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28 February: Story - Chasing Amanda

Story - Chasing Amanda

A few years ago I used to give you busty stories. For some reason I've neglected this part of my site. When guy named Rocky mailed me the tale of how he met his wife Amanda, I said to myself hey let's bring the stories back to life. So start submitting my fellow booblovers! And the girl in the thumb is Charley Green.

28 February: Hot mom Alia Janine

Hot mom Alia Janine

How come none of my friends have such a hot mom like Alia Janine. I am sure we would get along great, as I can appreciate a fine pair of mature boobiers :P Anyways some guy got lucky and has the pleasure of spending some quality time with her on the couch... Alia Janine at Naughty America, pics and clip.

27 February: Dors with cum on her boobs

Dors with cum on her boobs

Not it's not yoghurt or lotion Dors Feline is licking off her big boobs. It's actual home made cum :P Yes she dediced to share some intimate moments she had with her boyfriend. Quite a nice suprise for the weekend! We only get to see the forplay and the happy end though, but it's a start! Dors Feline's cum covered boobs

27 February: Back to school with Rio

Back to school with Rio

Rio Hamasaki as a teacher was one of my favourite moment of this Japanese goddess ever. Ofcourse it's all to be good too be true to get educated by such a lady but there's nothing wrong with a fantasy right ? A few more clips of her classroom adventures here  01 02 03. Innocent Turara Tac shows her suckable puppies 

26 February: Natasha in the shower

Natasha in the shower

Just because a girl is gone for long doesn't mean I forget about her. This clip of Nata from Russia is of my personal highlights in boobs history. So when I found her taking a shower as Natasha at Karups I didn't think twice about posting. What an amazing pair of natural big breasts yummy :P

26 February: Sexy Video Casting

Sexy Video Casting

From the crew of DDF Busty comes a new site called Sexy Video Casting. It feautures the first time their models took off their clothes in front of the camera. A good ideal. Katerina Konec, Marketa (Wendy White) and Cassandra are three legendary ladies that you can watch there (among many others).  Clips: 01 02 03

26 February: Katrin the popular girl

Katrin the popular girl

You should immediately recognize these big tits as being from Katrin Kozy because she most popular girl on Busty Legends will almost 900k of visits. Anyways she's looks smashing again nude in the tub... Gallery

Squash never looked better than here (I believe it's an old clip of Ashley Robbins).

25 February: Lorena of I Want Latina

Lorena of I Want Latina

I stubmled upon a site with Brazlian girls going down and dirty. I clicked around a bit a noticed quite a few eyecathers there. Like Lorena having sex in the garden. The clip gets really good 1.28 when we see her big breasts jiggling :P And the fun isn't over yet, also check out two other busty Latina's: Alessandra and Dana.

25 February: Renee Ross and Joanna Bliss

Renee Ross and Joanna Bliss

After two medium sized girls it's time for some serious big boobs. Renee Ross seems likes the right girl for the job don't you think ? She's definitely on her way to be the next Samantha Anderson.

Joanna Bliss from Romania cleans her ripe melons in the shower of DDF Busty

25 February: Tess of FTV Girls

Tess of FTV Girls

Ok I first had my doubts if sweet blonde Tess of FTV Girls was busty enough to deserve this post. But as you can see I decided to be generous. It's not like anyone of you would kick her out of the bedroom anyway :) Plus there's a hardcore on this girl, she did lots of dirty shoots going by the name of Tessa Taylor.

25 February: Playmate Sarah Ashley

Playmate Sarah Ashley

Say hell to blonde Playmate Sarah Ashley posing naked on high heels in the backyard of Playboy... Gallery

Lol here's some minimalistic clothing... Melisa's bodystocking keep her best parts uncovered and  Zuzana in the smallest bikini string you ever saw!

24 February: Welcome Cindy White

Welcome Cindy White

Looks like we're going to need a bigger room for the Class of 2010 cause the debutantes keep coming in. That's a a luxury problem ofcourse, as the more the merrier never more true :) So feel very welcome to enter Cindy White of 18andBusty (she's really a small girl by the way, 5'0 and barelly 100 pounds).

24 February: Karla James and Malibu

Karla James and Malibu

Back with more pics of Scoreland's new favourite Karla James. The vest she wears is barely covering her over developed chest. So it makes perfect sense to unbutton it instead...  Gallery

And then we have another huge chested young lady from Britain, Malibu Candi.

