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31 October: Special: Sidewinder Boobs

Special: Sidewinder Boobs

For years I have a special folder on my computer where I collect the best sidewinder shots. I think it's about time I share my favourites of them with you . Are a you familiar with the term 'sidewinder' ? It's when a women is standing with her back to you and you still can see her boobs. Some of them cheat a little with their hands but ah well I guess we can forgive them :P Special: The Best Sidewinder Boobs

30 October: Hitomi the boob queen of Japan

Hitomi the boob queen of Japan

Over the past month I've showed you Hitomi Tanaka in motion several times. I guess we all agree that her big tits are nothing but divine. This time I've some glorious pictures of her taking off a golden dress. Gives you an even better view at her body... Gallery

And this how luck looks like 01 02

30 October: Brooke another witch

Brooke another witch

Last weekend we already had Tegan Brady as a sexy witch. Today Brooke Little repeats the trick wearing a similar outfit for Only Tease. Apart from that it was a pretty quiet Halloween this year, oh wait I do have another one for you, Latina Rebecca knocking on the door and taking off her bra. And all the previous Halloween babes collected in this special.

29 October: Kelly Madison in the snow

Kelly Madison in the snow

I am in now way looking forward to the winter. How can you can you like a season when women are all covered with clothes ? What makes it bearable is that some ladies ignore the cold and still show their big boobs in the snow. I am very glad to add the legendary Kelly Madison to that list. Wait the show isn't over you just have to see Kelly bouncing on the treadmill aswell! And more busty work outs here.

29 October: Valeria masturbating

Valeria masturbating

I showed you the amazing cute and busty amateur Valeria of Submit Your Bitch having sex before. I just couldn't resist to put her in the spotlight again. She's still with her lucky bastard of a boyfriend. But this time he watches her while she's playing with herself. And as you may know from personal experience that's almost as hot as the real thing. Such a wornderful girl next door... Clip: Valeria masturbating

29 October: Amelie, Tracy and Lindsey

Amelie, Tracy and Lindsey

Sometimes the moment before seeing a girl fully naked or topless is the best. Don't get me wrong the boobies of Amelie are nice but the underboob shot is my favourite... Amelie strips in the bedroom

A nice all natural model from Playboy is Traci Denee and number one tennis girl Lindsey Strutt looks breath taking in her seethrough top.

28 October: Katya of Busty Teens

Katya of Busty Teens

Going for a ride with Katya of Busty Teens seems like good fun, however I wouldn't transport her crappy old BMW (she deserves better). But that's not really the point, the point is that Katya is taking her clothes somewhere nature. And then we get the an amazing pair of big breasts. Just as many girls of Busty Teen I've not clue who is, all I know is that I never will forget that indredible body of her.

28 October: Isadore proud of herself

Isadore proud of herself

You know what I find attractive ? Big boob obviouslys but that's not what I am talking about. I love girls that regardless of their appearance feel confident about themselves. Isadore of Cosmid is a perfect example of what I mean. Average Joe probably won't find her hot... too nerdy, too chubby bla bla. But Isadora is proud of herself and her body. And I can only agree she has every reason to be!

28 October: Jelena Jensen has sex

Jelena Jensen has sex

It was in June 2009 that Jelena Jensen announced that should we be going hardcore. And even when I mentioned it on several occassions I never showed you how that looked. But that's about to change.... Jelena Jensen having sex.

I usually don't do celebs but Diora Baird is truely someone special and boats are babe magnets.

27 October: Haley Cummings working hard

Haley Cummings working hard

Look who I spotted working hard on a contruction site, the one and only Haley Cummings! Yeah I found ot hard to believe at first aswell, but on the other hand we saw a fair amount of busty construction workers before. Not sure if it's a smart thing to hire her though. She can be kind of distracting if you know what I mean :) But when it comes to motivating the crew, she's definitely the right girl for the job lol. 

