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29 February: Let's have a drink with Nancy

Let's have a drink with Nancy

Nancy Navarro made her debut in October last year. I was already fearing I had to put her in the 'one and done' category but thank god that's not the case. Cause here is this chesty Latina again as a waitress offering us a glass and champagne and providing us with some premium busty entertainment as a bonus.

Kristi Love down on her knees to give head.

29 February: Charley out of her uniform

Charley out of her uniform

Charley Green's last appearance here was a shoot in the sun at Busty Brits. I guess I just don't speak for myself when I say that was one of her finest moments ever. But the following one is very good aswell. Charley is dressed in her blue/grey school uniform. As you can see the blouse has a very tight fit (or her chest is too big lol). The best thing to do is take that blouse off and that's exactly what Charley does.

29 February: A picnic in Australia

A picnic in Australia

Shanty and Shannon (I don't know who's the busty one) are two backpacking friends from Germany who travelled through Australia and did a few shoots for Girls Out West. They are very natural and that's was the reason their previous shoot at the beach even made it to my Best of 2011. So it's great to see them getting naked and naughty again this time during a picnic.

28 February: Stella Jones strips

Stella Jones strips

Stella or Stella Jones as she's called here at Karups is doing her usual thing (taking her clothes off) but it never gets boring does it ? First the top come off in front of the mirror and once she's fully naked Stella takes place on a bed and that's exactly where I want to be with her, oh sweet dreams :P  And also black Maserati does what she usually does and likes best (have sex) at DDF, pics and clips.

28 February: Dancing Bear flasher

Dancing Bear flasher

A visitor sent me a picture of girl who appeared at show of Dancing Bear (where girls have fun with male strippers) asking me if I knew her. Sadly many of the girls in the crowd are indeed amateurs and no pro's, so I don't know if we ever get to see more of her (just like this blonde of Party Hardcore). But since her big boobs are so spectacular I made a clip of the flashing scene and also added a slow motion of that magic moment.

28 February: Hannah Sharp

Hannah Sharp

Not sure what I can say about Hannah Sharp without repeating myself. She's cute, has a sweet smile and got big breasts that need no advertising. And as long as she stays active she always be a welcome guest.

The huge melons of Maggie must be a heavy burden to carry around. S it's perfectly understandable that she gives them a rest.

27 February: Siri of Scoreland

Siri of Scoreland

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Siri of Scoreland, a pretty blonde newcomer with juicy big tits from Minnesota. This 23 years old girl is married but her hubby encouraged her to do this. "My husband and I are swingers and have been since we met so I am very much into group sex and being watched". And there's are more interesting footage coming up as Scoreland will release a hardcore scene of her today!     

27 February: Taking care of Anissa

Taking care of Anissa

Anissa Kate, her boyfriend Keith and his buddy Marco came home after night of in bar. Keith is pretty drunk and can barely stay awake, so he kisses his lady goodnight. Which leaves Anissa and Marco together on the couch. She tells him she needs a man to care of her who isn't drunk. So what would you do ? 'Bros over hoes' or seize the moment ? As you can see Marco didn't think twice :) Clip

27 February: Leanne in the office

Leanne in the office

I remember from previous jobs how much I hated to go back to the office on monday mornings.  Stupid co-workers, boring meetings I am sure you know the feeling (if not check out Dilbert for a better insight lol). So I like to dedicate the following gallery of Leanne Crow to all of you being in a situation as described above, cause our topheavy friend knows how to cure your monday morning blues like no one else.  

27 February: Jenna Doll

Jenna Doll

The career of Jenna Doll lasted less than a full year but she sure left her boobprint in busty history and I still miss her unique and floppy jugs till this very day. But before I sink into a depression let me show this great all naked shots of her amazing body.  

Two busty handjobs: Rikki Nyx shows her skills at Club Tug and also this blonde lady makes things messy.