24 February: Cheron enjoys the view

Cheron enjoys the view

Here's Cheron during a walk in nature. When she's take a rest and enjoys the view, Cheron pulls up her red sweater and lets the fresh air touch her enormous big tits (the necklace is the finishing touch).

Swinging mom Alix Lakehurt in the jungle and sex in her bedroom.

23 February: Brooke Max amazing find!

Brooke Max amazing find!

Sometimes you get lucky! I never heard of the site The Red Chair untill the webmaster emailed me yesterday telling me he's a fellow boobs lover and I should check out his site. And boy am I glad I did cause otherwhise I wouldn't have met Brooke Max, a pretty girl with fantastic curves. Don't miss this great discovery my friends.

23 February: Two clips of Ludmila

Two clips of Ludmila

It isn't easy to find content of the petite Rusian girl Ludmila, but she's worth every hour I've put into her. I got two new clips for you. The first one is a great candid clip of her taking a shower. And the second one features her lucky  boyfriend sucking on those pointy big breasts before entering her wet pussy.

23 February: Susann and Christy Marks

Susann and Christy Marks

Whenever I am spending a day at the countryside I only see cows, muds and old people. So tell me where the gorgeous farmers daughter Susann is living :)

Christy Marks gets a massage from her girlfriends. This took place during the event I called big boobs paradise.

22 February: Bella at Freaks of Boobs

Bella at Freaks of Boobs

Oh yeah yet another new site where Bella Blaze goes wild, this time at Freaks of Boobs. Some nice pictures here, but the real action happens in the following clips: 01. Wrapping her big breasts around a cock 02. And getting banged on the couch. Didn't I tell you right from the start she would become a super star ?

22 February: Busty Marilyn Scott

Busty Marilyn Scott

Former blonde bombshell Marilyn Scott from Texas had another wild adventure. Would you like to see some clips of that?

22 February: Deserea a black angel

Deserea a black angel

My personal top 3 of most beautiful black girls looks like this of 01. Love4dream 02. Gia LaShay 03. Tyra Moore but right after this legendary trio comes the rather unknown Deserea who only posed for Met Art and Domai as far as I know. And I also am a huge fan of the big boobs of these two one-hit-wonders.... Sandy and Shanti.

21 February: Busty Legends 600 profiles

Busty Legends 600 profiles

I doubt there are many of you that never visited Busty Legends as it's an important part of my big boobs network.  But I just finished profile number 600 and whenever I reach such a milestone I feel like celebrating it with you. So excuse this shamless way of self advertsing :)

20 February: Who wants some Whisky ?

Who wants some Whisky ?

I can't offer you a drink to celebrate the weekend, but I do have some incredible sexy pictures of Whisky from Burning Angel. And may I also remind you of that other busty angel on fire, January.

And I found out that Jenna Valetine previously appeared on Gods Girls.

19 February: Skye of Amateur Facials

Skye of Amateur Facials

Why on earth didn't I know about Skye of Amateur Facials earlier ? This busty blonde amateur from Buffalo has been giving blowjobs and getting facials since 2004. Well beter late than never as I absolutely adore her true amateur looks and dirty mind. I am so glad I found her and I've been watching her movies all morning.

19 February: Mature Carrie Moon

Mature Carrie Moon

Let me introduce you to Carrie Moon (born 1964)  a mature lady from Ottowa, Canada where she works as an escort. She made her debut in porn when she was 42 (!) and I am glad she did cause Carrie really seems to enjoy what she's doing. And British Dani Amour could be her daughter, they are both addicted to sex.

19 February: Perfect to me Brooke

Perfect to me Brooke

It's not the first time I tell you that perfection is overrated. Real girls is what gets me truely exicted, they may not be perfect but they are to me. Today only those type of models. Nadia, Tori and Alexia Rae are a few recent examples of what I mean and ofcoure Cosmid's Brooke and her big boobs qualify aswell.

18 February: Jazmyn three strikes

Jazmyn three strikes

The triology of Jazymn is complete (all good things come in threes). We've seen her at Tugjobs, Backroom Milf and now at Big Tits Round Asses a site, considering her bosom, she belongs best. Needless to tell you she's looking smoking hot again. And I suddenly I saw how much she looks like Paola Rios doing hardcore!