27 October: Adrianna of FTV Girls

Adrianna of FTV Girls

Adrianna of FTV Girls got tired of her old boring job working at offices as a secretary. So here she is looking for a job in the adult industry. Well she's still dressed in her office clothes but this time she takes them off for a living and shows her god given assets instead . Anyone but me can see the symbolic of that ? :) Anyways I say hurray for new career opportunities! 

27 October: Bella Blaze on glass

Bella Blaze on glass

Is Bella Blaze gone forever or only taking a break remains to be seen. Regardless if the outcome I've found an excellent clip in the member section of Boobstudy I just had to share with you. Bella is pressing her big tits against a glass door, needless to tell you that is great thing to watch. And you'll find topheavy more women experimenting with glass when you follow this Juggs Joy link.

27 October: Edda, Jenny and Michelle

Edda, Jenny and Michelle

The adorable Edda is taking her off her revealing lingerie in the royal suite. And that's exactly the place she deserved to be in as she got an majestic body!

Jenny McClain is dressed for success with just a tie and high heels and the firm boobies of Michelle Marsh are always a pleasure to see.

26 October: Impressive carwash duo

Impressive carwash duo

Oh yes DDF keeps pumping them out! How about this amazing carwash duo from the United Kingdom that's standing at your service. Leanne Crow doesn't need an introductuin and also Kelley Scarlett shouldn't be a stranger to you. They seems more focused on eachother big boobs than one the washing but I don't think anyone (including the car owner) doesn't care much about that :P Leanne and Kelley wash a car

26 October: Becca of Karups

Becca of Karups

I stumbled upon an another sweet amateur from Karups.  This young brunette looks slightly familair but I can't point my finger on it (yet ? my mind works slow today). Anyways enjoy her taking her clohtes off and share her sexy body with us... Becca of Karups

I am sure you know sexy redheads Ariel and Carmen and oh boy they look smashing together.

26 October: Miss Intrigue with a friend

Miss Intrigue with a friend

It has been a long time since I visited the site of Miss Intrigue. She sure knows how to keep herself entertained. Did you know she invites members of her site for shoots ? Not sure if the girl she had several meetings with is also member or just a girlfriend. All I know know is these these two real topheavy ladies look great together. Natural curves waiting for you... Miss Intrigue with a friend

25 October: Slevta of 18andBusty

Slevta of 18andBusty

If you paid good attention you've seen this girl before as Sveta of NuDolls. I am glad to see this young beauty from the Ukraine now also appears at 18andBusty (with a slightly different name). In the shower she takes off her mesh top so we get a good peek at those beautiful and firm big breasts before she makes them wet... Slevta in the shower of 18andBusty

25 October: Schoolgirl Natalie

Schoolgirl Natalie

I bet all the boys at her school (and the male teachers probably included) fantasize what's hidden under the sweater of Natalie. But she's a good girl and doesn't give herself away to everyone. No this sweetheart only does that for us when we're alone with her in bedroom, thank you for that honey. Natalie D. home from School and in case you got a thing for school uniforms check out this special.

25 October: Naughty Alexia Rae

Naughty Alexia Rae

Never a boring moment with Alexia Rae. I got two new naughty adventures from her. The first one is at Mofos where she has just woken up and has sex for breakfast. And the second one is at Naughty America spending quality time the best friend of her brother.

Emma is rare model also known as Georgie. In the bedroom she exposes her big tits with a smile.

25 October: Miela and Mandy

Miela and Mandy

Miela (better known as Marry Queen) takes it easy today but we know what this innocent looking sweetie is capable of right ? Watch her taking off her dress on the floor of the living room.

The same story goes for Mandy Dee who is enjoying the view in her birthday suit. But at DDF Busty she doing what we know her best for.  