26 February: Pantyhose and big boobs

Pantyhose and big boobs

I did a little reading on Wikipedia and found out that having a pantyhose fetish is quite common. It's not something I have though (but I can understand how it must feel cause I have a smilar thing for sweaters) and that's probably why it took me that long to make this special.... Big boobs and Pantyhose. And if you still want more the site Only Tease has plenty of pantyhose and stockings content.

25 February: Yuma Asami

Yuma Asami

Somewhere in a classroom in Japan Yuma Asami is standing naked in front of also naked guy. He's cleary aroused which is totally understandable with such a wonderful view. He then invites Yuma to come and sit on his lap and she starts to ride on top of him while he plays with her big breasts. Lucky bastard!

Happy birthday to Sandra Milka who turns 21 today.

25 February: A good morning with Jaye

A good morning with Jaye

It's early in the morning and redhead Jaye Rose is reading her newspaper and drinking a cup of tea (she's British afterall). For some reason (our viewing pleasure ?) she decides to take off her underwear and puts on pajama jacket and then continues with her reading.. Jaye Rose at Busty Brits 

And here are more busty girls in the morning

24 February: Amateur Jasmin

Amateur Jasmin

Jasmin of Big Tits Round Asses is presented as a true amateur and never before seen. That could very well be the case as I never spotted her anywhere (and I would have remembered) and she has the looks of amateur a thing that girls tend to lose when they are porn for a while. You can watch her do hardcore in the clip and in the pictures I focus on her juicy big tits only (oh and nice necklace by the way).  

24 February: Stripping maid Stacey

Stripping maid Stacey

It has been a while since a maid came by. And I am sure that this one will not dissapoint you cause Stacey P. gained a large number of fans ever since she started modelling. The corset she's wearing in the kitchen already is very stimulating but things even getter better when she reveals her perfect big boobs. Talking about beauties. It's a big day for Miriam aka Lucie Mina today as she turn 30.

24 February: Diana of Cosmid

Diana of Cosmid

Cosmid added a new model to their already impressive family of busty girls. This young brunette goes by the name of Diana and comes from Prague, Czech Republic. In this first shoot she gets totally naked for us on a white couch... Welcome Diana

Kala Prettyman is gone for good but it's still great to watch her in action.

23 February: Busty redhead Lucy V.

Busty redhead Lucy V.

You know how I feel about busty redheads. So I blame myself for not bringing you British Lucy V. earlier as this beauty already did couple of classically inspired shoots at the site Pinup Wow (samples 01 02). Her personal website (where these pictures are from) is brand new though. Enjoy Lucy V. taking off her bra and reveal her wonderful big breasts. Btw: she reminds me alot of Elizabeth Marxs.

23 February: Contessa aka Loly

Contessa aka Loly

After two sweet blondes with with medium sized bosoms it's time for something different and bigger. I found a rare Latina named Contessa in the archives of Topheavy Amateurs. And this very natural young lady also showed her heavy hangers at Scoreland as Loly. She was discovered by the same photographer who also brought us other South Americans as Paola RiosCynthia Romero and Romina Lopez.

23 February: Penny Pax girl in porn

Penny Pax girl in porn

You should know by know I have a soft spot for girls with glasses (actually I am one big soft spot lol). So sweet blonde Penny Pax charmed me right away. Her saggy, suckable boobies are not that big I admit but I enjoyed watching her doing hardcore.

Katerine we have seen several times at Big Naturals and now goes all the way here.

23 February: Walking with Jodie

Walking with Jodie

Jodie Gasson is taking us for walk in nature and trust me when I say that will be rewarding trip. Not sure what's she planning to catch with that net. A butterfly, a fish ? I don't know but she's a catch for sure. Jodie is a girl with different faces by the way. One day she's a innocent looking schoolgirl and the next day a dominant mistress sexy in black. I am happy to play along either way.

