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30 November: Linda not a virgin :)

Linda not a virgin :)

Sometimes names of websites are amusing. What to think about 18virginsex ? Lol I know from past experience that Linda (who we know as Busty Ellen) is far from a virgin. But that doesn't mean I can't  appreciate a new naughty adventure of her cause I am a huge fan of her sweet looks big boobs. Ellen (or should I say Linda) may I also compliment you on your sweater :P

30 November: September oiled up

September oiled up

When I look outside through my window snow is falling down. God knows how much I hate winter and cold. But here's September Carrino bringing back the summer into my heart. Seriously she's looks more than fantastic taking off her bikini by the pool and oiling up her majestic big boobs. Some of the best pictures I ever saw from her... Gallery 

30 November: Miriam and Amy

Miriam and Amy

I always liked Miriam aka Lucie Mina too bad she's not that active anymore. So I am glad I found this set of her looking pretty in pink at Boobstudy with a necklace between her beautiful big breasts... Gallery

And over only at Only Tease I found a nice girl next door that's new to me. Her name is Amy and looks great naked!

29 November: Samanta of Karups

Samanta of Karups

I often complain about tattoos, I still am not crazy about them (call me old fashioned) but I do admiut they do make identifying models alot easier. Cause I immediately knew I saw Samanta of Karups before but a name didn't came to my mind. But the little cat footprints on her belly gave her way. This pigtailed hottie is the same as Domenica of DDF Busty!

29 November: Lana Ivans has sex

Lana Ivans has sex

It certainly didn't take Lana Ivans long to go from nude modelling to doing hardcore. In her second scoot for DDF she already goes all the way, it seems to suit her fine pics and clips. And believe it or not over at Scoreland the does the same naughty thing.

Purple is the favourite color of Cassandra.

29 November: Miley of FTV Girls

Miley of FTV Girls

Miley of FTV Girls is not the average girl that cares about pretty dresses and loves to gossip. She describes herself as a tomboy who rather hangs out with guys. But that does mean she can't look feminine, like here posing topless in jeans.  Not incredible topheavy maybe but a suckable firm pair for sure! Looking for a certain model from FTV ? Then check this excellent guide.

28 November: Busty massage sessions

Busty massage sessions
Boobs and massage are two things that go very well together. Mimi Rogers gets a honorable mention for the fantastic performance she did in the movie 'Full Body Massage' (just Google it and thank me later lol). But our own busty friends look pretty impressive aswell can you can see in my selection, whether they are the givers or the receivers doesn´t matter on the outcome... Busty massage sessions

27 November: Mai Uzuki

Mai Uzuki

Ok my friends pack your suitcates cause we're travelling to Japan again. I got a meeting scheduled for you with Mai Uzuki, a women with perfectly shaped big breasts. And as you can see the two men are totally in awe with her aswell. The lucky bastards, clips 01 02 03 04 05. And imagine you are sitting in a bar sipping your drink with Nana Aoyama laying naked in front of you.

27 November: Eshe in a babydoll

Eshe in a babydoll

It's been a while since I visited Big Tits Glamour. And I was happy to find out they had new set of Eshe cause that's my favourite model of that site. Well I wish it was me for who she put that revealing babydoll on (and in a later stage take it off again). Got to love the juiyc curves of this young lady....

Eshe so sweet and sexy in a babydoll

26 November: Sandra Milka bukkake

Sandra Milka bukkake

I guess we all fell in love with Sandra Milka from Spain when I introduced her two weeks ago. Today I have new clip for you of her in bukkake session. Since this is a bit 'too much' for me (but when she enjoys by all means) I kept it rather soft. Just the part where she's getting naked and the group of guys are playing with her big boobs (but the full movie goes way beyond that)... Sandra Milka goes bukkake!

26 November: Danica in the office

Danica in the office

Whenever I can I try to contribute to the casual friday feeling. Today in the office we meet the legendary Danica Collins as a classy and sexy secretary pulling out her big tits four our entertaiment... Gallery. But why do I assume she's the secretary ? She easily aswell can be the one in charge. Why ? Cause the past has taught us that Danice also loves to be dominant :)

26 November: Jane aka Janella

Jane aka Janella

Sensual Jane also goes around by the name of Janella. Like here at Met Art were she looks very seductive in her black corset and stockings.... Gallery. Did you know she can be agressive aswell ? Check her out in a catfight with Madison Parker!

