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31 January: Lucy Wilde of DDF Busty WOW!

Lucy Wilde of DDF Busty WOW!

Wow, wow, wow! Newcomer Lucy Wilde of DDF Busty must be one of the best ever! I can't recall seeing a girl so petite with such a huge and beautiful pair of boobs. I am literally speechless! Did I say WOW already? A legend is born my friends!  

Note: for those who saw the earlier preview there are now pictures added to her gallery. Click! Click!   

30 January: Busty Page3 classics

Busty Page3 classics

Big tits are always a good thing no matter of which decade they are from. And since I happen to have a 'thing' for retro models, I was excited to find out about a new site dedicated to classic models of Page3 (a legendary source for the finest Britain has to offer). I selected two women for you, Joanne Latham (the blonde and my favourite, active between (1978-81) and Donna Ewin (the brunette,first appeared around 1988 and currently a London taxi driver!). 

30 January: Blonde Czech amateur

Blonde Czech amateur

Mara from below and this pretty blonde represent the two spectrums of being busty :) Well this actrative girl with pointy naturals recorded the horny adventures she and her boyfriend had and submitted it to the site Czech Amateurs. I really this type of candid footage and she sure seems like pleasant company.   

Nicole gets naked in the bedroom of Karups

30 January: Mara the milk machine

Mara the milk machine

I love big boobs (yes really), I love huge boobs but to be honest I am not that thrilled about insane boobs. I guess it's too much of a freak show for my tastse. But hey I am sure there lovers of these type of models among you. And that's why I post this new girl of Divine Breasts for you Mara 'the milk machine'. With that being said I do like the sweet looks of Mara, that remind me of Alicia Loren

29 January: What took 22 years to make

What took 22 years to make

How rude of me to not celebrate Tessa Fowler with her 22nd Birthday exactly a week ago. She celebrated in Las Vegas and beforing going out made this excellent video for us, in which she shows what took 22 years to make (her own words)! Is it just me or is Tessa getting more charming and confident every time I see her? What an incredible girl!  

29 January: Alice Wonder and Lily Love

Alice Wonder and Lily Love

Nice to see Alice Wonder pop up again, however the production date of this scene (released today) is already from 2012 which makes me doubt if Alice is still around. Anyway in the shower she and Lily Love (who else!) are having a lesbian lickfest. Nice sure, but somehow Alice never looked better than in her shoot for FTV Girls, somehow her boobs looked smaller in the handful of shoots she did after.   

28 January: Alice flaunts her breasts

Alice flaunts her breasts

The thing (and also part of it's charm) with U Got It Flaunt It is that you never know if a girl is going topless or not. In case of a group of friends sometimes one is brave and the others keep on their tops. This time we get lucky as Alice (the girl the middle) did go topless and her two friends didn't and that's exactly what I was hoping for cause Alice happens to be one with the big breasts :)  

28 January: 'Tennis' wtih Sirale

'Tennis' wtih Sirale

Here we have Sirale taking off her tennis clothes and masturbating with her racket. That's nice and all but if was a content producer I would have made a scene like this classic clip of Mariana. And I also got a bit nostalgic when I checked out my tennnis special and saw two beloved models who both had way too short careers: Hungarian beauty Edo and the exotic stunner Alexa Loren.  Oh ladies where are you? :(

28 January: The heavy hangers of Cherry

The heavy hangers of Cherry

I don't have much info about Cherry of OMG Big Boobs but I can tell you that I love the housewife looks with a classy touch of this mature lady and ofcourse also her amazing pair of heavy of hangers! In this clip you'll see her try on several bra's. Not one seems to fit though (a recurring problem for top heavy women).  Prefer them young, medium sized and perky? Then check the pretty Destiny Moody.    

27 January: Samantha Jay back at Cosmid

Samantha Jay back at Cosmid

Good news! Cosmid released another shoot of the slighty nerdy and oh so sweet Samantha Jay. She intially wears a sheer black lingerie outfit, the upper half of it comes off which means we get another look at her suckable big breasts. No idea why she takes off her glasses aswell, I think they look so sexy on her but that's just a detail... Samantha back at Cosmid. 

