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31 October: Halloween big boobs

Halloween big boobs

Halloween time, so what else can I do then bringing you the updated special. As you know it's heavily dominated by Pinup Files and  their solo sites (like September Carrino you see in the thumbnal). Oh and if you're looking for Beth Lily as a firefighter, that one (and a few others like Tessa as a cop) I consider to generic to mark them as a Halloween content. However here's the matching clip.   

30 October: Charlie B. serious business

Charlie B. serious business

There were times when I tried to do make an office post every Friday. Charlie B. gives me a the opportunity to restore that tradition (at least for today I can't make promises). Initially she looks sexy in a conservative way but that doesn't last too long :) As this pretty blonde shows us what's hidden under her serious business clothes! The picture of her sitting topless at the table is priceless... Gallery.

29 October: Tierra Watson

Tierra Watson

Do you remember the amazing ebony beauty Tierra of Domai? You now also can find her at Cosmid as Tierra Watson. I don't think she's still active though, these pictures seem to be made by the same photographer and were probably taken a while ago. Great to see her naked again nevertheless. And we go from an outdoor shower to an indoor one to watch the fair 'n perky big breasts of Chelsea Bell

28 October: Maria Beaumont hardcore

Maria Beaumont hardcore

You know what so nice about Maria Beaumont (apart from the way she looks)? That she gives ordinary guys like us (unless you're blessed with George Clooney looks lol) the dream that having sex with her is within reach. Previously we saw her doing it with men (01 02) of certain age. And the guy in this shoot of Karups may be not old but he's certainly not a girl magnet. So who knows, you may be next!  

27 October: Joey Fisher in jeans

Joey Fisher in jeans

Joey Fisher needs no further introduction. And yes we have seen her naked in tight jeans before. But Joey is the kind of girl that you can see daily without getting bored.. Joey back at Skintight Glamour (I llike how she looks with little to no make-up). 

More outdoor fun with Nina North at FTV Girls.  

26 October: Tig's swinging tits

Tig's swinging tits

Damn how about this one... A fresh out of the shower Tiggle Bitties shakes her still dripping big tits really close to the camera. What makes it look even better is that the footage is in slow motion... Clip (this made me think of pretty smilar clip, without the dripping, of Cumtrainer Britney).  We need more of this! 

Mature Helina pleasured by two yong men... Clip.   

25 October: Cleavage special

Cleavage special

Big boobs and cleavages are a match made in heaven. So it's a strange thing that I didn't make a special about this subject before (considering I made roughly 300 of them!). Not that strange on the other hand cause the usual gallery I post has a stripping girl. Also the galleries in this special all have bare boobs in them (you probably won't mind) but at the very least have one priceless cleavage moment.

24 October: Jullia office strip

Jullia office strip

You guys know I am the chairman Julia's fanclub (not really this is a figure of speech) and I have feautured her dozens of times. But I can't remember seeing this goddess in a corporate environment before. But there's a first time for everything and every office looks better with a stripping Julia in it :P  Previous Japanese girl in the office: Kirara, Hitomi Tanaka, Ruri Saijo and Airu Oshima

23 October: Lindsey sexy tanning

Lindsey sexy tanning

Can you forgive me bringing back Lindsey aka Natalie Austin at FTV once more (I can't help myself...she's one of my favourites of 2015)? This friendly girl next door is tanning at the side of the pool and the way her nipples slip out of her orange bikini is nothing but wonderful. Oh and don't forget the matching clip below the pictures... At the poolside with Lindsey. 

22 October: Firefighter Beth Lily

Firefighter Beth Lily

There's only so many pumpkins and other orange themed stuff a person can handle before it becomes annoying. So the approach of Pinup Files for Halloween this year is a good choice. Yesterday I brought you Samantha Lily as a cop, today has Beth Lily as Firefighter. It doesn't even come close to actual fire fighter outfit but that isn't really the point is it? 

22 October: Mature blonde Jessika

Mature blonde Jessika

This morning I spend an hour digging a little deeper in the archives of Mature NL. That's how I discovered Jessika who did two scenes for the site back in 2013. This sexy blonde was 40 at that time and it's not hard to appreciate her ripe body with tanlined big tits, Watch her go from wearing her own clothes (a nice personal touch) to masturbating naked on the couch... Jessika of Mature NL.    

22 October: Sandra Milka in the shower

Sandra Milka in the shower

The good times in the shower continue today as our Spanish friend Sandra Milka gives us a warm welcome in her bathroom. She takes off her robe and lingerie, takes shower (with an on glass moment) and uses the shower head (a strange looking one, I first thought it was a dildo) to masturbate... Gallery.   