18 February: Clair, Ashley and Samantha

Clair, Ashley and Samantha

The lovely Clair Meek is going on a date so she's dressed to impress, but before leaving her house she gives us a peek at her big breasts. It's appreciated!

Dream of Ashley releases her melons out of her red corset and Samantha Anderson is always in the mood for something big.

18 February: Alana Soares

Alana Soares

Another classic pinup from eighties Alana Soares. Damn what a sensual sweetheart she is (was) makes you wonder why Playboy ever stopped paying attention to real curves. Talking about curves, Gigi is from a few years back but she's a classic of our modern times. And Brittany Bod strips in the bedroom of Twistys.

17 February: Demi Scott in the bathroom

Demi Scott in the bathroom

Demi Scott has showed her assets for quite a bunch of sites, but Boobstudy remains her true home. There she made her debut and they have an impressive number of sets of Demi in their archives. And this shootis probably one of her best ever... Demi Scott in her bathroom

17 February: Bella Blaze sex for Score

Bella Blaze sex for Score

Only around for a few months but Bella Blaze already gained a legendary reputation for bouncy hardcore. Sofar she only showed her skills for Big Naturals but that's changing now, as I found about the adventure she had at Scorevideos... Enjoy Bella in this new and wild performance.

17 February: Sofi on the rocks

Sofi on the rocks

Those rocks don't seem to be the most comfortable place to pose naked. But that doesn't stop the gorgeous Sofi, who would make a great mermaid... Gallery

A sweet Asian doll takes off her black bra and reveals her firm bosom.

16 February: Jenna Valentine

Jenna Valentine

Scoreland is really pumping them out lately, Bebe Cooper and Karla James were two great additions to the boob world. And today they bring us Jenna Valentine, a stacked young lady from L.A, with a beautiful snow white skin and mindblowing big boobs. Loving the sweater aswell!

16 February: Miss Intrigue lets them swing

Miss Intrigue lets them swing

Wow it's so great to watch the big breasts of Miss Intrigue swinging while her hubby is giving her some doggy style loving from behind. What a glorious pair it is.... Clip

Like fishnet outfits ? Sapphire will make your day over at Topheavy Amateurs.

16 February: Katy a bit weird

Katy a bit weird

Don't ask me what Katy (better known as Edda) is doing here, cause I got no clue at all. A rain dance maybe, but who really cares this young lady got one of the best bodies and boobs out there... Gallery

Jenny McClain getting nude with a blonde friend and topheavy emo chick

15 February: New hardcore with Shione

New hardcore with Shione

In the first week of this year we saw Shione go hardcore for the first time at Young Busty. Which was a great thing for numerous reason, but most of all because she turned out to be really wild one! And today we see those big tits bounce again in a new sex adventure. This time in the bedroom of DDF Busty, pics and clips.

15 February: The smile of Louisa

The smile of Louisa

I've been in love with Louisa Lockhart since they first day I saw her. She got an unique look and seems a very friendly girl overall. Just look at that smile when she takes off her clothes at the couch of 18 and Busty.

And Louisa alo started submitting sexy clips that she films herself to Cosmid

15 February: Meet Hillary Hooterz

Meet Hillary Hooterz

Hillary Hooterz is a chubby young lady from California with a high sex drive. As often is the case with larger women you think they are older than they actually are, for example Hillary was only born in 1989. She has been doing porn since the summer of 2009 and she seems to like her job as she's a very busy lady.

15 February: Gabrielle, Angele and Brooke

Gabrielle, Angele and Brooke

I am not too crazy about her face but the body of exotic babe Gabriella is quite piece of work. I can picture her walking at the beaches of Brazil and get lots of attention!

And how about the lovely firm ones of Angele ? And I love that striped dress Southern Brooke is wearing!

14 February: The class of 2010

The class of 2010

Ok this did the thing in 2008 and 2009 so ofcourse I will also keep you updated about the girls that shared their big breasts with the world for the first time in 2010. I am always a bit nervous about since you never know if the boobs will be as good in the previous years. But sofar so good... meet the class of 2010

14 February: Beach boobies

Beach boobies

Last sunday when I presented you my snow special I told you how much I hate winter. Well I must have pissed off the weather gods cause even more cold and snow was the result :) But today I hit back with a lovely compilation of boobies on the topless beach. This is also a good one for the lovers of tanlines.