27 January: Siri and Nancy Navarro

Siri and Nancy Navarro

Another model who returned to Scoreland is Nancy Navarro. There's about 2 years differece between her first shoots and her new ones. However much has changed in those 2 years, Nancy put on quite some pounds and her boobs almost doubled in size

We meet Siri in the kitchen, not cooking or cleaning, but doing what she likes best... Clip

27 January: Janessa Loren

Janessa Loren

In the first day of this month I said that Janassa Loren was the first newcomer of the year. Well technically that isn't true as I found out that she a hardcore scene 12(!) years ago as Carmel of Big Naturals. Also at Scoreland she started having sex on camera again, pics and clip. And these behind the scenes clips are pretty good aswell, 01 02. And a happy birthday to Micky from Romania who turns 27 today.  

26 January: Busty chess players

Busty chess players

Just like I never could have imagined to make a special about busty contruction workers, I never thought there would be one dedicated to busty chess players. But hey I am up to pretty much anything when it comes down to ladies with large naturals, so I am more than happy to play along even though I am a horrible chess player myself :) 

25 January: Sha Rizel soft pillows

Sha Rizel soft pillows

Far from shy but confident and proud (and with a pair of big boobs like that she every reason to) is Sha Rizel who presents her soft pillows in the bedroom of Eternal Desire. If I could let my head rest on them I wouldn't get out of bed all weekend :P  

I just was in the chat room of webcam model Perfect10bbw, such a fine natural beauty. 

25 January: Riona Kamijo

Riona Kamijo

Riona Kamijo is a Japanese AV model I never posted before. This clip starts with her being timid and shy (a common thing in Japanese porn) but still she reveals her tasty looking big breasts (puffy nipples alert!) and lets a man play with them. Well that man does much more with her later and the way her tits move is nothing but incredible. Like this girl? Check her model page at JAV Model for some trailers.   

24 January: Wet shirt contest gone bad

Wet shirt contest gone bad

A wet shirt contest in Tenerife. Five British girls are participating, needless to tell you that the cute short haired brunette with pale big boobs is my favourite. I watched the full 25 minutes of footage and oh boy she gave the crowd an amazing show: making her shirt wet, dancing wild, shaking those boobs and ending up fully naked. The sad thing is that the blonde ended up winning, life isn't fair :( Wet shirt contest gone bad.  

24 January: Rachel and Rachel Aldana

Rachel and Rachel Aldana

Rachel of Suburban Amateurs seems like the modest type, that's a good thing as like ordinary girls turning out naughtier than you expect. A beautiful porcelain skin, firm boobies, puffy nipples and a nice smile. This honey from Oxford gets my stamp of approval.

Rachel Aldana got a very pretty face (among other things) and you can see in this bubble bath shoot.  

24 January: Playing chess with Lexi

Playing chess with Lexi

It's going to be an all British day and I didn't even plan it that way. First we're going to watch a game of chess. The male player is trying to get Lexi (aka Demi Scott) drunk, but Lexi got a great tactic herself: she uses her big tits to distract her opponent and it turns out to be a successful strategy :) Clip

Pretty blonde Melissa strips for Only Tease.

23 January: Andrea Marquez at last

Andrea Marquez at last

We don't get to see Latina model Andrea Marquez as often as I would prefer. On the other hand that makes it extra special when she does come by. In this shoot for Pinup Files (the only site I've ever spotted her) she takes off her bra in what looks like a greenhouse and presents her unique pair of torpedo shaped big breasts. Please don't keep us waiting so long the next time Andrea!   

23 January: Allysia aka Alyssia

Allysia aka Alyssia

Missing a Busty Legends untill today was Allysia aka Alyssia a sweet blonde from the Czech Republic who was active between approximately 2007-2009. Young Busty has the most content of her (01 02 03), did duo shoots with Petra Mis at DDF and also did several shoots for Simonsans where she imo looks best. And a happy 26th birthday to Mandy Dee (where ever she is now), this sex scene was released recently.