Live as I type: the stunning BestMonika

21 October: Titania in the shower

Titania in the shower

Redhead Titania who's 31 now ages like fine wine. In my opinion she never looked better than in her recent shoots for Cosmid, more curvy than before and with great confidence. So no I wouldn't mind being with her here in the shower (soaping her back and maybe even a little more).   

Mia Scarlett shows her talents at CastingCouchX.  

21 October: Busty cop Samantha Lily

Busty cop Samantha Lily

The recruitment department of of our favourite police force did a great job. Cause they managed to let Samantha Lily sign a contract. Needless to tell you that dressing sexy is an important part of the contract. Not a problem at all for Samantha... Gallery.   

Two more Samantha galleries: as a vacuum cleaning hotel maid and at Divine Breasts for the first time.   

20 October: Hilda from Sweden

Hilda from Sweden

Putting Ersties (German for first timers) back in spotlight was on my to-do list for a while. What's great about the site is that their shoots also have long interviews with the models. So you get known them before you seem them naked, such a personal touch makes things so more sexier in my opinion. Anyway here's Hilda a student from Sweden with a spontaneous smile and pointy pair of big breasts.   

20 October: Meet redhead Ryta

Meet redhead Ryta

I have two scenes for you of an attractive redhead named Ryta (she by the way made her debut at Czech Casting as Veronika in April this year). She makes a habbit of using her body to get what she wants: Money in this scene of Public Pick Ups and a free ride in this scene of Czech Taxi.     

Stacy in the mood for kinky games at Big Naturals. 

20 October: Lily Ivy at ATK

Lily Ivy at ATK

It seems like you guys enjoyed Lily Ivy (slender blondes always attract attention). So I figured you won't mind meeting her again. Here she's taking off her clothes for ATK. Very tasty boobies indeed (and a suprisingly hairy pussy).   

Camgirl: the very curvy Carla Bella from Romania.  

19 October: Nina North at FTV Girls

Nina North at FTV Girls

When Nina North made her debut during the summer, I mentioned that the release date of her FTV Girls shoot was scheduled for October. It was worth the waith cause it has fantastic content of this petite brunette. In this gallery you can see her walking around at carshow and getting naked in public. Gorgeous  the only right word for her :P Nina North at FTV Girls.

19 October: Natasha dances for us

Natasha dances for us

I introduced you to Natasha Dedov of Cosmid last week. The matching movie has more than her 'just' posing, she dances for us cowgirl style.  Can't say she's terribly talented in that but she sure has her ways to make it entertaining :P Clip.    

Elizabeth Marxs walks around in only her raincoat

19 October: Tessa 'Voodoo Boobs'

Tessa 'Voodoo Boobs'

A little bit of Halloween warming up. Tessa Fowler does her utmost to scare with this voodoo outfit. But you know what? It doesn't work all. Cause how can a pair of big boobs like that scare us? It attracts us like a moth to a flame... Tessa 'Voodoo Boobs'

A great compilation of a slender and anonymous amateur with a perky pair of perfection... Gallery.    

18 October: The Class of 2015 update

The Class of 2015 update

Three months passed since I showed you the Class of 2015. So I added the busty newcomers of the recent period. The next time I will do so will be in early January next year. The're 52 girls listed as we spreak so the average is more than one new model every week. But there's always room for more... so ladies, share what Mother Nature so generously gave to you.   

17 October: Sultry Lola from Italy

Sultry Lola from Italy

Another webcam model (there so much talent that never make it to sites but does cam) that I simply can not ignore is the wonderful Sultry Lola from Itally. You know that I don't make a webcam performer the main subject of a post unless there's some great pictures in her profile and in the case of mature (47) Lola there's a great bunch of them, so do check her out! (it looks like she loves to dress up).   

16 October: Aubrey Page shower fun

Aubrey Page shower fun

oday I realized I haven't given you anything new of Aubrey Pagie since early July. So I rushed over to her site and checked out her latest updates. I really liked the ones of her in the bathroom. This cutie comes straight to the point and presses her tasy boobies on the glass of the shower cabin. A thing I noticed before is that she often uses her hands to lift her breasts (trust me Aubrey there's no need to). 

16 October: Alexya gardening

Alexya gardening

My specials cover many different subjects and also gardening is one of them. I admit it's not the most impressive one quality wise, so I am glad that I now can add Alexya to the collection. The flower dress (yes there's a special about too lol) she wears matches her activities well (and is easy tot pull down)... Alexya gardening with her big boobs out.  