Don't ask me why but Kayla is now called Camerella.

25 November: Nicol of Nubiles

Nicol of Nubiles

We have seen this slender and busty girl from the Czech Republic before as Adrianna of Boobstudy and as Hika of Young Busty (where she also does hardcore). This time at Nubiles she goes by the name of Nicol and looks really hot. We find her in the office where she strips before she starts pleasuring her pussy with a dildo.... Clip and pics: Nicol of Nubiles masturbating

25 November: An Autumn walk with Terri

An Autumn walk with Terri

Autumn is the perfect season to go for a long walk. So let's grab the hand (I said hand!) of Terri Jane and enjoy the colorful leaves together with her. And when you get bored of that Terri has something spectacular to show you aswell :) I also have a clip of her exercising with her huge melons exposed. Want more sweaty girls ? Simply follow the 'workout' tag.

25 November: Daysie from Russia

Daysie from Russia

So yesterday I stumbled a young model from Russia that with her pretty looks you normally would expect on one of the erotic art sites. But for some reason Daysie cause that's her name, ended up doing rather extreme porn instead. I personally prefer a more gentle approach though.  

Feya in the bedroom with her new boyfriend.

24 November: Tess Ellen of Cosmid

Tess Ellen of Cosmid

The good guys of Cosmid keep finding fresh talent for us. This time it's Tess Ellen a 19 years old college student for Maine. In her free time she loves to dance and that's exactly what she's doing for us. Hope you don't mind she takes her shirt off and shows her firm big boobs. I tell you guys this girl is totally my type :P Clip: Tess Ellen of Cosmid dancing topless 

24 November: Topless tourist Laura

Topless tourist Laura

Remember the site 'U Got it Flaunt it' ? They approach young tourists spending their summer holidays at the beaches of Europe and ask them if they are willing to pose topless for the camera. Ofcourse I am mainly interested in the ones with big tits :) We had Kirsty before and now there's another redhead named Laura who takes off her top with together with her girlfriends Danielle. And she got a very fine pair to flaunt wow.

24 November: Micky from Romania

Micky from Romania

I reckon these snapshots of Micky in the kitchen are from a few years back as she got more 'full figured' in the more recent work we saw from her. She looks very sweet and natural in them so I saw no reason to let them collect dust!

Two large ones: Alix Lakehurst as a horny french maid and Charlie Cooper stripping at the pool.

23 November: Amanda Pink

Amanda Pink

It's my pleasure to introduce you to a new busty amateur named Amanda Pink. She's a good friend of other girls we already know Emma O'Neil and Cindy Milley so I consider her a friend of ours already aswell :) Anyway as you can see she's a true girl next door and has some suckable juicy big breasts.  Welcome to the wonderful world of boobs Amanda, hope you stick around for a long time!

23 November: Amelie at Boobstudy

Amelie at Boobstudy

Last week our new busty Latina friend was suddenly called Cidella. But on the third site she appears on, Boobstudy she's Amelie again. Names aren't that important but what's for more interesting is that she making her shirt wet in the backyard.

Eden Mor returns to Scoreland. She lost some weight but don't worry she's still heavily equipped :)

23 November: Jasmine Delatori

Jasmine Delatori

I always found the Italian-American Jasmine Delatori a very sexy model. A shame her career didn't last that long. However Digital Desire had a nice set in stock of her removing her bikini

Cassandra knows how to dress for success for sure and Nina has some suckable pointy jugs.

22 November: Lana Ivans at DDF Busty

Lana Ivans at DDF Busty

If you paid attention last week you have met Lana Ivans from Romania making her debut at Scoreland. Now also DDF Busty has discovered hertalents. And taking a shower indeed seems like a good way to get better acquainted with her and her big boobs.  

'Made in' in Romania aswell: Jasmine Black, Arianna Sinn and Sensual Jane.

22 November: Jenna washes a car

Jenna washes a car

No Jenna Valentine hasn't exactly got a smiley personality, I guess that comes with being an emo type of woman :) I love her and her pale body just the same. Today she's washing a car and stripping in between. It's no like we have a shortage of ladies providing similar services but that doesn't mean we can't use an extra pair of hands (yeah indeed I actually mean a pair of big tits!).