22 February: Serenity in clip #1000

Serenity in clip #1000

I am proud to present you clip number 1000 I added to Juggs Joy. A milestone like that must  be celebrated with a wow clip ofcourse. And I dediced already a few weeks ago that that honor goes to Pam aka Serenity. Cause that girl next door in one right up my alley. Admire this sweetheart taking a shower at Step1Models. To reward myself I am taking the rest of the day off, see you guys tomorrow.

21 February: Silvia Calibresa

Silvia Calibresa

These nice amateur style shots are of Silvia Calibresa. She's a Latina newcomer from somewhere in South America (yes I know that's vague but that's all the information I got at the moment). But let's focus on more important things like her massive big tits who she generouly presents in the bedroom. She got a cute face and beautiful blue eyes aswell. Like this girl ? Then I recommend you Katrina Drew.     

21 February: 'How Deep is Your Love'

'How Deep is Your Love'

'How Deep is Your Love' is a soft and romantic song from the Bee Gees. Slender brunette Connie spices it up by giving her own personal interpretation in this shoot that has the same name. Seems like her love is pretty deep... Connie makes passionate love at X-Art

Valory Irene (aka Fleur) provides premium busty entertainment in the shower... Clip

21 February: Terri meets Michelle

Terri meets Michelle

As you already could see in her with friends special, Michelle Monaghan has a good relationship with fellow Brit Terri Jane. So it's no suprise to see these bosom buddies cuddling naked in the bedroom again. Michelle even leaves her initials on the big boobs of Terri. Yes it's important to mark you  territory :) Terri and Michelle at Plumperpass. Want to see how this looks it motion ? Here's a clip aswell.     

20 February: MaryJane of 18andBusty

MaryJane of 18andBusty

Say hello to MaryJane a new model at 18andBusty. They say that this pale cutie with suckable boobies just started to pose naled and it's not that I don't believe them but somehow she looks awfully familair, but I can't put my finger on it. I'll let you know when my brain comes up with something... Gallery

Didn't you dream of this when you were 18 ?    

20 February: Ellen and a voyeur

Ellen and a voyeur

Sometimes one picture justifies an entire post. In this gallery of Busty Ellen it's picture number 11 (the one you see in the thumbnail) that makes my heart beat faster, what a fantastic view. And I am sure the 'voyeur' who was watching while Ellen was tanning naked agreed with me :)  You like the voyeur point of view ? This pool spy gallery of Christy Marks is a true classic, god do I miss her big tits :P

20 February: Driving with Sara Stone

Driving with Sara Stone

The more candid the better as far as I am concerned. When I made the resting boobs special I added a great clip of Sara Stone where she was having a lunch wearing a braless top. Well later that same day Sara took off her clothes while they were driving through town. Pretty good stuff right ? Not wild enough for your taste ? Ok then let's have a look at Sara as a waitress doing it with her boss.  

20 February: Bare Maiden Titania

Bare Maiden Titania

Titiana Lyn is a very sensual redhead but a rare one, so rare that I actually forgot about her. So it's good to see something new from her again. However she looks rather violent with that dangerous looking axe, but I am sure that's just role playing... Gallery

Two birthdays: Polish beauty Iga Wyrwal turns 23 today and floppy Alexia Rae 22 yesterday.

19 February: Big boobs at the lake

Big boobs at the lake

This sunday I am taking you to nature. Not for a walk in the woods or a picnic in the fields, no were going to visit several lakes. Why ? This may not come a big suprise I suppose, but because there a several busty young ladies to watch. Or were you expecting I was going to show you my favourite fishing spots :)

Special: big boobs at the lake

18 February: Julia fully body massage

Julia fully body massage

Yes Julia for the third week in a row. I am not even going to try come up with an excuse for that. Cause damn this movie is one of her best ever. First an entire bottle of oil is used to make her divine body slippery and then the guy gives her a full body massage, ofcourse giving special attention to her big breasts.

And here are more priceless oiled up moments.  