13 February: Hotel maid Victoria Lane

Hotel maid Victoria Lane

I noticed I never you any follow-up after introducing Victoria Lane. She was a teacher back then and now she's a hotel maid. Chubby but firm that describes her well or a a whole lotta woman if you prefer! And you guys seemed to really like the milky big boobs of Bebe Cooper, this how they look in motion!

13 February: Slippery sex in Japan

Slippery sex in Japan

Japanese girls on saturday is growing into a nice tradition and I see no reason to stop with this at all. Today we're going to experiece a bathroom session with Moka. Smart thing to lay down a floating bed bathroom floors can be hard :) Clips: 01 02 03 and her friend Minori Hatsune does the same thing, clips: 01 02 03   

12 February: Karla James

Karla James

The guys of Scoreland are very excited about their latest discovery and they have every reason to cause it's not daily that a new girl with a pair of 34G big tits makes her debut. Karla James is coming from England, and I said it before British rain makes boobies grow so well :) Enjoy her bursting out of her bikini... Karla James of Scoreland

12 February: Lada of Busty Teens

Lada of Busty Teens

Last time I asked no one of you seemed to be able to help me with identifying those rare girls from Busty Teens. So I repeat, if do you know more about Naomi, Alice or Melody please get in touch with me. And to increase the confusion I'll add Lada to the list :) My instincts tell me those shoot are few years old, so that probaly doesn't help with tracing them. Ah well...

12 February: Sensual Anna from Poland

Sensual Anna from Poland

Anna is a sensual 'n slender brunette from Poland. The pictures of her in front of the mirror made her world famous. And yes I must agree that was a spectacular shoot. This time Anna is posing naked on high heels... Gallery

Taylor Vixen dropping her clothes piece by piece outdoors for Aziani

11 February: Jazmyn back to impress

Jazmyn back to impress

If you have didn't see Jazmyn the first time you missed a glorious pair of mature big boobs. But no worries she's back for a second visit. And not only she's crazy hot but also very dirty minded. Make sure to press play on the flash player aswell :) Jazmyn in the office of Backroom Milf (Viva Puero Rico, tetas grandes ole!)

11 February: Soaped up Abi Louise

Soaped up Abi Louise

With all the new girls it happens that I don't give everyone enough attention. Sure I've shown you Abi Louise before, but I never fully realized she had such good looking big breasts untill I saw her in the shower with plenty of soap. Bonus: Tyra Moore may be retired for a while but it still doesn't hurt seeing her in action every once in a while.

11 February: Sexy Nurse Michelle

Sexy Nurse Michelle

Michelle Monaghan switches professions like other people change their underwear. So one day she's a teacher and the next day she's a nurse. We had quite few nice nurses coming by already, but Michelle is an excellent addition.

Sexy Nurse Michelle Monaghan

10 February: Lana with two guys

Lana with two guys

Last time we saw busty teen Lana she was having sex with her boyfriend. He's present again this time but he invited a friend aswell a thing that Lana doesn't seem to mind, on the contrary :) But for some reason he leaves in the middle of their session. Jealousy ? Who knows...  Lana of Teendorf with two guys

10 February: Gia LaShay is a goddess

Gia LaShay is a goddess

Let's us all take a moment to worship the incredible looking Gia LaShay in most likely one of her best sets ever. The last thing I heard about Gia is that she left us for mainstream modelling and acting, but I never saw much happening. So what do you say honey ? Want to make a come-back ? You'll make millions of men happy!

10 February: Dawn behind a fence

Dawn behind a fence

The only thing that is missing is a little sign with 'don't feed Dawn' on it :)  Apart from that this a highly creative shoot from our Canadian friend Dawn Allison.

Life is dangerous in the jungle with wild mamazons like Kali West , Daylene Rio and Alia Janine hunting for men!

10 February: Lorna at the pool

Lorna at the pool

When I posted this stunning clip recently I already paid homage to Lorna Morgan and the beauty of her body. Well her big boobs are looking so suckable again in this gallery where she's pulls up her blue bikini by the pool. She's the kind of friendly neighbour we all dream of isn't she ?

09 February: Halie James a busty comedian

Halie James a busty comedian

Now this in an interesting story. Hailie James a sexy short brunette with big tits used to be a comedian going by the name of Marisa Bella. But since late 2009 she joined the wonderful world of porn. I first spotted her at Big Naturals together with Maggie Green. The last weeks more wild content appeared like here at Cruelty Party and more links in her BL profile.  

