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28 February: It's party time again

It's party time again

Good times at this party in bar and I glad the crew of Real Girls Gone Bad were there to take pictures for all us who could not make it. The two most interesting girls present were a brunette who flashed her big ones a couple of times and a slender blonde who was so brave to dance topless on stage. Pick your favourite or pick both like I did!   

28 February: Daisy a mystery girl

Daisy a mystery girl

Last weekend I received a mail from Naughty Midwest Girls with some pictures of the girl you see here, Daisy. Needless to tell you I was intrigued by this sweet amateur and her juicy big boobs. After some research I noticed her update was already released in 2012 and the same scene was posted on an other site in 2011. I looked but I couldn't more scenes or additional info, so my guess she's a 'one and done' type of girl, a good one though!   

28 February: Redhead Jess

Redhead Jess

Redhead Jess is a quite unknown model from Russia. And I love how she looks here at Sexy Ones where she stops with reading to take off her clothes. As natural as they come, what a sweetheart!  

The amazing curvy duo Lavina Dream and Roxanne Miller (both from Romania) share an icecream and get naked together at XL-Girls.  

27 February: The return of Vassanta

The return of Vassanta

After Karla James and Jennique, Cosmid brings us yet another model we haven't seen in a long while. This time it's the mature Vassanta who always was more of an 'art' model but made a handful of appearances at websites. She's probably best remembered for her shoot at Pinup Files. These days her boobs are not as big as in that shoot but she just had a baby back then. Vassanta gets naked for Cosmid. 

27 February: Siri and Brooke threesome

Siri and Brooke threesome

As you can see this guy is in a pretty good position. But sucking the big tits of Siri and Brooke Wylde wasn't the only thing he did. No this little meeting went all the way! Siri and Brooke in a threesome

And here's Brooke Wylde on her own (if you don't count the guy that is) having fun at Titty Attack

27 February: Hairy Kate Anne

Hairy Kate Anne

Kate Ann is one for the hairy lovers among you. But she got more to offer than just a big bush, like a slender body, piercing blue eyes, nice naturals and a sexy English accent. She became active in late 2013 and did shoots for ATK Hairy and We Are Hairy. But she's also active for 'normal' sites like Naughty Mag (shaving her pussy!) and Downblouse Jerk.       

26 February: The return of Jennique

The return of Jennique

Loyal visitors sure will remember alternative German model Jennique who was very popular between 2007-2009 (time flies!). Well after a long absence she nows make a suprise come-back at Cosmid. It's not all good news though, Jennique has lost weight (a common problem) and her big breasts don't look as spectacular as before. Still it's nice to have her back... The return of Jennique at Cosmid. 

26 February: Lucie Wilde sex at DDF

Lucie Wilde sex at DDF

Here we go again! Barely a week after her first hardcore scene Lucie Wilde is having sex on camera again, this time in the bedroom of DDF Busty. You'll probably notice she's with the same guy again, the reason for that is that he's her real life boyfriend. I would never share a girl like Lucie with the world but hey I am glad he's more open-minded :P Lucie Wilde has sex in the bedroom of DDF Busty

25 February: Casting sweet blonde Lenka

Casting sweet blonde Lenka

Lenka seems to be a very common name in the Czech Republic, we recently saw a brunette with that name going naked at Czech Casting and this time a sweet looking young blonde with same name. I love how 'normal' she looks in her every day clothes and I also love what's hidden under it. And as you can see below posing nude wasn't the only thing she did! Sweet blonde Lenka of Czech Casting.

25 February: Sarah Randall what a show!

Sarah Randall what a show!

This will probably be as close as you will ever get to the big boobs of Sarah Nicola Randall (unless you'll ever be in the lucky position of dating her). And it's not just being close what makes this an amazing clip it's also what Sarah does: releasing one boob then the other, oiling them up, making them jiggle and putting her bra on and off multiple times. Need I say more ? Premium entertainment by Sarah Randall.   

25 February: Linsey Dawn McKenzie Page3

Linsey Dawn McKenzie Page3

We know Linsey Dawn McKenzie best from the work she she did for Scoreland. But just as many other British models Linsey also posed topless for Page3 (and other tabloids and magazines). Some great pictures from the good old day in this gallery.    

Sensual Jane  (called sensual for a reason) so hot in a sexy blue dress and even better without!    

24 February: Vica of DDF Busty

Vica of DDF Busty

A heads up for all Lucie fans (everyone?) her first hardcore scene for DDF will be released this Wednesday, I will keep you posted ofcourse. In the meantime I have slender brunette Vica as an appetizer. This newcomer already did a scene last month for sexy video casting and now strips and masturbates in her first shoot for DDF Busty.  