16 October: Naughty fun in the sun

Naughty fun in the sun

It's only October and the weather is horrible, I miss the summer already. Here are two girls (seperate clips) having naughty fun in the sun to cheer me (and depending on your location you) up.  Shae Summers is back at Big Naturals once again (I wished the pool footage lasted longer). And the other girl is attractive blonde Natalia Starr at Titty Attack.     

15 October: At the beach with Jane

At the beach with Jane

Previously I showed you pictures of Sensual Jane's travels around the world (Maldives, Bali). This time she's in her home country Romania. At a place called Vadu beach to be exactly, doing what what she pretty much almost does getting naked :) And who can possibly complain about that... Gallery. 

Slender Cece Capella in the kitchen of GF Revenge.  

14 October: Sascha Green

Sascha Green

Earlier this day I had the pleasure of watching Sascha Green live on webcam. And no I didn't watch her private session but I was tempted to do so, cause my god she had such an epic cleavage (of a Bea Flora quality). I did make a screenshot of it that will be on top of my page for a while. She has some sexy pictures in her profile aswell that look pretty professional, a website should book her asap!  

14 October: Nikki Sims tanning

Nikki Sims tanning

I am sure Nikki Sims isn't the first girl to masturbate while using a tanning bed. I mean, you're naked, have nothing else to do and the heat helps to get in the mood... Clip. Oh and do you remember when Barbara Angel took us to a tanning salon?

It's only a short trailer but damn Lanie Morgan looks fantastic in this footage of Velvet Ectasy

14 October: More Bella Diamond

More Bella Diamond

Here's the beyond beautiful Bella Diamond in all her naked glory in shoot for Class Nudes (I hope those old guys realize how lucky they were 01 02). And if you can handle seeing her in pain (I myself have trouble doing that but I am a softie) then check out the bdsm shoot she did for SubSpaceland.   

Noelle  looked so much better with extra pounds.  

13 October: Natasha Dedov of Cosmid

Natasha Dedov of Cosmid

Cosmid's reputation in finding new talent is unmatched in both quantity and quality. There were others sure but Amanda Love was the last big catch in the extraordinary category. But now there's Natasha Dedov a sexy young lady with beautiful big breasts. A Russian sounding name but Natasha comes from New York and speaks without a foreign accent. Also this debut shoot is very 'American': cowgirl style. 

13 October: Marie Leone

Marie Leone

Marie Leone is ony my favourite ebony performers, who can possibly resist her angel face in combination with her juicy big boobs. In this gallery she releases her impressive pair from a revealing pink outfit.  And don't let that innocent face fool you, Marie likes it wild. Here she'd doing it with two men (her first threesome on camera), pics and clip.  And you can also find her at Jeff's Models

13 October: Lily Ivy sex in the shower

Lily Ivy sex in the shower

Lily Ivy already was on my radar because I spotted her at Zishy before. This young American blonde is pretty without a doubt but her bustyness can be a subject of debate. Ah welll I wouldn't kick her out my shower that's for sure.... Lily Ivy at X-Art.

Vitamine time: Chloe Vevrier presents freshly squeezed organge juice in her kitchen

12 October: Anna of Showybeauty

Anna of Showybeauty

What a fine girl Anna of Showbeauty (from Russia) is! We meet this young brunette in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron. And when she done with making a salad, she grant us a full frontal look at her naked body! Yes there's something about Anna's

And we go from a kitchen to a farm to watch a stripping Larissa Linn.  

12 October: Monica Mendez lotion

Monica Mendez lotion

"Hey guys! I thought I would take a moment out of the office (Monica is a crew member of Pinup Files, remember her feeling up Tessa's tits?)  schedule to fire up the GoPro and get my big tits out for you in this tight orange top I have, as a tip of the cap to all our great upcoming Halloween-themed stuff we have been shooting." Clip: Monica Mendez lotions up her big boobs

12 October: Themis making new friends

Themis making new friends

Themis Thunder has become a prominent model at DDF in the short time she's active. In October she did two duo shoots with fellow busty models. In the first one she and Laura Orsalya are having lesbian fun using a strap-on... Gallery. In the second one no strap-on is necessary as Themis and Sensual Jane are sharing a man... Gallery.    

11 October: Tugging and washing

Tugging and washing

Two updated (more and better galleries) specials today, both inspired by shoots I presented you last week: The car wash special (thanks to Tiffany Wells) and the Tits and Tugs special (thanks to Ivana). I still have some ideas for new specials, but I always can use your ideas, so feel free to shoot me a mail. 