22 November: Giggling college girls

Giggling college girls

Five giggling college girls topless in front of the bathroom mirror. Well I guess a line like that will get your attention lol. It's true we but there are a few issues though. I am talking about the two most busty ones. One is a silcone babe without a question and I have my doubts about the blonde too, but she looks rather stunning either way. So don't shoot me please, it's a nice scene regardless.

22 November: Michelle follows orders

Michelle follows orders

The British army recruited Michelle Marsh to join their forces. Her job is most likely to boost the moral of the soldieres with her mesh top.  And she also has strict orders to take it off... Gallery

Ariel looks beautiful in the morning light and you'll love the rack of this amateur (go to Newbie Nudes for more openmined women).

21 November: Special: Busty Lesbians

Special: Busty Lesbians

I never met a man that didn't like to watch two girls getting it on. Rather strange when you think of it cause how many women would enjoy the same thing with guys ? Anyway in this special the focus is on busty lesbians, preferarbly meetings were both (or in some cases more) the women have big breasts. Enjoy the kissing, touching, licking, dildo-ing and so on. 

20 November: Ringo's bouncing boobs

Ringo's  bouncing boobs

There are some things to do when you're busty that are a guaranteed win. Like bouncing on skippyball for example or pressing your bit tits against glass. Chubby sweetheart from Japan, Ringo Aoyama understood that perfectly.

Want similar entertainment ? Ofcourse you do! Then follow the 'bounce' tag at Juggs Joy.

20 November: Nika unbuttons her blouse

Nika unbuttons her blouse

Nika of Cosmid is not what you can call a headturner. But cute princesses are overrated, I know from personal experience that ordinary girls are way more fun to hang out with. Nika also has an healthy appetite she licks a lollypop and eats a banana and chocolate bar. And while she's snacking she's unbuttoning her blouse. Especially check picture number 8 cause that's a great shot. 

19 November: Louisa exercise nipslip

Louisa exercise nipslip

The last scenes we saw from Louisa at Downblouse Loving were dedicated to her cleaning. She's done with her household duties (for the time being lol) but they are not giving her any rest though. As this time Louisa is doing some exercising on the floor, ofcourse with her boobies slipping out of her top :P You know to hear talk is almost as good as watching her!

19 November: Carmen Croft

Carmen Croft

I just updated my class of 2010 and boy we can call ourselves lucky with all the new big breasts that came into her life this year sofar. Carmen Croft is a newcomer aswell and another representative of Czech's next generation. I have her wet and naked in the shower for you aswell as having sex. Her head seems rather big to me, but hey that's not the only thing being big on her :)

19 November: Sabina such an angel

Sabina such an angel

When I looked at this gallery of Sabina (aka Mika Bodana) I realized again how crazy beautiful she is. So I hope this guy understands how lucky he is having the privilege of fingering her pussy.

More: Nastya an oiled up cutie and the suckable boobies of Sophia Webbber.

18 November: Eekat of Domai wow!

Eekat of Domai wow!

The erotic art site Domai remains a lower profile than many of it's competitors. But it has been active since 1997 and has some amazing busty models in their archives, with Svanhild as my favourite. Well she's (almost) matched by Eekat a new discovery from Russia that will leave you speechless! In many cases Met Art feautures the same girls so let's pray for more soon (and I want more of Katy C too).

18 November: Sensual Jane returns

Sensual Jane returns

Sensual Jane may not be as active as I would like her to be. But on the other hand that makes the experience of meeting her again even more pleasurable. Just like Nicole earlier this week Jane rents an apartment from Mike. And when you're equipped with big boobs like Jane there's no need to talk about money :) Damn a sex session with her equals the rent of a palace if you ask me!

18 November: More Mary Louise Fox

More Mary Louise Fox

From time to time the guy running the site Busty Amateurs sends me a selectionof his content. Then I immediately check the url for the name 'Mary Loise Fox' cause this retired slender blonde is truely something special. Today I (we) get lucky again... Mary naked in the living rooom and giving a blowjob

Erica Campbell was so sweet when she just started.