24 October: Tegan Brady as a witch

Tegan Brady as a witch

I know Halloween is only next week but I figured we better be prepared for it already. So I present you Tegan Brady as a sexy witch. Sofar she has been a bit tame which is understandble for girl who just turned 18 but this shoot is her most sexy one ever! Her big breasts look so seductive squeezed in a black corset, I am going to give her all the candy I have as a reward :) 

23 October: Teresa of Scoreland

Teresa of Scoreland

Teresa of Scoreland is a very rare model who was active over 10 years agao most likely in the late nineties. I am sorry but there's little (make that none) extra information about her available. However there are some pictures (especially the first and the second) in this gallery that deserve to be saved for future generations :) By the way I want to own a boat aswell lol!

23 October: Riri wants to be a star

Riri wants to be a star

I am sure you may have seen one of those weird Japanese TV shows. And I am sure if the one Riri Kouda is casting for will break records in terms of ratings, clips 01 02 03 04. Yui Takashiro always dreamed of doing it with an African man, clips 01 02.

Want more ? Follow the Japan tag on Juggs Joy!

22 October: Louisa cleans the window

Louisa cleans the window

Let's continue with more househould duties. One of the finest busty moments ever was Louisa Lockhart scrubbing the floor in a low cut top. Todat the fun continues when Louisa is cleaning the windows while giving us another priceless downblouse moment.

And also Kelly Madison is doing her windows ofcourse with giving it a special twist.

22 October: Demi Scott ironing

Demi Scott ironing

I guess nobody likes doing domestic tasks but you got to give our girlriends credit for making the best of it! Like Demi Scott who irons her clothes before getting dressed. Judging by her smile she seems in a very good mood while doing it... Gallery

And the same story goes for Angela White doing the dishes with her pale big tits out!

22 October: Annabelle in the forest

Annabelle in the forest

Don't we all agree that nature is a beautiful thing ? Nothing beats a sunset, the impressive size of mountains, or how about a quiet lake, the waves splashing against the rocks, the look of green grass in spring, a deserted beach and a landscape covered with snow. And the best part is that also busty girls are strong lovers of nature :) Like Annabelle here happy and nude in the middle of a forest

21 October: Busty Terri works out

Busty Terri works out

Things are moving fast with Terri Jane. Last week she made her debut at Brooke Lee Playmates and this morning I found out that she also has a site  dedicated to her. From there comes this set where we find Terri working out with her big boobs squeezed into a tight aerobics outfit. But being the friendly girl she is Terri also gives us a full frontal peek at her impressive chest... Busty Terri works out 

21 October: Lillian Faye showering

Lillian Faye showering

And I got a thing for Lillian Faye since the first time I laid my eyes one her. This skinny girl from Seattle never stops to take my breath away. So I am glad Scoreland published a new scene of her giving us premium entertainment in the shower.

The only other site that has her is JoshGirls and that treadmill clip is a true classic already!

21 October: More of Bree Daniels

More of Bree Daniels

My friend of Your Dirty Mind got this thing for Bree Daniels and honestly who can blame him cause she's indeed a remarkble beauty. Six new galleries have been added to her special page since the last time I mentioned it, including some steamy lesbian scenes.

Slender angel Milana posing naked at the lake.

20 October: Domenica of DDF Busty

Domenica of DDF Busty

DDF Busty really is giving us quality updates latelty. Bringing the greek goddess Sexy Verena and delivering amazing shoots with Leanne Crow. Their latest addition is a slender beauty called Domenica, a 19 years old newcomer from the Czech Republic. Maybe not as heavy chested as the women I mentioned but she got suckable pointy big breasts and has plenty of sex appeal.

20 October: Ellen makes me jealous

Ellen makes me jealous

Don't get me wrong watching Busty Ellen do hardcore is a great thing to use an understatement. But at the same time it's a painful thing. Why ? Cause it's makes me freaking jealous I want to be the one that is playing with her big tits especially when I feel I am better looking than the guy who's doing her today (or maybe I am just a bad loser lol). So with pain in my heart I present you Ellen making me jealous (again).