09 February: Kelley as a cheerleader

Kelley as a cheerleader

Sofar the group containing Edo, Christy Marks, Katerina and Jenna Doll formed my favourite busty cheerleaders. Today I receiced this application from Kelley Scarlett. So what do you guys say ? Shall we let her become a member of the squad ? Ofcourse! There's plenty of space in our unisex locker room :)

09 February: Ashley at the riverside

Ashley at the riverside

I sometimes wonder if Femjoy built cabins in the woods where their models live, cause so many shoots of them take place in nature. Like Ashley here at the riverside.

Karen Price a classic pinup from the early 80's and an ebony amateur with firm big breasts making self portraits at her home.

08 February: Fun with water pistols

Fun with water pistols

Over the past year Carol and Janette (aka westy) have developed an intimate friendship. We have seen them play golf together but also doing bizarre fetish games. Today they are in a more playful mood though  and spray eachother all wet with water pistols (and ofcourse the shirts come off then).

08 February: Bebe Cooper the milk maid

Bebe Cooper the milk maid

I never really understood the fascination of guys for lactating boobs (I guess they suffer from a mother complex lol). But hey this site isn't all about me and I know some of you are truely crazy about it like my pal from XX-Cel for example. Well newcomer Bebe Cooper has plenty to spray around with believe me :)

08 February: Dressed to impress

Dressed to impress

If it Cassey idea to impress us with that sexy black outfit I can guarantee her that her mission is accomplished :) But she equally impresses when taking it off again!

Yurizan is looking for a date on Valentine's day. Any of you guys interested ?

08 February: Titania and Katya

Titania and Katya

Sizzling hot redhead Titania Lyn is getting naked on the floor of her apartment. And trust me that's something you want to see.

She was a bit odd looking but still I miss Katya aka Anastasia being around. Watch her strip nude in the hallway here.

07 February: Big boobs in the snow

Big boobs in the snow

Seriously I hate winters, nothing to enjoy on the streets, the beaches and swimming pools are empty. Only two things make winters more or less bearable, one thing are sweaters and the other thing are the brave women who regardless of the cold flash their boobies outdoors. To them this snow special is dedicated, thanks ladies!

07 February: The glass table of Dors

The glass table of Dors

We recently covered big tits pressed against the glass of the shower cabin in a special. But there's another category along the same line aswell, boobs pressed on a glass table. Dors Feline is kind enough to give you a tutorial :) And also Mika BodanaKatrin Kozy, Nelli Roono and Dominno have done this thing before.

06 February: Nun Anorei Collins

Nun Anorei Collins

If hell exisits I am going to it no doubt :) But I am not too worried cause the only god I believe in is the god of big boobs. We had two busty ones before Wifey and Kelly Madison. Today we can add the extra large hooters Anorei Collins to the list who puts a cross between her enormous naturals.  

06 February: Rio Hamasaki

Rio Hamasaki

No offence to all those other Japanese women cause they bring us great entertainment.  But Rio Hamasaki is a league of her own so I am really glad to present you a bunch of new clips of this angel from the far east 01 02 03 04

And rough hardcore with Reiko 01 02

05 February: January of Burning Angel

January of Burning Angel

I browsed around a bit on the site Burning Angel looking for new talent. And that's how I met January a 25 years old alternative amateur from New York. I adore that firm body and her juicy big breasts and when I watched a few of her sex movies I was totally hooked. Going to to the tattoo shop right now she might fancy me then... January of Burning Angel 

05 February: Busty nerd at Dare Dorm

Busty nerd at Dare Dorm

Remember Dare Dorm the site where college students get cash in exchange for sending in their naughty adventures ? In a recent episode there was this nerdy looking girl with big tits and glasses. You should know by now I am sucker for that type :) And it sure looks like she enjoyed herself doesn't it ? ... A busty nerd at Dare Dorm

05 February: A massage for Muriel

A massage for Muriel

Not only male strippers have a job to envy. What to think about this masseur having the pleasure to 'work' with Muriel ?