17 November: Cidella of 18andBusty

Cidella of 18andBusty

Remember Amelie of Total Super Cuties from last week ? I 'complained' we only got one topless shot of her back then (but I admit straight away it was great one). Well she must have read my comments cause here she's (still at the same location) but now in all her naked glory. Enjoy the view of this stunning Latin babe... Cidella of 18andBusty

17 November: Danica wears a corset

Danica wears a corset

How to wear a corset with style ? You can certainly leave that to Danica Collins. Ofcourse she doesn't keep her big tits locked in that cage all the time! With her 45 years she's old enough to be the mom of some of you :) And in case you have similar looking mother please introduce me sometime!

Lana Ivans a new discovery from Romania.

17 November: Milana at the lake

Milana at the lake

We came across this beautiful brunette as Annabelle of Femjoy. Today she's still in nature but left the woods. The lake is her location of choice to show her slender and well proportioned body... Gallery

Hurry up Robyn Alexandra is about to take off her bra and September Carrino is an always welcome guest at my humble site.

16 November: Tasha Cole in motion

Tasha Cole in motion

I still feel a bit guilty that Dayna was a fakie, so I went looking for way to make it up to you :) Think I manged... Cause I am sure you were as excited as I was when we met Tasha Cole of Cosmid two weeks ago. And I tell you those big breasts look even better in motion :P She shows them on a parking lot and tells that she loves touching and licking them herself... Clip of Tasha Cole

16 November: Having a beer with Renee

Having a beer with Renee

Even when you never been to Germany I am sure you've seen pictures from the famous Oktoberfest. And then you know that the women are dressed in classic dresses with deep cleavages. Well as a far I know Renee Ross has no German connection but I am sure they would welcome her with open arms. Isn't there this story that beer makes your breasts bigger ? It seems true afterall :)

16 November: Lauren of Sweetapples

Lauren of Sweetapples

When you say Sweetapples I immediately think of the wonderful Paige. This time I have another self shooter in the bathroom for you a sweet girl next door named  Lauren. Not super busty but you know how I feel about redheads with freckles :)

Fran Gerard a playmate from the late sixites is one of best curvy models I ever saw!

15 November: Leanne and her mirror

Leanne and her mirror

Our lovely friend Leanne Crow returns once more at DDF Busty. This time she takes off her seductive lingerie in front of the mirror. Does she like what she sees ? You never know with women :) All I can see is that when I had a pair of big boobs like her's, I would stare at myself all day long :)

More busty women and their mirrors here

15 November: Kelly the perfect wife

Kelly the perfect wife

Yeah Kelly Madison comes close to being the perfect wife no doubt. She never as an headache, got big tits to worship and even brings home girlfriends for her husband to play with.  And when she´s not busty with sucking or fucking she even finds time for her domestic duties. Like ironing, sweeping the floor or washing the windows (and she's a great cook aswell).

15 November: Nicole Sweet

Nicole Sweet

Sometimes make-up can make it really hard to recognize a girl. So I only found out last week that Nicole of YoungBusty was the same girl we saw before having a very wild foursome (together with Daisy Lee). She goes by the name of Nicole Sweet at other sites like here at Mikes Aparment where she pays the rent using her big breasts and the rest of her body!

15 November: Coming home from work

Coming home from work

Lorna Moran (not to be mistaken with Lorna Morgan) comes home from a stressful day of working in the office. So she gets rid off her business out and pleasures herself cause nothing makes her as relaxed again as an orgasm... Galllery

But ofcourser you can also  take a bath instead like the French sweetie Daria does.

14 November: Busty Duos updated

Busty Duos updated

I just don't make specials I also maintain them. Today I spent some time updating best busty duos (bosom buddies, breast friends as I also like to call them). Please remember that the sessons where a guy joins the fun are listed in the threesomes special. And I also filtered out the lesbian ones (a friendly kiss or touch doesn't count) in anticipation of the lesbian special I am going to bring you next week!

13 November: Japanese Penis Honoring

Japanese Penis Honoring

Through the ages the penis has been honoured and worshipped in Japan. Now we see exactly what this means when this petite Japanese named Konata gives this black guy a full body massage! She may not be the most busty girl from the land of the rising sun, but what a fantastic example of art meets porn.  