24 February: Marisa Carlo and Pepper Ann

Marisa Carlo and Pepper Ann

I just added two mature ladies with big tits to Busty Legends. The first one is Marisa Carlo (aka Marissa Vazquez) from Mexico (born 1966), is active for about year and loves the 'company' of young men. Around for about the same time is Peper Ann (I love her housewife looks) who comes from Chicago (born 1967). Pepper has done several shoots for All Over 30 and went hardcore at Karups OW

24 February: Jocelyn back at Cosmid

Jocelyn back at Cosmid

Jocelyn aka Jo Paul is back at Cosmid once again. We meet laying on the sofar wearing a classy dress.  The dress come off and so does her underwear, so we get another good look at her wonderful firm big breats

And Carla White who made her debut at Cosmid last week, has done many artistic nude shoots as Dakini. Here's a nice compilation aswell as a sensual clip.

23 February: Special: Downblouse Loving

Special: Downblouse Loving

It may not be very polite but let's all admit it, when a busty girl bends over wearing a loose top it's pretty much impossible not to look :P Sadly we don't live in the 60's or 70's anymore and bra's are almost omnipresent. But not in the wonderful world the site Downblouse Loving created. Bra's are forbidden and the girls don't mind us watching, on the contrary they encourage us!   

22 February: Joanna Bliss

Joanna Bliss

Ofcourse the four members of Scoreland's Dream Team also did individual shoots during their stay on the Bahamas. Here we Joanna Bliss from Romania who strips at the side of pool and proudly present her curvy naked body.... Gallery

Also from Romania is Jasmine Black who wins the Olympic gold medal for having sex in the snow :)  

22 February: A lucky old man from Japan

A lucky old man from Japan

From all the people in the world the Japanese have the best life expectancy. Is that because of all the raw fish they eat ? Or could it be their excellent hospitals where doctors like Julia work ? Or is it something less obvious and is there's a secret program where they send busty young women to the homes of lonely old men. It does give them something to life for that's for sure :)  

21 February: Brave redheads in public

Brave redheads in public

The previously gallery of Frivolous Dress Order was one of the most clicked ever so I figured to make another one this time featuring two redheads with big boobs. I can't stress enough how truely unique this content is, as you can see it's all (secretely) filmed in crowded public areas and you actually see the (blurred) people staring at the girls (but who can possibly blame them!)... Brave redheads in public

21 February: Lisa of Only Tease

Lisa of Only Tease

Lisa of Only Tease is a model that has been around for a while but never made it to my site. And that's totally my fault and not Lisa's and she has all the right curves on the right places. In this classroom shoot she ignores what's on the blackboard (I must not flash in class) but I am sure they will forgive her.

Goddess Gabrielle in a 2007 shoot for MC Nudes.    

21 February: Andie Darling at Joymii

Andie Darling at Joymii

When I was browsing the site Legal Porno (you probably understand how I ended up there lol) I noticed they had a bunch of scenes of another Czech cutie, Andie Darling. They are a little bit too rough for my personal taste, but it's my job to report (as long as it's legal) and not to judge so here you go 01 02. I personally prefer the more romantic approach as you can see here at Joymii.     

20 February: Leanne Crow working out

Leanne Crow working out

Often my attention goes out to the new and more rare models wich can lead to neglecting women who are around for a long time and have new content regularly, like Leanne Crow for example. Not fair I know, I guess it's a bit like real life releationships :) But there's no way I could ignore this work out session of Leanne, cause damn this must be one of her hottest shoots ever (which sure says something!).

20 February: Gemma at Downblouse Jerk

Gemma at Downblouse Jerk

Gemma Lou is getting quite experienced in making this kind of 'intentional oops' content. As we speak there are 26 videos of her available at Downblouse Loving (like this one cleaning the carpet). But Gemma also is active for another site with a similar approach, Downblouse Jerk. And I got to say she looks damn sexy in this office tease clip. And some screenshots of another movie she did for that site here.   

20 February: Jennica Lynn good morning

Jennica Lynn good morning

The last time we met Jennica Lynn she served us breakfast. And this new shoot again takes place in the morning as we get to see this top heavy Swedish girl wake up naked in bed. The next logical step is taking a shower and so Jennica does... Gallery

And mature Kristy continues where Jennica stops, she's getting dressed (well sort of). 