22 January: Shae Summers threesome

Shae Summers threesome

Here's scene numer five of Shae Summers and for the third time there also is another girl present. This time it is Payton Simmons a pretty blonde with firm boobies.I guess I should also mention there's guy in the room who has the privilege to have sex with both of these hotties at the same time.   

New, huge chested and anonymous Julia

22 January: September Carrino cherries

September Carrino cherries

September Carrino however is present her from the very beginning of carreer (not my achievement she's the kind of girl you just can't miss) and her boob size must have been doubled since then :P  This shoot in the kitchen and a nice retro touch and has lot's of cherries in it aswell as two tasty melons! Oh and there's an cam show scheduled for this week.  

22 January: Skyie Blew too late

Skyie Blew too late

This gallery of Scoreland2 I stumbled upon says that Skyie Blew was an underrated model. You can say that again, I actually feel guilty she never appeared on my radar as this voluptous lady is very attractive and has lots of sex appeal. She never was very active though which probably explains her absence on my site. I did immediately add to her Busty Legends and her profile has few more nice links.    

21 January: Lucie of Czech Casting

Lucie of Czech Casting

Probably I am not the only one who regularly sees an ordinary girl walking on the street and then pictures how she would look like naked. I am still looking for the magical glasses to make that possible but untill that time Czech Casting is our best friend. This sweet and natural looking brunette Lucie is a perfect example of such an ordinary girl I am talking about. Btw: stills no news to report about Marketa.   

21 January: Lily Madison on glass

Lily Madison on glass

I don't know what is but there's a on glass trend going on in the wonderful land of big boobs. It's started with legendary Katerina who was followed by Japanese Sayuki Kanno and top heavy Jennica Lynn. Today the show continues with sensual redhead Lily Madison who presses her tasty natural on a glass door during a rainy day on the bahamas... Clip.

21 January: Brooke Wylde at Big Naturals

Brooke Wylde at Big Naturals

Brooke Wylde is pretty much unstoppable during the last months. Her most recently released scene was at Big Naturals. As happens more often I like the action prior to the hardcore better that the actual sex. If you want a look at it I made this clip for you, but in this galleries I have some very naturals and sexy pictures of Brooke unzipping her vest (my favourite moment) and taking a bath.   

20 January: Viola makes a perfect nurse

Viola makes a perfect nurse

Being a nurse seems like a much better profession for a sweetie like Viola than a soldier (her previous shoot at DDF). And I am sure you'll agree with me after watching her get rid of her outfit, reveal her big tits and play with herself in the hospital... Gallery.  

You don't have to be perfect to have sex appeal like hairy redhead Kimberly Douglas proofs. 

20 January: A summer day with Connie

A summer day with Connie

Summer seems so far away on this grey Monday in January. Oh I wish I was spending a hot and horny summer afternoon together with fully nude Connie Carter at the side of pool. And it was me who she started to pleasure using her big breasts and mouth before taking place on top. A man is allowed to fantasize right ? And this scene of Wow Porn is called 'A Daydream Together' for this very reason!  

20 January: Pavla 'working' at home

Pavla 'working' at home

In my opinpn Domenica aka Samantha aka Pavla never looked better than at Met Art. I loved her with everything off expect for her summer hat. And this new gallery is great aswell. Pavla is working at home on her laptop when miraculously she starts to strip (she must be a mind reader) and then continues her work again, this time all naked... Gallery.

19 January: Showy Beauty & Amour Angels

Showy Beauty & Amour Angels

The erotic sites Showy Beauty and Amour Angels (run by the same people hence I present them together) are not as well known as sites with a similar approach like Met Art and Femjoy but throughout the years quite a few interesting busty models from the east of Europe appeared on them (Milana and Melony being personal favourites) and earned their own special. 