And a threesome with Nana Aoyama, 01 02 03.

13 November: Housewife Hettie

Housewife Hettie

Some nice candid snapshots of housewife Hettie who know not only has an impressive cd collection but also an impressive pair of huge hooters. And when you think she looks familiar than you're right cause we've seen this lady around before as Anna Beck.

And talking about housewives Curvy Claire from the UK is a very hospitable one.

12 November: Sandra Milka from Spain

Sandra Milka from Spain

Prepare yourself for another stunning amateur from the Spanish site Putalocura. Sandra Milk is a sexy brunette from Barcelona and this is her first sex scene ever. The start of the clip is so funny when that senior citizen is checking her out. And it goes from funny to fucking hot when Sandra shows her pointy big boobs, gives head and rides on top (what a view is that my boobloving friends wow!). 

12 November: Terri takes off her dress

Terri takes off her dress

I hope I don't offend you Terri when I say that that black and white dress doesn't look good on you. It actually hurts my eyes. You're right the best thing to do is to take the damn thing off. Trust me you look much better that way. And there's also no reason to cover your pussy with your hands, seriously the eyes of everyone that sees you naked will stay focussed on the upper half of your body :).

12 November: Pigtailed Paloma

Pigtailed Paloma

We know this curvylicious blue eyed girl as Paloma aka Mia and she appears at several erotic art sites. Doesn't she look cute with her pigtails posing all naked behind her house ?

Monika looks divine as an angel in white, Katie Fey eating strawberries and redhead girlscout Charlie wants to sell you her cookies.

11 November: Haley has steamy sex

Haley has steamy sex

Haley Cummings bounces back to the site where she appeared first, Big Naturals. By now I don't think I have to tell you that watching her juicy big tits in action is some of the best porn has to offer. Did you know Haley has been married for a while ? Can you believe her husband doesn't mind her being banged by others ? I personally would lock her inside my bedroom and throw the key away :) 

11 November: Dana of Met Art

Dana of Met Art

Now Dana of Met Art is the kind of girl that makes me instantly write love poems about. This innocent looking angel got the most beautiful and firm big breasts. And the necklace she's wears makes sure you eyes go in the right direction (no that is needed lol).

You can get lost in the cleavage of Southern Brooke.

11 November: Louisa the sexy nerd

Louisa the sexy nerd

First of all I owe you guys an apology cause yesterday's Dayna has fake boobs. I am sorry about that, but if you still interested in her, she also does hardcore as Dayna Vendetta.

Thank god I don't have to worry about Louisa Lockhart being natural. Enjoy her as sexy nerd with glasses unbuttoning her white blouse... Gallery

10 November: Dayna of Cosmid

Dayna of Cosmid

Last week's Tasha 'Superwoman' Cole had me stunned so I overlooked another girl Cosmid added recently. And that doesn't do justice to Dayna cause she's looking incredible sweet and innocent with her cute face, smile and juicy curves. It's a pleasure to watch her undress... Dayna of Cosmid. She looks like the blonde version of Selena Castro who had great fun at this very wild party, pics and clip.

10 November: More of a wet Lillian

More of a wet Lillian

About two weeks ago I already showed you the amazing clip of Lillian Faye making her shirt and big boobs wet in the shower. Well since you can never have enough Lillian in your life, I deciced to share the matching pictures of her shower session aswell. I expect no complaints and if get them anyway I will delete them without even reading :)

10 November: Josephine James

Josephine James

This morning I have another mature British performer for you, Josephine James. She's the kind of chesty housewife that you wish you was your neighbour (always willing to borrow you a cup of sugar if you know that I mean). Anyways we find her mastubating in the bedroom of Anilos. More matures in motion: a wake-up call for Kelly Madison and the private morning ritual of Natalie Fiore looks great.

09 November: Just Danica

Just Danica

The busty model that is active for the longest time must be Danica Collins (showing her goodies since 1983). Makes you wonder why she only got her personal website just recently. In any case this mature British lady fully deserves one. In this gallery she just came out of the shower and takes good care of her body... Just Danica lotions her big tits

09 November: Amelie and Katya

Amelie and Katya

The only complaint I have is that Amelie of Total Super Cuties only flashes her big tits in one picture. But than one picture is a very impressive one when she lifts up her tank top and reveals the wonderful treasure she got from mother nature.  