20 October: Natasha at Freaks of Boobs

Natasha at Freaks of Boobs

I will forever Natasha Dulce as the girl that got introduced by Bella Blaze. Speaking of her I am seriously fearing that she indeed has left the building as I haven't seen anyhing new with Bella for months now. Well the good news is that Natasha is still very much alive and kicking or should I say fucking :) Watch her having a wild hardcore adventurre at Freaks of Boobs, pics and clips 01 02 .

20 October: Keira and Leanne

Keira and Leanne

At Femjoy she goes by the name of Christa but we know this sweet young lady better as Keira Moon. Now that I look at her again I consider her as one of the most attractive busty blondes. Enjoy her posing naked with a smile... Gallery

Told you that Leanne Crow would be going places here she is wearing a corset at Annabelle Amour.

19 October: Redhead Raylinn of Cosmid

Redhead Raylinn of Cosmid

I had Raylinn of Cosmid on my 'to-post' list for a while and I have no valid excuse that I waited this long. Ah well better late than never. This curvy amateur comes from Texas and has many things I like. She got big breasts for starters (otherwise she wouldn't even be here lol), is a redhead, got a pale skin, has something nerdy about her (I hope she forgives me this qualification!) and seems comfortable with her body.

19 October: Showering with Hannah

Showering with Hannah

Didn't we all in love with the sweet amateur Hanna Montada from Spain when we first met her ? Today I present you a new clip where she takes a shower and we are allowed to watch a chance I wouldn't turn down if I was you :)  Showering with Hanna

The show isn't over yet cause I also have Terri Jane in motion for the very first time.

19 October: Miosotis visits XX-Cel

Miosotis visits XX-Cel

It sounds strange coming from me but the rack of Miosotis is too large for my taste. My friend Cel however had the time of his life with her and I am sure there are many more of you who can appreciate this huge chested lady,  Miosotis Claribel visits XX-Cel.

More extra large jugs: Sydney JJ back for more at Plumperpass and Anna Kay at Scoreland.

18 October: Newcomer Jennifer Stone

Newcomer Jennifer Stone

We can welcome another busty newcomer today. This 20 years old girl comes from Missouri, has several tattoos and piercings and goes by the name of Sara Stone (any chance she could Sara's niece ?). Enjoy her going hardcore for the first time in her life (not saying she's a virgin you know that I mean).... Jennifer Stone of Big Tits Round Asses

18 October: Robyn nude on skates

Robyn nude on skates

When I first introduced you to Robyn Alexandra I mentioned that she is a figure skater on a high level. And I even had this YouTube to proof the story right. Well wouldn't it be a perfect thing when she would to the same thing with her big boobs exposed (dancing with stars the improved version lol) ? I can't help you with that (yet) but I do have Robyn posing on naked on skates in an ice hall.

18 October: Mary Louise on bed

Mary Louise on bed

I still can't believe that I can discovered Mary Louise Fox only this year. A serious fuck up for sure but on the bright side of things that gives me a perfect excuse to feed you with content of her. Like her getting naked in the bedroom. And a similar looking classic model is Autumn Westin.

Nella Jay had a wild adventure at Baby Got Boobs.

18 October: Leticia what a nipples

Leticia what a nipples

With her pale skin and next door looks Leticia is my kind of girl. But the best part are without a doubt her puffy nipples. Watch her exposing those great curves in the bathroom for Averotica. But that's not all she also appears at Femjoy posing all naked in the living room. And also Met Art has her taking off her clothes in the middle of the woods.

17 October: Special: Busty Flashers

Special: Busty Flashers
The only time where I caught girls flashing was at a rock concert once, however I never stumbled upon one doing it the street or in a park. But who knows one day I'll be on the right place on the right time. It is possible as you can see in this compilation. Not all locations are as public as other but hey it's the thought that counts :) Special: Busty Flashers

16 October: All hands on Hitomi Tanaka

All hands on Hitomi Tanaka

This group of Japanese men got a day never to forget again. Imagine you have to chance grab the big tits of Hitomi Tanaka and play with it for as long you want. Sound like a dreaming coming true to me! And that's not all things get way more explicit later on. What I always find funny is that their laws forbid the showing of pubic hair but a face full of cum is perfectly fine :) Clip: All hands on Hitomi Tanaka

16 October: Gracie of Topheavy Amateurs

Gracie of Topheavy Amateurs

I was in the mood for a 'real' woman this morning. In that case the site Top Heavy Amateurs is an excellent place to visit. And from their collection I picked Gracie she never will be an Miss World candidate but damn got to love the way those nipples poke through her shirt (which she takes off aswell).  