Googling Caroline Vreeland might be a good idea :) 

10 October: Tiggle Bitties at Yes Boobs

Tiggle Bitties at Yes Boobs

Tiggle Bitties is in my opintion THE girl of the past couple of weeks and I can only hope you share my enthusiasm about her comeback.  Here are her glorious big tits once again, not content from her personal website but from a shoot for Yes Boobs.   

Webcam suggestions: the very tasty looking Cherry Lina from Russia and Naughty Angel from the US. 

10 October: Arisa Misato

Arisa Misato

Life is good on this tropical island (seems like a perfect place to strand). The locals have this tradition of sending a beautiful girl as a welcome gift. A beauty like Arisa Misato makes you feel very welcome :P 

Kaede Niiyama as a waitress, maid or a wife having sex with a guy (the other guy present passed out, don't ask me why)... Gallery.  

09 October: Gina Rosini of Zishy

Gina Rosini of Zishy

I made the gallery of Gina Rose with a specific purpose as she's the same girl as Gina Rosini of Zishy. That may not look like that at first glance but it is her without a doubt, the pattern of moles around a throat is exactly the same! Yes she changed quite a bit. Her hair colour is one but the extra pounds are the most prominent. Not a bad thing at all, if you're lover of big breasts (what else are you doing here?).  

09 October: Gina Rose of Cosmid

Gina Rose of Cosmid

Gina Rose of Cosmid already made her debut at that site in December 2013. But for some reason I never posted her before, that's probably because I felt she wasn't busty enough at the time and there were other girls at Cosmid who required my more urgent attention. This sexy girl from Florida has done a bunch of shoots, the one in the bathroom I like best.

08 October: Ivana Gita 'Tits and Tugs'

Ivana Gita 'Tits and Tugs'

In informed you that Ivana Gita is back at Scoreland. SHe not just back, she's back better than ever before. As in the latest scene of this mature stunner is a 'Tits and Tugs' one (she's well equipped for that job, you can even hide your head between those big boobs). Mark my words a full hardcore shoot is not far away... Ivana Gita 'Tits and Tugs' at Scoreland (she uses her mouth too, isn't that cheating?). 

08 October: Nikki Yann in the bathroom

Nikki Yann in the bathroom

The cute, curvy and natural Nikki Yann works together with Zishy for a about a year and posed as Alexis Naiomi. But she never was as 'naked' before at in this new shoot in bathroom. Technically not fully nude as there's still some a bit of foam blocking her nipples and pussy. But damn I take it! The first pictures of her in a mesh robe are breath taking aswell! Nikki Yann in the bathroom of Zishy. 

07 October: Tiffany Wells 'carwash'

Tiffany Wells 'carwash'

We first saw Tiffany Wells in April this year. I was aware of a second scene at Bangbros but it was only released recently. Got to love her carwash service. Your car won't come out all shiny but trust me you won't ask for your money back :) You better enjoy this as rumours say that she quit porn already... Tiffany Wells at Big Tits Round Asses.

07 October: Ashley naughty outdoors

Ashley naughty outdoors

You might think that established pornstars aren't afraid to be naked outdoors where other people can see them. Well Ashley Adams actually was quite nervous about it. But rest assure she got over her initial shyness pretty fast... Clip.   

Petite sweetheart Nina North and Ariana Marie in an oily threesome at Passion HD.   

07 October: Martina and Susann

Martina and Susann

Back in the Czech Republic for another casting shoot. This time it's 22 years old brunette Martina who takes off her clothes. She looks very friendly doesn't she? And her curvy body deserves to been seen.. Gallery. 

You prefer a more 'perfect' look. I can help you with that too. Here's the elegant Susann of Femjoy, dropping her skirt and showing her body... Gallery

06 October: Magda aka Nessi Boob

Magda aka Nessi Boob

Remember Madga from Poland who did a couple of shoot for DDF in 2014? I do (how could I forget that fine set of big breasts) and was very glad to stumble upon her again. She's not Magda anymore though but called Nessi Boob instead. Works for me, the important thing is that she's back. At leasts that's what I hope, it also could be a 2014 shoot released later... Nessie Boob in the garden of DDF Busty.

06 October: Jezabel private party

Jezabel private party

Jezabel Vessir (long time no see) isn't in the mood to gp to a party with her boyfriend so she takes matters in her own hands and seduces her lover to have some different kind of fun (beats complaining ladies, watch and learn!) in this clip of EroticaX. More of this ebony pornstar at We Fuck Black Girls

Scarlet LaVey is a horny mood at Burning Angel.  