And another exotic suprise is Katya of Explicite who came all the way from Cuba.

09 November: The return of Saskia

The return of Saskia

I had a little crush on erotic art model Saskia aka Sasha years ago. But in the last year she has been out of the spotlights. Does this new set mean she's back into posing or is it an older shoot only being published now ? I don't know but I count my blessings.

Seen the leaked snaphots of celeb Kat Dennings ? Oh my god what a talented actress she is!

08 November: Sexy Venera at the pool

Sexy Venera at the pool

It's my pleasure to bring you the second set of the greek goddess Sexy Verena of DDF Busty. We find her at the swimmingpool where she takes off her black bikini, which brings back the summer in my heart :) Geez my friends just check how fragile those shoulder are, it's a miracle that boobs like are attached to such a petite woman.

08 November: Violet Palmer

Violet Palmer

In case perky college girls are not really your cup of tea, I have Violet Palmer of Divine Breasts for you. This curvy amateur is equipped with a pair of heavy hangers which she releases from what I believe is a nursing bra. Plenty to suck on for sure :P Scoreland has a new heavy chested housewife, Dolly Parton look-a-like Kelly Christiansen (but I have my doubts about her being a natural).

08 November: College lapdance

College lapdance

These college boys and girls are playing an twisted edition of the wheel of fortune. Where faith chooses the kind of sexual orientated activity they must perform. Well the total sweetheart you see the in the thumb must do topless lapdance. Oh boy are those wonderful firm big breast or what I hope that guy realizes they he got the jackpot!

08 November: Haley and Demi

Haley and Demi

Haley Cummings usually strips naked when she's about to have sex and not just to look pretty. Her most noticeable softcore shoot was for FTV Girls and today she repeats this trick for Digital Desire

Demi Scott has gone from blonde to brunette but she hasn't changed her habbit of losing her clothes.

07 November: Big boobs from Germany

Big boobs from Germany

Three legendary busty models are German, Bettie Ballhaus, Nadine Jansen and Chloe Vevrier.  That could lead to conclusion that Germany is an important source for boobs. Well it's not bad but it still was rather difficult to find 15 of them. So come on German ladies you can do better that, I visited your country  so I know from personal experience there's plenty of talent walking around.... Big Boobs from Germany

06 November: Chichi Asada

Chichi Asada

In today's Japanese contribution we meet a lady that we haven't seen before. I don't think you will easily forget Chici Asada. Cause this girl is not only blessed with an impressive set of big tits, she also knows hot use them and gives a very entertaining show.

Japanese nurses provide the best care 01 02 03 

06 November: Zoe Samms

Zoe Samms

Zoe Samms is the kind of woman that you probably wouldn't notice if you saw her walking on the street. But when she takes off her clothes your jaw will drop. Don't bother looking for more of this slender amateur though, she only was active at Scoreland during a short period in 2000. I hope you're doing well Zoe wherever you are. Oh yes the other lady's name is Tina.

05 November: Kim's underboob cleavage

Kim's underboob cleavage

The crew of Downblouse Loving finds great pleasure in letting their models do all kind of household activities (and I can only agree with them). The most recent was Louisa Lockhart cleaning her window. But also their other star model, the divine Kim must work hard. So here she's in the bathroom wearing a lowcut shirt that gives us a highly impressive underboob cleavage. I would marry her on the spot!

05 November: Terri Jane meets Robyn

Terri Jane meets Robyn

The promo pictures I have are non-nude but I still wanted you inform you about an interesting meeting that took place this week. Terri Jane and Robyn Alexandra are with fun with have fun with the cream, a plate of strawberries and eachother's boobs.

Italian 80's comedies are known for their great busty actresses, like this lady who gets stripped by a ghost.

04 November: Charlie Cooper carwash

Charlie Cooper carwash

Best new chubby discovery of the year is in my opinion Charlie Cooper. This short and stacked lady got the most friendly face and mindblowing big boobs. So 20$ for a wet-shirt carwash seems like an offer you can't refuse :) And when Charlie likes you get sex as a bonus (if you can handle her that is).