Chesty housewife Susan got a mindblowing rack!

15 October: Leanne takes off her bikini

Leanne takes off her bikini

Back with more of Leanne Crow at DDF Busty in what probably is her best shoot sofar. We meet her at the side of the swimming pool where she's wearing a bikini that barely covers her big boobs. So yeah why not take it off then ? And that's exactly what Leanne does. Sure I've seen that impressive pair many times already but it never stops to amaze me! 

15 October: Arianna and Taylor go casual

Arianna and Taylor go casual

Sadly I am  working all alone in my office but if I had a staff of sexy secretaries I would make causal friday look just like this: Arianna and Taylor Vixen (a man is allowed to have his fantasies right).

Naughty Dolly is a topheavy newcomer who oils her juicy jugs on her first date with us :)

15 October: Missy Mae

Missy Mae

Pale skinned Missy Mae only had a short career but it was great while it lasted. Rumours are that she was pregant when she did her shoots hence the bigger breasts. Anyway I found a scene at Boned at Home I never saw before.

More: Classic playmate Sydney and a compilation of busty amateurs (want more ? check Newbie Nudes).

14 October: Daisy in her bedroom

Daisy in her bedroom

We saw this cute girl next door one time before when she lifted up her blue sweater. It seems impossible to me not to fall in love with a girl with such natural looks, a sweet smile and not to forget suckable big breasts. This time we meet Daisy in her bedroom where she gives us a great full frontal look at her naked body. Thank you so much honey, you're fantastic... Daisy of Busty Teens

14 October: The mega boobs of Terri Jane

The mega boobs of Terri Jane

I noticed a buzz in the big boobs scene about a discovery from England, Terri Jane of Brooke Lee Playmates. She even made it to a British tabloid with the headline 'Incrediboobs'.  I expected debate about the 'realness' of her huge pair so I contacted the owner of the site. He confirmed they are natural.  For now I only have screencaps from her first movie but I'll keep you updated when mores comes available . 

14 October: Jenkins aka Jenny Baker

Jenkins aka Jenny Baker

One of the over 10 models I added to Busty Legends yesterday was Jenkins aka Jenny Baker. Let me give you some of her highlights: 01. Reading a magazine wearing a revealing top at Downblouse Loving 02. Taking off her classy dress at Karups 03. As a more than sexy nurse at St. Mackenzies 04. Curvy yes but showing she's still very flexible at Femjoy 05. And as stripping French Maid at Only Tease

14 October: Adele pretty in pink

Adele pretty in pink

Being retired is no reason not to get our attention every once in a while anymore. Especially when you're as beautiful as Adele Stephens is looking in this gallery. Yes another one pretty in pink. On a side note I also love the song with the same title from the  Psychedelic Furs. Not really my taste but Lady in Red from Chris De Burgh would be matching with this gallery from the legendary Gianna.

13 October: Working on Busty Legends

Working on Busty Legends

I am sorry my fellow booblovers but I am not going to update today. Why ? Not because I am lazy you know my dedication for big tits. But because I have to do some serious maintenance on Busty Legends. Add new profiles (should be hitting the milestone of 700 later today) and also removing dead links (some sites disappear you know). Where the thumb is from ? A classic Scoreland gallery called Big Boobs Paradise

12 October: Dors as a blonde

Dors as a blonde

This is different, Dors Feline as a blonde and her tattoos covered by a long sleeved blouse. Changes her appearance complety and shows better wat a beautiful face she has. You know who she reminds me of ? Tiffani Amber Thiessen! Yes I admit I had on a crush on her back in her 90210 days, before I found out she had fakes ones that is! Lol no doubt about the mindblowing big boobs of Dors so I'll stick with her :) 