18 January: Hippie Jana Defi

Hippie Jana Defi

When you have a model with big boobs as glorious as Jana Defi you better shoot as much content as you possibly can cause you never know how long she will be around. I don't have to explain that to Pinup Files though cause they have a secret stash of Jana content somewhere. The latest set they released is this one with Jana as a busty hippie. Put a flower in your hair and follow Jana everyhere she goes :)

17 January: Big ones at a party!

Big ones at a party!

The huge chested ebony tourist showed us much last week but as not as much as I would loved her to do. No such issues with this busty tourist present at yet another party documented at Real Girls Gone Bad. Strangely enough my favourite pictures are not the bare breasted ones but the ones where she 'tries' to cover them up with her hands, but with her cup-size that's pretty much impossible :) 

17 January: Duana topless at last!

Duana topless at last!

Duana the attractive Polish blonde made her debut in September 2011 but never showed her big boobs also not on the website she later started (Agnetis Miracle). Untill last Christmas that is, her pictures are too 'polished' for my taste but it's undeniable her bosom is amazing. Check out the sexy shots she posts on her Twitter account. I really would love to see on a true boob site some day like DDF or Score.   

16 January: Round assed Latina Sofia

Round assed Latina Sofia

Yet another newcomer (keep them comming!) is this Latin girl, Sofia of Big Tits Round Asses. Let me check if she fits the criteria. Big tits? Nice naturals with suckable hard nipples, check! Round ass? You can say that again, what sensational shaped behind, check! That in combination with her cute looks make her a very promising new talent. Oh and as you can see she doesn't mind having sex on camera either. 

16 January: Lucy Vixen and Kelly Madison

Lucy Vixen and Kelly Madison

We saw rubber ducks, teddybears and even a garden gnome before but never a inflatable whale. Well there's a first time for evertything :) And it's redhead Lucy Vixen who is responsible for it... Clip.   

And here's a short but amazing trailer of Kelly Madison pouring milk (updated special) over her boobs and masturbating in the bathroom. 

16 January: The anatomy of Felicia Clover

The anatomy of Felicia Clover

You have noticed that Felicia Clover isn't featured here as often as she used to be. She's not retired or anything but sadly she has been in a serious accident and was in the hospital for a long period (don't know the current status). I hope you're well Felicia and hope you'll be back in business soon. Untill that day let's enjoy the pictures of a shoot at Scoreland called  'The Anatomy Of A Voluptuous Girl'.   

15 January: A work out with Linsey

A work out with Linsey

Get off your lazy asses guys, it's time to go to the gym and work out. But I am going to make it worthwhile for you as I hired Linsey Dawn McKeznie as your personal trainer. Oh I hope you don't mind that's she get naked! And when you're done there are some pictures to enjoy of a classic shoot she did with Ines Cudna. Old content from 2003 but still so very enjoyable!    

15 January: Redhead Raven of Cosmid

Redhead Raven of Cosmid

Cosmid brings us Raven, an alternative redhead from California. On this first date Raven takes us with her for walk in nature. There she lays down her blanket, takes off all her clothes and introduces us to her pierced and pale big tits. I've had worst first dates :)

More alt content: it's safe to say that the principal apreciates the large naturals of Veronica Rose!  

15 January: Roxana and Marisa Carlo

Roxana and Marisa Carlo

Roxana from Romania made her debut in December as a top heavy soldier. I like this curvy brunette much better in this shoot in the bahtroom where she takes off her bathrobe and gets naked and wet.   

Marisa Carlo a Latina housewife I never showed you before. Here she's at All Over 30 but she's also active at Scoreland, posing naked and doing hardcore.  

14 January: Mel flaunting at the beach

Mel flaunting at the beach

It was the one and only Stacey Poole who introduced her fellow model British model to the crew of U Got It Flaunt It. One thing lead to another and the first result you can see in this gallery where this sexy blonde takes off her orange bikini top at the beach. In my opinion Mel (as she's called here) never looked better: such a sweet smile, a perfectly proportioned body, a beautiful tan and ofcourse her tasty big boobs... Melissa Debling at U Got It Flaunt It

14 January: Sierra Santos and Jessica

Sierra Santos and Jessica

The latest sexual escapade of Sierra Santos took place in the bedroom of Big Naturals. In this clip you can see riding on top her lover, reversed that is. Personally I would turn her around to have my eyes on her jiggling big breasts :P

I initially missed this scene Jessica Robbin did at Teen Fidelity, but better later than never... Clip.   