18 February: Aleece of Karups

Aleece of Karups

It sure was a nice surpise this morning when I found a shoot of slender stunner Scarlett aka Alena Hemcova I never saw before (long time visitors will have happy memories of her). Here at Karups she goes by the name of Aleece. Watch her get rid off her leopard print dress and lingerie and expose her body of intimidating beauty... Gallery.

17 February: Charley fun in the sun

Charley fun in the sun

In September 2009 Charley Green made her debut at Busty Brits and continued to work with that site throughout the years. So she fully deserved being brought to this nice location in the sun. But as you can see she offered something in exchange aswell. So here we are at the poolside where Charley exposes her impressive big tits to the sunshine (and her majestic ass)... Charley Green fun in the sun       

17 February: Felicia's unbuttoned blouse

Felicia's unbuttoned blouse

I told you last friday that Felicia is active at this 'free' webcam site (as FeliciaClover). It sucks that I am not in the same time-zone as her so I haven't had the chance to watch her live for myself, but she's on almost daily. So I am considering to give up some sleep this weekend. Some new pictures then ? Sure, I have her with her blouse unbottoned in front of the mirror making self shots again... Gallery 

17 February: Karina White

Karina White

Karina White, the slender beauty with a nice c-up, did quite a bunch of new interesting scenes since the last time I mentioned her. Stripping in the bathroom of ATK, having casual college sex at Naughty America and in a threesome with Kelly Madison and her lucky husband Ryan and Teen Fidelity (fourth trailer).

Rikki Nyx and friends go wild at a ranch.

16 February: Jessice gives a titjob

Jessice gives a titjob

I shut up and let Jessica of Teen Sex Couple do the talking: "We've probably had over a hundred requests for a full-length boob job, and naturally wanting to please our loyal members, and Dave himself of course, I couldn't resist any longer! I loved watching this back and seeing the big mess Dave made over my tits!"

Happy birthday to Kali West and Tibby Muldoon.

16 February: Charlotte of Cosmid

Charlotte of Cosmid

But there's also plenty to enjoy in our current time, my friends of Cosmid play an important role in that. One of their recent additions is Charlotte a young redhead (I doubt it's her real hair color) from Liverpool. Her pale boobies are not the biggest, but they look great and the girl is a cutie. Another sweet girl next door of them is Jenna from New Jersey. She's been active for a few years already and is only medium busty aswell.  

16 February: Erica Campbell and Simi

Erica Campbell and Simi

As you know Erica Campbell became religious some years ago and said farewell to nude modelling. So she'll probably hate me for putting her in the spotlight again. But when I stumbled upon this early career test shoot I just couldn't resist. She looks so sweet and natural in it :P And when I think of Erica I always think of the very similar looking Simi aka Arwyn (who also seems to be retired). There's a big difference though, Simi did amazing hardcore 01 02 03.   

15 February: Rock chick Angel Blaze

Rock chick Angel Blaze

Angel Blaze is a 20 years old rock chick (alternative if you like) with a pale skin and an beautiufl set of big breasts. She's very new to her world of porn (I also spotted her at Burning Angel by the way) and as you're about to find out she doesn't say no to hardcore... Angel Blaze has sex at Big Naturals. And Anissa Kate from last week did a scene at Bigtitcreampie.   

15 February: Lucy Rose cleaning

Lucy Rose cleaning

Also in her third shoot Polish Duana doesn't go topless. Sure she looks sexy and all in her orange dress but I am getting very curious by now how her big boobs will look like. Well nothing more than to speculate then. I am expecting something like the body of Sophie Mei. Or maybe like Lucy Rose. Talking about Lucy I have an excellent clip of her cleaning the stairway naked.

15 February: Samantha of MC Nudes

Samantha of MC Nudes

An artistic shoot can be nice for a change but I prefer to see models up close and with the lights on. Like Samantha of MC Nudes here, just her naked body is already a piece of art don't you think ? And in case you forgot you can find more of her as Domenica.  

