice Wonder. You won't be surprised that I prefer FTV's natural next door look (see below) over this glamour approach. But hey each to their own and Alice is still Alice :P 

Rita Peach strips and fingers her pussy on a chair.

14 January: Alice is back! (with Laurie)

Alice is back! (with Laurie)

Is Alice of FTV Girls going to follows the steps of Danielle? The start is there cause also Danielle started her career as a solo model and then started to assist during the shoots with other girls (and fool around with them) just like Alice does here with Laurie (who is better known as Kennedy Nash). It's too early to say what will follow (own site, hardcore etc.) but I am already very happy so see her return!

14 January: Jessica the rabbit :)

Jessica the rabbit :)

First I thought that Jessica Rabbit was a rather silly name and I prefered her other handle Jessica Robbin. But suddenly I understand where this 'rabbit' thing is coming from. Cause Jessica is unstoppable when it comes down to sex just like a rabbit :) Here's yet another new hardcore scene this time on the couch of Backroom Facials. And an extra long long clip of her scene at Casting Couch X as a bonus.

14 January: Lucy Dee unbuttoned

Lucy Dee unbuttoned

It's going to be another good week for us booblovers as I have some amazing things comiing for you. First girl of the new week is strawberry blonde Lucy Dee from London who makes a great contribution to the unbuttoned blouse collection. Thanks you for that Lucy,  I hope we meet again soon... Gallery 

Emilia Boshe cleaning the kitchen in her own way.

13 January: Doing their make-up

Doing their make-up

In this special we're going have to a look at busty girls doing their make-up. There's something sexy about watching them doing their girl-things and be a fly on the wall don't you think ? But I admit I pretty much like everything busty women do as long as they are topless or naked and allow me study them :) By the way I could use some idead for new specials, so if you have any don't be shy and let me know.

12 January: Charley in the sun

Charley in the sun

My favourite Charley Green shoots are all done by Busty Brits especially the ones she did during a trip to the sun are excellent (the clip where she's filmed 'by a voyeur'  is a great example). The following shots were Charley gets naked on a sunny balcony were made during that same trip but only released this month.

Newsflash: Sarah Randall now has her own site.

12 January: Mikito bathroom fun

Mikito bathroom fun

For the third time in a row we are in the bathroom (I suppose it's time for another bathroom special soon).  Cause there is where Mikoto Kisaki is spending quality time with a lucky gentleman. In the first part of the clip he lotions her heavy hangers and if that doesn't get you in the mood you definitely need the help of some pills :) But this can guy can do without and has sex with her later... Clip

11 January: Claudia of 18andBusty

Claudia of 18andBusty

She goes by the name of Claudia here at 18andBusty but we better know this cute (the eyesbrows scare me a bit though!) brunette from the Czech Republic as Klaudia Hot. Her big breasts sure look very yummy here soaped up in the bathroom and I appreciate the on glass moment! And I just noticed that DDF has released a new hardcore scene of her this week time without the assistance of Katarina.     

11 January: Gina G. in the shower

Gina G. in the shower

You probably saw top heavy Gina G. first on my site (that goes for most models right!) and I will continue to closely follow her in 2013 cause I really like this girl. She's back at Busty Britain once again. Taking off her underwear and glasses in the bathroom before taking a shower and soaping her boobs... Gallery  

Don't miss the beautiful shaped pair of Jaqueline.

11 January: Sha Rizel in motion

Sha Rizel in motion

Christmas content so many weeks after ? Seems ridiculous indeed! But what if I toldl you that this is the first time we get to see Sha Rizel's amazing big boobs in motion and the movie was put online today ? Would that change your mind ? It did change mine!

I just got notified that Brook Little has a new personal website and you check it out here.

10 January: Quickie before class

Quickie before class

This scene of Jessica Robbin is probably my favourite sofar. Early in the morning she's taking a shower cause she needs to go to class. Her boyfriend has different plans though, he surprises Jessica in the shower with a camera and steals her towel. She then chases him around the house (which is a pleasure to watch) and finally figures it's best to give him what he wants... Jessica Robbin at Naughty Americans

10 January: Hannah Sharp

Hannah Sharp

Somewhere in the English countryside we meet Hannah Sharp who got something nice to show us, not the green grass as you might have expected already. Hannah takes us to quiet spot to grant us another look at her juicy big tits... Gallery.

Also in nature, in a lake to be precise, we stumble upon Silke of Femjoy who's boobs are amazingly firm.