12 October: Kelly Madison classy

Kelly Madison classy

You know I am always talking about my love for candid snapshots and I said on numerous occasions that I also like Kelly Madison best that way, like for example here as a tourist. But I don't mind being proven wrong by Kelly, just check how sophisticated, classy and seductive she looks in this new gallery.  I can only give a stand-up ovation for that and dare to declare she's the hottest 43 years old on this planet!

12 October: Megan of Teensexmania

Megan of Teensexmania

Luda aka Ludmila was only active for a short time. But this petite Russian cutie made boob history nevertheless. Simply one of the best busty amateurs of all time. Why I mention it ? No sadly she hasn't returned. But I do have a four minute long clip of her in action as Megan of Teensexmania (I knew was on that site already but footage of this length is new). Enjoy my friends!

11 October: Flashing college girl

Flashing college girl

Ok this clip may be short but I thought it was too interesting not to share it with you guys. A cute college girl with big breasts figured it would be a good idea to suprise the guys on her campus. So she knocks on a few door and flashes her boobies. Why oh why didn't these kind of things happen when I was at college ?  That doesn't mean I don't have some happy memories though :)

11 October: Elli and Shione

Elli and Shione

Shione Cooper found herself a new girl to play around with. It's blonde newcomer Elli Jordan and I think we're witnessing the birth of a beautiful new friendship here (Elli reminds me a lot of Ami Jordan).

Before that Shione had fun at the lake with Nicole as you probably remember. Well I have nice clip of Nicole on her own having naughty fun in nature

11 October: Amber Leah and more sex

Amber Leah and more sex

Prepare yourself for 3 great sex clips with girls we never saw before... 01. Amber Leah is not crazy cute and her big breasts may be saggy but still this young lady turns me on big time. 02. One of the best doggy style action I ever saw with a heavychested girlfriend 03. Maddison is not that topheavy but a sweet girl next door with a perky pair that knows how to please her boyfriend.

11 October: Karina, Cindy and Monika

Karina, Cindy and Monika

Last week was so amazing that it's going to be hard to surpass but I am going to give it a try anyway, so here we go. The monokini Karina Hart is wearing is bound to give her plenty attention at the beach. Cindy Milley unbuttons her blouse and takes off her bra. And then we have Monika (better known as Carmen Gemini) who looks more than beautiful in front the bathroom mirror.  

10 October: Special: Backseat Boobs

Special: Backseat Boobs

I once read that many people have their first sexual experience in cars. So the chances are that this special is a trip down memory lane for you :) Maybe you were even so lucky to score a busty girl like the ones her. I am not sure I would take the risk of driving these women around though they are way to distracting. I rather find a quiet place to park and enjoy the view.... Special: Big boobs in the backseat

09 October: Azusa Nagasawa

Azusa Nagasawa

Yes the guy seems very eager but wouldn't you be when you had the chance the suck on the big tits of Azusa Nagaswa ? I know I would. He pleasures her first like a real gentleman does before having sex with this beautiful young Japanese lady. And they way those boobies bounce while Azusa is getting some is a breath taking view. Lol those Asian girls are such loud lovers :)

09 October: Micky's soft pillows

Micky's soft pillows

Sweet dream guaranteed when you have soft pillows in your bedroom, preferably ones made of flesh ;) Well if I could lay my head to rest between the enormous hooters of Micky of Silicone Free I would sleep like a baby (and suck them like a baby aswell lol). Yes I admit I am dreaming out loud here.

Love Micky then you'll love Malibu Candi aswell

08 October: Girlfriend Valeria

Girlfriend Valeria

Cause it's just a screen cap from the clip it doesn't do her enough justice but trust when I say that just have to watch girlfriend Valeria of Submit Your Bitch (I would call her angel instead).  Really they don't come more cute and natural than this amateur. I could write a poem about the perfection of her firm big breasts. I hope her boyfriend realizes how lucky he is to have sex with this sweetheart (I am so jealous).