Joanna Bliss takes off her corset in the garden.

15 February: Artistic shoot of Valentine

Artistic shoot of Valentine

Terry Richardson is an American fashion photographer known for his naked and sometimes provocative work. For one of his latests projects called 'Death of Youth' he shot Valentine, the very skinny redhead you may better know as Mandi Collins. Have a look at these artistic pictures in this gallery.  

It has been a while since I featured Millie Morris

14 February: Good morning Tasty Trixie

Good morning Tasty Trixie

Tasty Trixie is the neighbour we all want. Her latest contribution is fantastic, so natural and candid I urge more women to follow her example. In her snowy backyard Trixie is drinking her morning coffee, dressed in a plaid robe. Being the friendly lady she is she gives us a good peek what's under that robe. Her soft curvy body and unshaven pussy look glorious... A very good morning with Tasty Trixie

14 February: Lana poolside sex

Lana poolside sex

Sensual Lana Ivans from Romania has so such much sex appeal. So she has no trouble at all to get her lover in the mood. Come on what would you when she presssed her big tits in your face ? May I have your special attention for picture number 4, the way she her hand glides in shorts of that guy is so hot. And so are the rest of these shots. Lana Ivans poolside sex

14 February: Detention with Mercedes

Detention with Mercedes

Yes I had a busty teacher back in high school. Yes detention was something happening to me regulary. But no she never told me that I had to release some of that 'energy' and had to start wanking when she took her blouse off. Mercedes however does :)

The amazing beatiful Alexa Loren turns 27 today, my god the things I would for a come-back of her!

13 February: Happy birtday Lorna!

Happy birtday Lorna!

Today, 13 February, legendary Lorna Morgan turns 36 years old. This lovely lady from Wales is one of my favourite models ever. So natural looking, smart, friendly and ofcourse there are her juicy big breasts. No there's is not a thing I would change about her. In the clip she wishes us a happy 2012 (a bit late but who cares). I also added some nice black and white shots of her because they make her look like the classic pin-up she resembles... A homage to Lorna Morgan

13 February: Lucy Williams and Nikki May

Lucy Williams and Nikki May

I added two redheads to Busty Legends who are both from England and curvy (chubby if you like). They aren't new or anything but they I am always doing my best to make my list as complete as possible. The first one is Lucy Williams already started modelling in 2007 and Busty Brits is the site with the most content of her. The second one is the much wilder Nikki May who did lots of hardcore.    

13 February: Shelby working hard

Shelby working hard

The most unusual special I ever made is probably the one with the busty construction workers. And today these hard working women are joined by Shelby Moon aka Rachel Donati. Who gets her big naturals out during a well deserved break, pics and clip

Anita and her equally busty girlfriend undress each other on the couch and that's only the beginning.

13 February: A lucky stuffed animal

A lucky stuffed animal

I never thought I would say this but I want to be a stuffed animal. If Leanne Crow was my owner that is :) Imagine being pressed against her warm and soft big boobs every night. On the other hand being thrown in a corner when Leanne has a male visitor seems like a very frustrating experience... Gallery 

Hurry up Chikita is getting naked.

12 February: Michelle and her friends

Michelle and her friends

Michelle Monaghan/Bond comes from England (born 1980), started posing topless in 2001 and is still going strong. She never did any hardcore but did have lots of lesbian encounters with fellow busty models. And that's what this is special is about (and to honor the career of this curvy young lady). Enjoy her going intimate with Danica Collins, Leanne Crow, Joanna Bliss and others.... Michelle and her busty friends.