14 January: Chrissy at XX-Cel

Chrissy at XX-Cel

About two weeks ago I showed you Chrissy having sex with Cel at Heavy on Hotties. But she also did a 'normal' shoot for XX-Cel where she took off her clothes on the couch. And as a bonus a clip of this Hungarian hottie masturbating on the flooor at Karups (where she goes by the name of Chrissy Harris).  

Bex Shiner has fun at the pool of Scoreland.   

13 January: Threesome with Brooke Wylde

Threesome with Brooke Wylde

This is not bad at all: Not one but two threesomes and both of them have Brooke Wylde in them, are at Passion HD and have sexy (borderline) busty babes in them, Natalia Starr and Lily Love (who is a thresome veteran!). The one with Lily is called 'Breakfast in Bed for Three' and the one with blonde Natalia 'Breaking and Entering'. Enjoy and envy! 

13 January: Aelita of Femjoy

Aelita of Femjoy

In case you wondered why you haven't seen much of the Russian angel of porn Mandy Dee in the past year, that's because she's retired (married a rich man rumours say). Ah well it was good while it lasted and there's still plenty of content of her available like this nice shoot of her at Femjoy as Aelita. The site with the most content of her is probably DDF, here are some excellent galleries 01 02 03 04 05.    

12 January: Streamate's busty models

Streamate's busty models

From all the webcam platforms out there Streamate has by far the most performers who are also doing regular modelling. Sexy Venera is one of the most prominent but also other very famous models as Leanne Crow, Rachel Aldana, September Carinno are active for them. But the list is much longer Sarah Rae (a personal favourite) , Natalie Fiore to name just a few. On this page I will be collecting as many of them as I can find: (Famous) Busty models on Streamate.  

11 January: Naughty doctor Julia

Naughty doctor Julia

The way doctor Julia treats her patients must have travelled fast. Cause this time she has a whole group of men waiting for her in the hallway of the hospital she works. She decides to care of them right on the spot and gets naked. The men follow her example and Julia gets to work (the moment my clip ends). I also added a Julia tag for easy access to her clips.

11 January: Breakfast with Jennica

Breakfast with Jennica

All I had this morning is a coffee sofar and I even had to make it myself. What a contrast compared to this shoot of Jennica Lynn as a maid serving a royal breakfast on a sunny location. Oh and a striptease is included aswell, quite a way to start the day.    

Wait a minute! The show isn't over yet, this on glass show of Jennica is a must see. 

10 January: Ebony girl partying

Ebony girl partying

The Rolling Stones were right: "You can't always get what you want". So I wish I could show you a full frontal look at the bare big boobs of this ebony girl partying in Ayia Napa :( But it's not all bad: for starters she still looks spectacular in her bra, there are several other girls who do flash their tits and I saw the matching movie which shows a bit more (not a from a good camere angle though). 

10 January: Natalie Moore fisted

Natalie Moore fisted

We already saw Natalie Moore and her friend Arianna on the first day of this year. In this matching clip where Natalie gets fingered and fisted, gives you an ever better idea of the naughty things that happend during the day these two girls met... Clip.  

Will Tessa Lane ever wish for a man again ? Or are we forever replaced by this fucking machine

10 January: Sara Willis

Sara Willis

Sara Willis greets us with a sparkling smile before taking off her gigantic grey bra, releasting her big tits and putting her black top back on. Thanks Sara that was just what I neeeded this cold morning... Gallery.

Way more amateur-ish (not necessary a bad thing) are the looks of this mature Polish woman named Ryan Adel, pics and clips.   