Gorgeous Kameliya naked in the waves and Brandon Areana popped up at another sextape site (exactly like when we first met her), clips: 01 02 03 

04 February: Denisa Fione

Denisa Fione

Say hello to an interesting newcomer from the Czech Republic going by the name of Denisa Fione. In this first meeting she pulls down her red corset so we get acquainted with her boobs (clips of this session here). She does remind me of Dominno from who I have some new pictures aswell.

04 February: A radar for big boobs

A radar for big boobs

Seems like the male strippers of Party Hardcore have good developped radar for big boobs. In the previous weeks we already saw two cheerful blondes 01 02. Today the fun continues with two more young ladies who don't mind having their boobies grabbed and licked. Can you believe the guys are getting paid for this?

04 February: Chubby Report 13

Chubby Report 13

01. Topheavy blonde Cynthia Flowers does her first hardcore scene at Scoreland, and her soft coruves are a guarantee for good loving. 02. Scarlett Rouge in oiled up wild action at Plumperpass 03. And curvalicious newcomer Anna Kay shares her heavy hooters with a kind smile, pics and clips.

03 February: Alexia Rae does it again

Alexia Rae does it again

Jenna Doll is one of my all time favourites, sadly she left us way too soon. But I think Alexia Rae is a worthy successor, she has the same not perfec but oh so hot looks and ofcourse an equally floppy pair of jugs. And both of them don't say no to hardcore aswell, like Alexia shows once more this time for Big Tits Round Asses.

03 February: Erica of Cosmid

Erica of Cosmid

A teasing shot can sometimes be as a good as a full frontal topless one. Don't you love that green seethrough shirt Erica of Cosmid is wearing ? And in case you're curious how her boobies look go here.

A busty girl doing her gymasstic naked with the help of her female coach 01 02 03

03 February: Nadia now I remember!

Nadia now I remember!

And suddenly I had moment of clarity and remembered that Nadia of Scoreland looked familiar. And indeed we saw her during Xmas 2008 going hardcore at Busty Britian, pics and clips. Yes she looks slightly different but those pale big breasts don't lie :)  I love it when mystery girls come back just like happened with Eshe.

03 February: Simi looks stunning

Simi looks stunning

Don't be mistaken Simi can be really naughty girl. You almost won't expect that when you see how stunning she looks in this gallery of Digital Desire.

Slender angel Nastya posing naked on a motorbike and another amazing cleavage of Christina Hendricks at the Grammy's.

02 February: Charley and Brook showering

Charley and Brook showering

Prepare yourself for a great big boobs suprise. I thought we never would get a better British duo than Louisa and Demi, but today Boobstudy makes me doubt about that. Cause Charley Green and Brook Little are breathtaking aswell, but you know what ? I don't have to choose I pick both of them, eh I mean all four :)

02 February: Jogging with Sophie Mei

Jogging with Sophie Mei

Our good friend Sophie Mei looks wonderful jogging in nature. And the view even improves when she continues her run with a top... Gallery. I can imagine how great this must look in motion :P I don't have that for you sadly, but I do have some previous runners to ease the pain: Bella Blaze | Angela White | Becky aka Gianna

02 February: Laura Love I miss you

Laura Love I miss you

The porn career of Laura Love was short but the left quite an impression, I consiser her as one of the best busty blondes ever. I stumbled upon a nice gallery of her that I haven't seen before. I miss you sweetie!

Remember Latina Daicy ? I spotted her going dirty at Bikini Nut, pics and clips.

01 February: Natasha Dulce cleaning

Natasha Dulce cleaning

Natasah Dulce must be the cleaning girl of choice for every booblover as she uses her juicy big tits to scrub the floor and wash the windows. And when all the work is done she even pleases her employer, what a girl she's worth every dollar of her wage

And all of this looks even better in motion.

01 February: Rachel in the kitchen

Rachel in the kitchen

Back with more early career shots of Rachel (now Ashley of Femjoy). This time taking her clothes off in the kitchen.

Sure Emily's Dream is a huge tease but I forgive her cause she looks so similar to my first girlfriend and brings back the good memories :) New clip.

01 February: Burning Angel Whisky

Burning Angel Whisky

Whisky is a cute brunette with beatiful big breasts from the alt porn site Burning Angel. She's not a typical alternative girl for example she doesn't have any tattoos (good thing!). Galleries: Great underboobs shots in a lowcut shirt and lesbian experiments with a girlfriend. Like Whisky ? Than Daphne is a must see aswel.

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