Plenty of reason to update the carwash special today.

04 November: Paula on the casting couch

Paula on the casting couch

Remember the adorable Paula we saw at FTV Girls in August 2010 ? Well it tuns out she also did a hardcore shoot for Backroom Casting Couch and that's what I call a pleasant suprise. Cause she's such an extremely likeable girl... sweet as candy, suckable big breasts, cute, beautiful eyes etc.  And she also was present at one of the crazy college parties of Dare Dorm.

04 November: Natalie Fiore in bath

Natalie Fiore in bath

My favourite mature from France invites us into her bahtroom. And we are allowed to watch her while she soaps her incredible juicy body. That's the kind of invitation you simply can't turn down right ? I have a towel ready to dry you off Natalie... Gallery

More good times in the bahtroom when Louisa Lockhart lotions her boobies in the shower. 

03 November: Nicole of Young Busty

Nicole of Young Busty

We got introduced to Nicole when she did a steamy lesbian scene with Shione. I loved her straight away not as huge chested as Shione maybe but still blessed with firm big breasts and not to forget lovely natural looks. Today she has traded a woman for a man to keep her company. But the rest stayed the same, she's still outdoors and still wants to play naughty games... Nicole of Young Busty has sex

03 November: Daisy and Paola

Daisy and Paola

I can't get enough of the sweet amateur Daisy of Busty Teens. She takes off her blouse, bra, jeans and panties untill she's only wearing her sneakers. I am not sure if that's the most elegant thing to do but hey who cares about shoes with a body like that!

The always entertaining Paola Rios makes her white tanktop wet in her bedroom.

03 November: Black beauty Deserea

Black beauty Deserea

One of the most beautiful black girls makes another stunning appearance. I can sure picture myself with her on a deserted tropical Island living on coconuts and skinnydipping in the waves. Yeah and that was the moment I woke up.... Gallery

Ariel's perfect body shot from every angle and Mandy Dee posing naked on a swing for Femjoy.

02 November: Tasha 'Superwoman' Cole

Tasha 'Superwoman' Cole

I visited Cosmid this morning and got swept off my feet. Cause there was newcomer Tasha Cole wearing a superwoman outfit. And she couldn't have picked a better outfit cause that's exactly what she is. Hidden under that 'S' is an beautiful pair of big boobs who she presents to us with the sweetest smile. Thank you so much honey you made my day. Don't miss this on my friends... Tasha 'Superwoman' Cole of Cosmid

02 November: Spying on Daisy Lee

Spying on Daisy Lee

Karina Hart look-a-like Daisy Lee brought her new lover to a quiet place somewhere in nature. She thought it would be the perfect spot to have sex. But she's wrong cause there are wide hidden behind the bushes spying on her and wondering why she prefers some stupid stud over us!

I would love to have Ashley as my pet.

02 November: Busen from Berlin

Busen from Berlin

I do realize Berlin in pretty big city but hey maybe you recognize this lady as your neighbour :) She prefers to remain anonymous but has no problem sharing her big tits with the world. And in case you wonder busen is german for breasts.

And the huge rack of mature Diana of Divine Breasts looks so great braless in her shirt.

01 November: Jasmine working out

Jasmine working out

We've met busty Latina on several occasions. This time she's working out in the gym together with her personal trainer. As you may have guessed things go out control pretty soon. Ah well you burn calories when having sex aswell :) One serious thing though Jasmine, that tattoo on your boobs has to go. Boobs are for many things but not for painting (unless you can wash it off ofcourse!). 

01 November: Lisa Neils such a beauty

Lisa Neils such a beauty

From California comes blonde stunner Lisa Neils looks more than beautiful taking off her lingerie and revealing her big breasts on the couch of Digital Desire. Did you know that she did hardcore once (which makes it extra special) at Amateur Allure ?

And two late Halloween witches came flying in Shione Cooper and Kelly Madison.

01 November: Valetina nude in nature

Valetina nude in nature

The first guest of the new month is one of the most skinny busty models that I know, the breakable Valetina. She spent a day all naked in nature and Domai made a report of that. And Ialso have her dropping her bathrobe for Karups.

And from that same site comes girls next door Alice who looks very cute wearing her glasses.

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