09 January: Bird watching with Lily

Bird watching with Lily

Lily Madison is encamped on a very quiet island. She has her telescope and her supplies, and she knows how to entertain herself. Looking like a lady Indiana Jones, shescans the horizon with her scope. It's quiet out there and that's a perfect excuse to take off her clothes and enjoy nature the most natural way :) Bird watching with Lily Madison. And I wasn't aware that Lily also does cam shows at Streamate.  

09 January: Soldier Viola and Olivia

Soldier Viola and Olivia

To be honest I pictured Viola more like a 'make love not war' kind of person. But hey if she wants to play soldier that's fine with me asweell, I am pretty flexible when it comes to the wishes of girls with big boobs :)  The special weapons of Viola at DDF.  

Olivia Blu however prefers to make love and so she does at the poolside of Big Naturals.  

09 January: Luna C. Kitsuen

Luna C. Kitsuen

Luna C. Kitsuen is a pornstar with alternative looks from Florida (born 1990) who already started her career in April 2013 but I never posted her before. orn 1990) who started her career in April 2013. Luna is not that busty but her pale and firm boobies and puffy pierced nipples are quite something. Because she has been busy for a while it means there's plenty of of content to enjoy.

08 January: Busty 18 years old does porn

Busty 18 years old does porn

I found a girl next door as cute and sweet as they come with a perky pair of big breasts. The site she's on is Girls Do Porn who feauture real amateur first timers and don't name the girls. I made some screenshots of the original 2 GB file and also have a short trailer, not much maybe but I am sure you'll be glad to be introduced to this incredible girl... A busty 18 years old cutie at Girls Do Porn.  

08 January: Abbey at All Over 30

Abbey at All Over 30

It was a nice surprise to meet one of my all time favourite skinny and busty models 'working' in the office of All Over 30. Actually I didn't even know that Abbey aka Violetta already was that 'old' but after checking my birthday calendar I noticed she's born in 1979. But it's safe to say this unique woman still looks stunning... Abbey naughty in the office of All Over 30.    

07 January: Noelle Easton at HD Love

Noelle Easton at HD Love

Here we have the first Noelle Easton shoot of the year and it's a very good one (doing a bad shoot with a girl as her is nearly impossible though). Noelle is waiting half naked in the bedroom for her lover to come home and once he arrives the passion can begin... Noelle Easton beautiful hardcore at HD Love

It's always a pleasure to see Carisha naked.  

07 January: Veronica Rose

Veronica Rose

Hannah from below is a Cosmid exclusive model another girl who posed for that site is alternative Veronica Rose. However you can find her finest moments (and naughtiest) at Burning Angel. I have two clips for you to back that up. In the first one Veronica is masturbating on the bathroom floor and in the second she having sex on the couch (warning: turn down your volume she's really loud lover!). 

07 January: Hannah's soft pillows

Hannah's soft pillows

Hannah Sharp is the kind of girl who always manages to bring a smile to my face no matter in what mood I am. And since I am not really a morning person I was happy to meet this British cutie again presenting her soft pillows in the bedroom.... Gallery.  

The first newcomer of the year is this curvy brunette from New York named Janessa Loren

06 January: Summer fun with Lyla

Summer fun with Lyla

The last time we met British blonde Lyla Ashby is already a couple of months ago. Back then we saw her take a bath. This time she's getting wet and naked once again but has traded the bathroom for the garden where she takes off her bikini and goes skinny dipping... Summer fun with Lyla Ashby.

Candy Alexa never looked better than at Sex Art

06 January: A late Happy New Year

A late Happy New Year

A litte late sure but ther's no way I can ignore Tessa Fowler wising us a Happy New Year (and yes she also shows her breathtaking big boobs). All the best for you aswell Tessa and as long as you keep doing what you do I am sure we all be happy :) Clip  

A classic sex scene of Alexis May remastered.   

06 January: Milena of Domai

Milena of Domai

I probably don't have to convince you to click this thumbnail as this curly brunette got the instant wow factor. A pretty face, a firm body and wonderful big tits with puffy nipples. I hope we haven't seen the last of this promising new model.... Milena of Domai.    

Sporty Louise of Suburban Amateurs takes off her tracksuit and lays naked on the table.  