11 February: Julia's jiggling jugs

Julia's jiggling jugs

During last week's trip to Japan Julia was already our object of admiration. So actually I had another woman scheduled, but then I noticed that Big Tits Tokyo posted a bunch of new movies of this Goddess and I changed my mind. Come on just watch how her jugs jiggle while she's having sex and you'll understand why. Premium entertainment :P  

11 February: Angela and Maggie

Angela and Maggie

This lesbian shoot with Angela White and Maggie Green was only released at Scoreland a few days ago. But I am sure it took place during last year's Angela goes hardcore event where Maggie also was present to  assist Angela. Needless to tell you that it looks great, as you know girl-girl scenes seem to be Angela's true passion. She proofed that many times before at Girls Out West.

10 February: Free webcams

Free webcams

I usually turn down adversting requests, cause I want to keep my site bullshit free. This one is different though. Cause watching and chatting with busty girls for free seems like a good deal to me. Models like Felicia and Jessie Minx are active there aswell as hundreds of amateurs. So click this link, register your email and have fun. Warning: this only applies if you live in a country that speaks English or you might get redirected (sorry).  

10 February: Topless tourist Olivia

Topless tourist Olivia

Another young tourist from U Got It Flaunt It. No Olivia isn't in the same league as Stacey her boobs are smaller and more saggy. But that doens't mean I don't enjoy her. On the contary I love the tanlines on her sweet boobies, she seems to have a friendly personality, got a cute face and a gorgeous smile. And she's certainly not shy about showing what she got either... Olivia of U Got It Flaunt It    

10 February: Sonia's revealing pantyhose

Sonia's revealing pantyhose

So this makes the third pantyhose gallery of the week. And believe it or not I didn't even plan but it did give me inspiration for a new special in the coming weeks. Anyways this time it's Sonia who's wearing a very revealing one. And if you don't care much about what's going on below the waist, rest assure her fantastic big boobs are out aswell. And this blonde from Poland also looks very sexy in a polka dot outfit.

09 February: Tessa Fowler of Playboy

Tessa Fowler of Playboy

And now we go back to our current days cause wow look at this pretty angel in white! The name of this pretty newcomer is Tessa Fowler (born 1992) and comes from South Carolina. She recently became coed of the week at Playboy's Cyber Club. Well looking at those beautiful big breasts I say let's make her coed of the year. Enjoy her taking off her white dress in a creek... Tessa Fowler of Playboy         

09 February: Nata doing gymnastics

Nata doing gymnastics

If you haven't been visiting my site for years already you might even not know Nata (short for Natasha). Then let me tell you that this long gone girl from Russia is one of the finest ever. Cute, slender and big tits of pure pefection. Thank god 18andBusty has a handful of movies of her in their archives. Like this one where she's doing gymastics. It includes running and jumping jacks so lots of bouncing guaranteed.   

09 February: Danica pleases everyone

Danica pleases everyone

This is again one for the pantyhose lovers. But Just Danica also pleases the ones among you who love mature women, sweaters, underboob cleavages and hairy pussies.  So I guess that covers pretty much everyone... A great shoot of Danica in the kitchen

Want to see the pussy of Sophie Howard ? Here you go. Sorry for the bad joke but hey she's still topless!

08 February: Anissa Kate from France

Anissa Kate from France

Anissa Kate is a new pornstar from France. She's a senual looking brunette and is blessed with a beautiful pair of natural big breasts. She has been on a 'Tour De America' recently and one of her stops was at Big Naturals where she played the role of a masseuse with bouncy hardcore as her speciality. I aso spotted her at PornPros and more will follow soon. And Alissa does webcam shows at Streamate.

08 February: Heather Michaels

Heather Michaels

Heather Michaels is a voluptuous blonde from San Diego who was active between 1998-2002 doing both soft- and hardcore. She's a Anna Nicole Smith look-a-like (minus the plastic). You can still find her at the Score network 01 02 but the site with most and best content is Busty Amateurs. From there comes following shoot where Heather gets examined by a doctor.

08 February: Meggy of ePantyhoseland

Meggy of ePantyhoseland

Meggy is one for the ones among you who have a pantyhouse fetish. Ofcourse she got big boobs aswell or she wouldn't be here. A pretty impressive pair as a matter of fact. And here's another gallery (especially check out the fith picture) and I also have a clip. As far I know Meggy can only be found at this site (but feel free to correct me). Bonus: Shione Cooper spending quality time in the bedroom.