08 October: Busty Arianna

Busty Arianna

It already was a fantastic week and I even got more good news my friends. The natural wonder from Romania, Arianna Sinn now has her own website. Many of her sets have a tropical touch and seem to be shot during Scoreland's trip to the Grand Bahamas. But there's more interesting news to report cause Arianna also does hardcore for the first time. So what are you waiting for ? Visit Busty Arianna.

07 October: Sexy Venera a Greek Goddess

Sexy Venera a Greek Goddess

Oh my god or actually I should say oh my Greek Goddess cause that's where Sexy Venera is from. She has been active as webcam model for a longer time (for example at Live Jasmin and Streamate) and now does a professional shoot for the first time. Venera is incredible petite (check how slim her waist is) that in combination with her divine big boobs make this a woman to worship... Sexy Venera at DDF Busty

07 October: Anya topless at the lake

Anya topless at the lake

Last weekend I got an email from Anya aka Merilyn (too bad it was strictly business lol) in which she told that she had a new personal website. I was sceptical at first, she's stunning no doubt but has been around that long and appeared on so much sites that I thought it would be nothing new. But Anya choose a candid approach and you know how much I love that... Anya Busty topless fun at the lake

07 October: Miela of Met Art

Miela of Met Art

When you say hey this girl looks familiar you're right as we know her best as Marry Queen. But here for Met Art she goes by the name of Miela. And when you see posing naked on chair she looks so utterly sweet 'n innocent and you would almost forget that this cutie also does lots of wild sex scenes. As a matter of fact I have latest hardcore shoot available for you right here in this clip.

06 October: Eli just her boobs

Eli just her boobs

As we spreak Eli has done 3 hardcore scenes at Putalocura and 1 movie that solely zooms in on her playing with her big boobs. From that one this clip is coming and I guess we all agree that a pair like that deserves a closer inspection. Seriously I would give my left arm just to hold and suck them for a few minutes  :P And we follow the same routine with close-ups of the mighty set of Kelly Madison

06 October: Janine of Cosmid

Janine of Cosmid

Tattoos are highly popular among girls in our modern times. Maybe I am getting old but I could live without them (however they can match the personality of alt girls). Janine of Cosmid got a really big one on her leg and even 'peekabo' below her right boob (I can appreciate her sense of humor though). But don't let that distract you from the fact that she's a sexy girl next door with big breasts (nice tanlines aswell). 

06 October: Katja, Shay and Michelle

Katja, Shay and Michelle

Don't get me wrong I love all the shoots Katja (aka Edda) does for those erotic websites. However I she would expand her horizon and work for true busty sites I think she can become one of the most popular models, this girl is so gifted... Gallery. Taking about gifted Shay Laren takes off her bra and strips down her jeans and Michelle Monaghan provides premium entertainment in the shower.

05 October: Missy at Karups

Missy at Karups

It was exactly a year ago that I first saw Missy at Busty Brits. To be honest I actually kind of forgot about her untill yester day when I stumbled upon her at Karups. And I must say it's very pleasant to see her again such a friendly and natural looking young lady... Missy strips naked on a chair. And that's not all also ATK has her an naughty secretary.

05 October: Jasmine fun in the pool

Jasmine fun in the pool

Sadly I don't have a pool in my backyard otherwise I would invite Jasmine (who we previously met at Big Tits Round Asses) straight away. The lucky guy first enjoys the sight of her jugs in a wet white shirt and later plays with her lovely floppy pair. All of this just as foreplay... Jasmine fun in the pool

And just for her I updated my busty Latinas special.

05 October: Sydney, Shyla and Renee

Sydney, Shyla and Renee

Sydney is one of the hottest plumpers I know. When there's no man around to satisfy her needs she has to look for different methods. Like she did her pleasuring her pussy with a large dildo.