05 January: The Class of 2013

The Class of 2013

I take you to back to 2013 once more as I have the busty newcomers of the Class of 2013 for you. A total of 60 new models made it to the list which is a decline compared to previous years as 2012 had 75, 2011 80 and 2010 75, however the quality is pretty good. I am not claiming this is a complete selection as there always girls I missed but I am pretty sure the most interesting talents of 2013 are there.  

04 January: Sayuki Kanno on glass

Sayuki Kanno on glass

A few days ago I showed you Katerina giving an excellent on glass permormance. Well it's safe to say that the effort of Sayuki Kanno is quite spectacular aswell! The camera angle is perfect and so are her erected nipples of this Japanese model... Clip.

A few webcam recommendations for the Saturday night: Alicia Forms, Curvy Ella and Princess Erin.  

04 January: Dawn Phoenix

Dawn Phoenix

These pictures were made in the late nineties but Dawn Phoenix got the looks of a female singer of an 80's hair band. Well she can consider me her groupie, cause her hair may be a little distracting her body and boobs are mouthwatering.... Gallery

And in case you want to continue your road on mammary lane check out these updated classics.   

03 January: Shae Summer lesbian

Shae Summer lesbian

Abigail is a girl with fake boobs, don't worry my goal is still to bring you naturals only but Abigail is not alone, she's is the company of Shae Summers (scene number four). And Abigail does all the things I would love to do with Shae aswell: grab those big breasts and lick them, stare at them while licking her pussy and going 69 till both parties are satisfied :P Shae Summers lesbian at We Live Together

03 January: Long haired Marina

Long haired Marina

I should go through my archives some time and see if I can find enough galleries of girls with long hair, who have it draped over their big boobs the way Marina Visconti does in this gallery as I really like the look.

Two models in purple: sweet Emma of Only Tease and a classic clip of an unzipping Lorna Morgan.   

03 January: Ella G. aka Isabella D.

Ella G. aka Isabella D.

A girl I forgot to post in 2013 is this young blonde of Femjoy named Ella G. Not that busty but in combination with her slender body and pretty looks, this beauty from Ukraine deserves to be here. Except for Femjoy she also models at Met Art as Isabella.      

Alica Wonder gets undressed and pleasured by the one and only Jelena Jensen.    

02 January: Pretty Antica of XL-Girls

Pretty Antica of XL-Girls

Voluptuous blonde Antica looks nothing but spetacular in that red dress with a royal cleavage. But this new XL-Girls model isn't only here to look pretty and sexy, she also shows her enormous pair of boobs and tries on a few bra's. Such a fine extra large lady who kind of reminds me of Carol Brown. And curvy brunette Maggie recently did her first boy/girl shoot also at XL-Girls, pics and clip.    

02 January: More Brooke Wylde

More Brooke Wylde

Brooke Wylde has both the looks and the right attitude to become one of the stars of 2014. Ofcourse only time will tell if she will but she does start the year well that's for sure with this new scene at Big Tits Round Asses, where she tries on something nice and pink before having sex in the bedroom. 

Her sister Taylor Whyte is enjoying herself too! 

02 January: Jessica showers at Zishy

Jessica showers at Zishy

One of the pleasant surprises of 2013 was the site Zishy with it's refreshing way of presenting models in a sexy and candid way. With both unkown girls (Domino Madsen and Cassie Becker for exampe) aswell was established pornstars like Noelle Easton and Jessica Robbin who you can see in this recent shoot in the shower with even some moments of unusual nudity (for Zishy that is not Jessca!).  

01 January: Natalie Moore and Arianna

Natalie Moore and Arianna

The firs post of the year simply has to be a good one. In 2013 it were sisters Tessa and Kelly, in 2012 it was Hitomi Tanaka and 2014 kicks off with a FTV shoot featuringNatalie Moore, she isn't even than busty but Natalie is a girl with the so called 'X-Factor'. She and Arianna (not really my type) are having naught fun with eachother like fisting and inserting a bottle... Natalie Moore & Arianna at FTV Girls. 

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