07 February: Louisa as a stripping sailor

Louisa as a stripping sailor

A visitor asked if Louisa Lockhart and Jessica of Teen Sex Couple could be one and the same girl. I like how his mind works and I do see similaraties but sorry that isn't true. Actually I don't even think that Louisa is still active as I haven't seen anything new in a long time. Sad yes, but to cheer you up I have this gallery where she takes off her sailor outfit (as Louisa Lockheart as she's called at Busty Britain).         

07 February: Brooke Max and Lexxi Luxe

Brooke Max and Lexxi Luxe

Let's have another look at the soft curves of the big and beautiful Brooke Max.  She's back again at Cosmid where she takes off her clothes in the bedroom.

Did Lexxxi Luxe get inspired by my resting boobs special ? I Like to believe to so :) Watch her laying her huge set on the table while she's having lunch.

07 February: Conny rides on top

Conny rides on top

Slender beauty Conny has been treating us well lately with stunning looking sex scenes at X-Art and Joymii. Today she needs another one to the list. She brings her lover in the mood and then starts to ride on top of him. Personally I would have taken off her bra off earlier, but ok... Conny has sex at Hot Bush 

Angela White enjoying herself at a the beach 01 02 

06 February: Happy birthday September

Happy birthday September

Today, 6 February, the one and only September Carrino turns 25. She has been with us for almost 4 years, brought us many memorable moments and we have seen her big boobs grow to epic proportions. So she most definitely deserves this homage. Enjoy her divine pair filmed below aswell as a bunch of candid shots. Want to congratulate her in person ? She has a webcam session planned this week!     

06 February: Demi Scott and Robyn

Demi Scott and Robyn

Demi Scott keepts it decent today compared to what she was implying last week that is. So no male visitors for Demi but just our hungry eyes staring at her while she reveals her juicy juggs on the couch and only keeps on her fishnet stockings... Demi at Brooke Lee Playmates. And at the same site I found a shoot of Robyn Alexandra aswel. Watch her take off her classy lingerie

06 February: Monica at the beach

Monica at the beach

I like to watch busty girls having sex don't me wrong. But often I like the introduction to a scene even better. As is the case with top heavy Monica who's having fun at the beach as foreplay and makes her big tits wet in the (cold) ocean. Want to see her go wild aswell ? Here you go. Wild, ebony, top heavy that leads me to Maserati who last week did her first shoot at DDF Busty.

06 February: Angela and Daisy

Angela and Daisy

I am glad I can can present you Angela (aka Vika as I have listed her at Busty Legends) again. As this young lady from the Eastern Europe is a rare gem. Slender and equipped with beautiful big breasts with large areolas. You get a great view at her naked body when she poses in front of the fireplace.  And here's one from the glory days of Daisy van Heyden (when she was pregnant) wearing a nursing bra.

05 February: Busty women with towels

Busty women with towels

Don't you love it when a girl just came out or is about to hop into a shower and is wearing nothing but a towel ? I do for the exact same reason why I also alove bathrobes. They give a feeling of intimacy, you know they are naked under it and they are easily removed. I selected 15 great examples of what I mean for you... Special: busty women with towels

04 February: Spying on Julia

Spying on Julia

Last summer I showed you clips of Julia spending a day at a public bathhouse where she did all kind of dirty things.Today I picked the favourite part of that 42 minutes long movie. It's at right at the end when she's done and dries herself off in the dressing room. What I like about it (apart from her stunning looks) is that it's filmed from a 'hidden' camera perspectife. I am a bit of a voyeur you see :P   

04 February: Hairy Talya Faust

Hairy Talya Faust

I remember a request from a visitor asking if I knew any women similar to Destiny S. With that I assume he meant heavy on top, hairy from below and with amateur looks. I guess that this girl from Texas, named Talya Faust who was active at Scoreland in 2001 (being 19 years old at that time) qualifies. Enjoy her being a naughty girl t a playground and taking a shower. And more golden oldies of Scoreland here.