Petite meets extra large... I wonder many time Renee Ross fits in Sophia :) And Shyla Shy is spending quality time with her new lover.

04 October: Robyn in the office

Robyn in the office

Monday probably means back to the office for many of you. Not the most favourite day of the week right ? Well things would certainly look better when you had a co-worker like Robyn Alexandra around. Does she distract you from your work... hell yeah! But does anybody care, I don't think so :P God I love that purple turtleneck sweater so much... Robyn strips in the office for Only Tease

04 October: Kitana Flores

Kitana Flores

We know Kitana Flores best from the steamy hardcore scenes she did as Jazmyn. But that doesn't me can't appreciate the basic but oh so effective white tanktop she's wearing here at Scoreland. Amazing big breasts on this sexy Latina.

You guys remember sweet Paula of FTV Girls ? I got a really nice masturbation clip from her aswell.

04 October: Haley Cummings orgy

Haley Cummings orgy

In total there a six people present at this fuck party (don't have another word for it). Three of them are guys and I could care much either about the two other girls. The only one who makes it worth watching is the one and only Haley Cummings. Why they put a plastic cover on the couch ? You'll find out soon enough :) Haley at Cumshot Suprise, pics and clips 01 02.

04 October: Katerina Konec

Katerina Konec

We kick off the new week with the retired but legendary Katerina Konec. Who takes off her summerdress in the backyard and then pleasures her pussy... Gallery (no I certainly wouldn't mind suprise come-back from her).

From even longer ago, end 80's early 90's to be precise is vintage pornstar Busty Belle 01 02 

03 October: Special: Big boobs from France

Special: Big boobs from France

No it's not that busty women from France arrive like clockwork. However when they you better pay attention. Exotic Love4dreams is one of the most beautiful models ever and what do think about pornstar Sonia Carrere or the rare Salome. But more are always welcome... Viva La France, Viva La Big Boobs :)  By the way did you know that Natasha Nice also was born in France ?

02 October: Hitomi Tanaka office sex

Hitomi Tanaka office sex

Oh yeah the legend returns at Big Tits Tokyo. Being the boss of Hitomi Tanaka comes with many benefits. Ofcourse she acts shocked at first when he grabs her melons in the office. But we all know that Hitomi rarely turns down a chance for some steamy sex. So before you know it she's riding her boss and I tell you those enormous jugs shaking is pure art... Hitomi Tanaka sex in the office

02 October: Chrissy Marie cheerleader

Chrissy Marie cheerleader

Chrissy Marie is definetely on her way up on the ladder of fame. She even became Twisty's model of the month October. And any sports team could use the support of her as a cheerleader. If you want to see how that looks in motion check out this clip.

A huge chested blonde from the past Heather Michaels

01 October: Tibby shaking them

Tibby shaking them

The site Downblouse Loving isn't even around that long but already gained a legendary status among boob lovers, with Kim as their shining star. Today I feauturing a great clip with Tibby Muldoon. She finds some men magazines with busty girls and asks the guy 'so you like girls with big boobs?'. Without waiting for an answer she starts shaking her own floppy ones... Tibby at Downblouse Loving.

01 October: Fall in love with Gemini

Fall in love with Gemini

Usually when Dirty Mind brings a girl next door they do hardcore. Not this time though and I am actually glad she doesn't. Gemini is so freaking cute that watching her do porn would spoil my fantasy of walking hand in hand in the park with her :) We find her posing topless in jeans and taking off her bikini in a bath full of foam. An incredible looking busty amateur for sure... Carmen of Eye Candy Avenue

01 October: Daisy of Boobstudy

Daisy of Boobstudy

And also in October the newcomers keep coming in. Say hello to Daisy of Boobstudy an young lady from California with firm big breasts. Excecpt for her boyfriends nobody saw her naked before, so enjoy!

Bree Daniels looks very sensual in her new black lingerie and somewhere in a Russian lake slender Simone goes skinnydipping.

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