06 October: Evita Lima outdoors

Evita Lima outdoors

If Evita Lima was less beautiful she never would make it to my posts. Maybe that isn't fair to other model with a simlar cup size but hey this isn't an equal opportunity environment :) So enjoy this sweetie flaunting her petite naked body outdoors.

Pretty aswell: Layla Rose at Digital Desire and Katherina of The Life Erotic

05 October: Jessie Simmons has sex

Jessie Simmons has sex

When I introduced you to Jessie Simmons a month also I already wrotethat this busty blonde was going to do hardcore for that site. You probably already guessed (or ingnored my text lol) that that monent is there. The shoot is called 'My First XXX'. Technically not true (unless this was shot earlier) as we saw her doing this beforey. But that doesn't really matter does it? Jessie Simmons has sex at Scoreland.   

05 October: Darina of Femjoy

Darina of Femjoy

For some reason I try to start the new week with somebody beautiful and soft. The cute Darina of Femjoy seems like an excellent candidate for that. A nice handful and also her behind look very tasts. I also picked her because she's blonde and so I am appetizer for the post that's coming up next, quite a extraordinary one. So I better start preparing that one!  

04 October: Only Tease school special

Only Tease school special

It was the wonderful debut shoot of Sarah Turner earlier this week, that inspired me to make a special about school uniforms at Only Tease. Since that site is around for a long time and pretty much every model they have, at some point posed in such a uniform, I had plenty of choice. Faith, Iga and Kate Booth from many years are ago are true classics!  

03 October: Gravure idol Anri Sugihara

Gravure idol Anri Sugihara

My posts about Japanese girls always feauture AV-Idols (pornography) but there also is group of so called 'gravure idols', models who pose sexy but never go naked. Well I thought it would be nice for change to give you an example of that style. Here's a compilation of Anri Sugihara.  Too boring for you? How about Shion Utsunomiya having sex at a contruction site then? ... Gallery.  

03 October: Stacey Poole (and Joey)

Stacey Poole (and Joey)

Here we have Stacey Poole in a typical Pinup Files setting, at the pool wearing a sexy bikini that later comes off. I don't know what I can add more to this, than saying it looks very good. What looks even better is Stacey together with Joey Fisher! These British babes appear together in a September edition of Zoo Magazine. Given the love Pinup Files has for models from the UK, I expect Joey to visit the US soon. 

02 October: In the tub with Tiggle Bitties

In the tub with Tiggle Bitties

Last week I showed you the personal website of Tiggle Bitties (formerly known as Destiny S.) - Maybe the comeback of the year? In the meantime I'v been in touch with her and she has all kind of great plans with her site. She also gave me access to her fanclub and I figured I share some of that with you guys... The majestic big boobs of Tiggle Bitties in the tub.  

02 October: Introducing Sadie Spencer

Introducing Sadie Spencer

Sadie Spencer was new to me, when I found her in the member area of Yes Boobs. Strange that I was unware of her as I like her teacher/librarian looks. She actually did a teacher shoot for XL-Girls as that also the site where she made her debut in 2003. Just one shoot and  it took Sadie till 2012 to come back. That was at Plumperpass where she also did her first hardcore. In 2015 she returned at XL-Girls aswell. 

01 October: Sarah Turner of Only Tease

Sarah Turner of Only Tease

Wow what a wonderful exotic beauty. I am talking about British Sarah Turner of Only Tease, who is easily the best looking model to appear at that site since Beth Lily. She welcomes us in her bedroom with a gorgeous smile, wearing her school uniform. And things get even better when she starts unbuttoning her blouse (no bra) and reveals her beautiful big breast! 

01 October: Samantha Lily lapdance

Samantha Lily lapdance

No I never had the ambition or fantasy to be a male talent. I am not afraid to admit to I am not so good under pressure. But this kind of 'job' would by my kind of thing! Imagine having Samantha Lily on top of you swinging her big boobs in front of you face and grabbing them with your hands, Don't tell my this guy is getting paid for this :) Samantha Lily Lapdance.  

01 October: Three times extra large

Three times extra large

Peyton Thomas takes a shower and a male friend joins her. A scenatio like that can only lead thing to one thing right? (I would have asked to soap my back first, ofcourse with her boobs being the sponge).  

Two more extra large models:  Anna Beck taking off her red dress and Renee Ross strips while playing foosball (there's a first time for everything). 

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