03 February: Stacey and Sarah the pics

Stacey and Sarah the pics

I got a bunch of emails this week from guys telling me how much they enjoyed Stacey Poole posing at the beach (and her in general). So I figured to suprise you guys with some nice pictures of that session aswell (I am such a pleaser). Besides I can use some sunshine too as it's snowing like crazy as we speak, my god winters are horrible...  Stacey and Sarah of U Got It Flaunt It   

03 February: Felicia's pink top

Felicia's pink top

I Can't go wrong with more of Felicia, can I ? So here she's lifting up her pink top in the bedroom... Gallery. You can find more busty girls looking pretty in pink in the updated special. And also have a look at this application photo Felicia sent to FTV Girls a few months ago. If I was a photographer I would have dropped everything and driven to her straight away :) 

03 February: Lexxxi Luxe

Lexxxi Luxe

Sometimes visitors ask why I don't have a comment section. I am sure most of you are decent people but sadly there also guys without manners. Just read the comments posted below this clip of a chesty amateur and you know what I mean. I refuse to let women I post treated that way. Anyway I also have new content of Lexxxi Luxe for you playing with her oversized melons at Plumerpass, pics and clip

02 February: Kelly Burgess ripping

Kelly Burgess ripping

It all started when I found this picture and thought 'wow who is this woman?'. Pretty soon I was able to identify her as Kelly Burgess a model from the UK. She appeared at Only Tease in 2006 but got way more curvy throughout the years. And now for the grand finale! A clip where Kelly is ripping her blouse and reveals her juicy big boobs (omg those nipples). Clip: Kelly Burgess at Ripping4Fun 

02 February: Catt Green and Veronica

Catt Green and Veronica

We bump into Redhead Catt Green (from North Carolina) when she's brushing her hair in front of the mirror. She's must me a mind reader cause when she notices us watching Catt knows exactly what we want... a look at those pale big tits of her. And that is what she does with a sweet smile as a bonus... Gallery. Catt is 19 and maybe when she's in her mid 30's she will look like mature redhead Veronica of All Over 30.

02 February: Gemini and Natali Blonde

Gemini and Natali Blonde

May I have your attention for sweet girl next door Gemini once again. Or do you want to miss her taking off her bra in the hallway ? No that's what I figured. Thanks again honey, it's appreciated... Gallery (I admit the thumbnail make them look bigger).

Slender doll Natali Blonde looks great playing with a dildo at Young Busty and also at LSG Models.

01 February: Katherine and Amber

Katherine and Amber

Bosom buddies Katherine and Amber Alexis were hanging out together (looking great in their grey shirts). Both of them were longing for some male company and decided to give Voodoo (who is always willing to help a girl in need) a call. It didn't take them long to be all naked and have a threesome.     

Kali West's big boobs pop out of her green top.  

01 February: Busty blonde Zdenka K.

Busty blonde Zdenka K.

Zdenka K. aka Zuzanna is a busty blonde from the Czech Republic (born 1978) who was active between 2000-2005. Which is why her content has become hard to find or is outdated. The reason for me to mention her are these fantastic natural shots taken at her home by XX-Cel. Also in this casting video is very natural. And you can find her aswell at Scoreland and XL-Girls (who both have lots of content including hardcore).    

01 February: Courtney in the snow

Courtney in the snow

It's hard to believe that Courtney who's posing naked in the snow, is the same Courtney as the one of Digital Desire. Looking at those big breasts I wished she would be pregant forever (cause that's reason of the grow spurt). Not that she looks bad here but still.

Lindsey Strutt pulls down her polka dot bathing suit and Melissa Debling's boobies looks so suckable.

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