10 January: Ally of Step1models

Ally of Step1models

Talking about unexperienced amateurs, do you remember the rare and incredible pretty Ally of Stepmodels ? The reason that I mention her is that she also did a few hardcore scenes that now are online at Step1models. I can't show you any footage as it's reserved for members only but I figured to let you know anyway cause she's sucha special girl. Also very special is Jana Defi who turns 29 today, congrats!

09 January: Tiffany of Sandlmodels

Tiffany of Sandlmodels

Maybe it's just me (but I doubt it) but I find it so hot to watch first timers or unexperienced amateurs go topess or naked. Sandlmodels a site I recently stumbled upon seems to have many of them, it's not the most professional site ever but I feel that makes the footage more and real. You know what ? I'll shut up now and let you admire Tiffany showing her round ass and delicious big boobs now!

09 January: Diana Kane pregnant

Diana Kane pregnant

It's understandable if you don't know who Diana Kane is as we only met this Czech girl a few times before. As Diana of Cosmid and having lesbian fun with Anita Stone at Young Busty.  Only this week I found out that she was also shot by XX-Cel being pregnant. So if you like swollen boobs and large dark areolas you will love these pictures. And XX-Cel also has sex with her on his hardcore site Heavy on Hotties.

09 January: Linet in and out red

Linet in and out red

I am feeling restless cause too much content I want to post or have to investigate is appearing. Ah well it's luxury problem. Let me begin with puffy breasted Linet wear an elegant red dress and matching high heels. The dress goes off but heels stay... Gallery

Now let's move on some webcam footage of a petite but very chesty girl masturbating on bed.

08 January: Harmony 'Tits and Tugs'

Harmony 'Tits and Tugs'

Last week when I introduced you sweet newcomer Harmony White I already mentioned that a 'tits and tugs' scene of her was going to be released. Well expect mentioning I figured to also show you how that looks like. Well I guess it's safe to say it's look pretty good and she's welcome to come by and use her hands and big breasts on me :P Pics and clip: Harmony White Tits and Tugs.          

08 January: Jaye Rose 1st hardcore!

Jaye Rose 1st hardcore!

I didn't see this one coming but on the other hand I am not that surprised that redhead from Wales Jaye Rose did her first hardcore scene. I mean she always had that naughty look and really seemed to enjoy getting off in front of the camera (like here at Wank It Now). In her hardcore debut takes place in the kitchen with a handyman (isn't that a classic porn scenario lol)... Clip: Jaye Rose has sex at Killergram

08 January: Beth flaunting them

Beth flaunting them

Beth may not be a busty as some other girls of U Got It Flaunt It I showed you before. But she's cute, has a sweet mile, is a true amateur and her boobies looking very tasty to me. So let's watch to take off her bikin and pose topless at the beach... Gallery.

Jenny gets naked in front of the window and Stacey Poole in a glamour shoot for Babes of Babylon.

07 January: Duana seethrough!

Duana seethrough!

To be honest I already gave up the hope of ever seeing the big boobs of Duana in their full glory. As the last time a new shoot of this Polish blonde came out was in March last year. And now out of the blue there's new content of her only covered in a seethrough sheet which gives us a pretty good idea how amazing those boobs are. It's not fully topless mabye but I'll take it (for now!)... Duana of Busty PL seethrough    

07 January: Introducing Holly Brooks

Introducing Holly Brooks

And also Holly Brooks is a 2012 newcomer. This American blonde got a floppy pair of big ones and made her debut in December 2012 at Milfhunter (she's 29 by the way, but any woman close to 30 is a Milf in the world of porn lol). Last week another scene at Big Tits Round Asses was released and I also spotted as the birthday girl going wild with male strippers in an episode of the Dancing Bear.

07 January: Rima of Showybeauty

Rima of Showybeauty

Lol didn't I say that I may have missed a few newcomers ? One of them is this the very cute and innocent looking Rima who comes from Russia and is active at the site Showybeauty since October 2012. In this gallery you can watch take off her clothes at the beach... Rita  of Showybeauty.

Nadine Sage has sex in the bathroom at Hot Bush.

06 January: The Class of 2012

The Class of 2012

Back to 2012 once more, as I have the busty newcomers of the Class of 2012 for you. A total of 75 new models made it to the list which seems to be the average number as 2011 had 80 and 2010 also 75. I am not claiming this is a complete selection as there always girls I missed but I am pretty sure the most interesting talents of 2012 are there (and if not I'll correct them as I come across them).

05 January: Mikoto Kisaki

Mikoto Kisaki

Mikoto Kisaki is a Japanese girl we haven't met before. But I am convinced you like her and her heavy pair with large areolas. I watched this full movie but couldn't quite understand the storyline. Is Mikoto a nurse paying a house visit or is this supposed to be her sick husband ? In any case her big boobs bring back this guy to life and Mikoto also gives him a handjob (with her boobs hanging in his face).

05 January: Bexie in jeans

Bexie in jeans

An excellent addition to our topless in jeans collection. I am talking about Bexie of Cosmid a sexy English girl who made her debut in November last year. Enjoy her taking off her shirt and bra in the kitchen and present her pefectly shaped boobies with a smile... Gallery

Emily Bloom a sweet cutie with firm ones.

04 January: Busty twins go topless!!!

Busty twins go topless!!!

Throughout the years we a had some busty sisters posing together like for example Simonia and Paolina and ofcourse Tessa and Kelly. But twins with big breasts are rare, extremely rare. So you will not lightly forget what happened in this Spanish bar! During a wet-shirt contest these sisters both went topless for a crowd of cheering people! Don't miss these busty twins of Real Girls Gone Bad.

04 January: Jessica porn audition

Jessica porn audition

The show continues as here's Jessica Robbin again this time during a porn audition. In this two minutes long trailer you can hear talk about her amibtions in life and also ((it's a porn audition afterall) watch her undress and have sex in front of the camera. Seriously what more can I say than that this red is sizzling hot! Clip: Jessica Robbin at Casting Couch X.

03 January: A (late) Happy New Year

A (late) Happy New Year

Damn I overlooked this one on the first otherwise I would have posted it straight away. Ah well it's not too late for new year's wishes right ? Here's a busty trio consisting of Katarine, Joanna Bliss and Roxanne Miller. They are drinking champagne and have bought presents for eachother. These present remain unwrapped, but the big boobs of of these ladies don't and that's all matters... A Happy New Year from DDF   

03 January: Chloe B. on a bridge

Chloe B. on a bridge

Here are some really nice pictures of my favourite Australian redhead and Abby Winters veteran Chloe. We meet her outside on a railroad bridge with her grey vest unbuttoned and her pale big tits exposed.  The last pictures is where she flashes the people in a passing train is priceless... Gallery

Lidia, another Australian redhead, masturbating.

03 January: Firm breasted Drea

Firm breasted Drea

Drea (aka Terry) from the Czech Repulbic isn't exactly known for her spontaneous smile however she's known for her rock hard breasts. So it's a pleasure to see her come back at the site The Life Erotic Again.

I wouldn't mind being stranded on a deserted island if beautiful blonde Keira was there to keep me company.

02 January: Harmony White of Scoreland

Harmony White of Scoreland

In the past Scoreland would visit topless bars to look for new talent. But times have a changed and now they are looking at  My Free Cams instead and that's how they got in touch with Harmony White (and with Brandi Sparks from a few weeks ago). This shoot was only released yesterday which makes this sweet and curvy girl the first newcomer of the year (a 'Tits and Tugs' shoot is coming up today and tomorrow!).     

02 January: Katherine got lucky

Katherine got lucky

Here's Katherine again but this time in motion. Talking about her big breasts (and showing them ofcourse) and that she got lucky as her mother wasn't as blessed with her chest as she is. Katherine was born in Ukraine, her English is pretty good but you still can clearly hear her accent... Clip

Sirale as a hairdresser doing anything for her clients

02 January: Melanie Hicks

Melanie Hicks

Melanie Hicks is an American brunette with nice boobies and a round ass. She has been doing hardcore porn since the Summer of 2012 and first appeared at Milf Hunter which is actually a mismatch as Melanie is somewhere in her mid twenties. Later she appeared at Backroom Facials, Haze Her and a bunch of other sites that you can see in her profile that I just added to Busty Legends.

01 January: Busty Sisters Tessa & Kelly

Busty Sisters Tessa & Kelly

Call me supersticious but I always want my first post of the year to be great as I believe it sets the standard for the rest of the year. Well there's no doubt these shots of Tessa and Kelly can be qualified as great right ? So enjoy these busty sisters have topless fin in the kitchen (and a happy new year!). Something else,did you know that Felicia Clover is doing webcam shows at Streamate 5 days a week ?

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