19 February: Carla White of Cosmid

Carla White of Cosmid

You can always count on Cosmid when it comes down to discovering new talent. The latest example of that is this exotic looking 26 years old named Carla White. We meet this student from California in an hotel elevator and after stepping out starts stripping in the hallway. And I like what I see from her tasty looking big breasts to the hair covering her pussy.   

19 February: Redhead Dee Dee Lynn

Redhead Dee Dee Lynn

Dee Dee Lynn is a sweet American redhead who only became active this month. Her pale and perky boobies look great on her slender body. Sofar she has done 3 scenes and all of them have sex in them. Here we go: pleasured on the massage table of Fuckedhard18, going wild in the bedroom of Big Naturals and my favourite is her shoot at Titty Attack (love the first part where she flashes in public).  

19 February: Antonella Kahllo in pink

Antonella Kahllo in pink

The day after the Lucie mania but it's going to be a good one with two newcomers and with the very fine Antonella Kahllo who wears a pink bikini and fishnet at the side of the pool. She pulls down the bikini and gives us another look at those impressive big tits

And Eva of Only Tease shows us what's hidden under her raincoat (and a little bit more).   

18 February: Lucie oils up her boobs

Lucie oils up her boobs

Ah well why not give you another clip of our Czech sweetheart. The following footage also comes from Lucie's hardcore scene (are you recovered already? I myself am still a little shaky). She pours baby oil all over big boobs and gives her majestic naturals a good rub. If you ever need assitance with such a task, just say the word Lucie my hands are large and soft :P Clip:  Lucie Wilde oils up her big boobs.

18 February: Lucie Wilde an interview

Lucie Wilde an interview

What do on such a memorable day? It wouldn't be fair to another model to let her compete with all attention Lucie is getting, so more Lucie it is. It's a public secret that DDF also has sex scenes of her coming up and this long interview with Lucie Wilde is a warming up. Those big breasts in that red sweater make me drool and it's nice to hear her sweet voice and get to know her a little bit better! 

18 February: Lucie Wilde has sex!!!

Lucie Wilde has sex!!!

Breaking news! Busty sensation Lucie Wilde's first hardcore scene has just been released at a site called Legal Porno. I knew something like this was coming but I didn't expect it to happen that soon. The moment I found out, I dropped everything in my hands and knew I had to bring you this as soon as possible! Take a deep breath and watch Lucie Wilde have sex on camera at Legal Porno. (clip fixed).

17 February: Shae Summers massaged

Shae Summers massaged

From all the Shae Summers scenes sofar the one she did at HD Love was without a doubt the best looking one. Untill now that is as Shae is back at HD Love again, this time getting a full body massage and I guess you can imagine what pleasure for the eyes that is! Shae Summers massaged at HD Love

Jessi June naked in a high black bloots

17 February: Jazmyn and Scarlet Lavey

Jazmyn and Scarlet Lavey

The shot of Jazmyn's big tits hanging out of her puple sweater alone already justifies a post. But you should know by now that when this sizzling mature Latina is around hardcore is never far away. And that is exactly what goes in Jazmyn's 14th (!) scene for Bangbros.   

Scarlet LaVey banged on the floor at Burning Angel.

17 February: A beautiful friendship

A beautiful friendship

The new week starts with the black and white friends from North Carolina, Tara and Whitt. These bosom buddies (which never seemed more true) help each other out of their clothes untill they are both topless. Friendship is such a beautiful thing :P 

Alice Wonder in a sexy flower dress at Zishy.

16 February: Unzipped big boobs

Unzipped big boobs

In the heat of the moment unbuttoning can be hard (believe I've been there). And since not every woman appreciates is when you rip the clothes offm a zipper can be quite handy and it's a guarantee for easy access :) So I dedicate the special to this wonderful invention (thank you Whitcomb Judson)!

Special: Unzipped big boobs.

15 February: The Bikini Dream Team

The Bikini Dream Team

Scoreland called this shoot 'Bikini Team' but I think they were way too modest. Cause a team consisting of Hitomi Tanaka, Sha Rizel, Valory Irene and Joanna Bliss is a dream come true for every booblover and hence I renamed them to the 'Bikini Dream Team'. Or simply 'Dream Team' works too as the bikinis are only temporary :P Scoreland's Bikini Dream Team

14 February: Frivolous Dress Order

Frivolous Dress Order

The content Frivolous Dress Order makes has to be one of the most unique I ever saw. It feautures girls wearing very revealing outfits in public settings. It gets even better when a busty girl does such a thing, like German stunner Casey Deluxe. This may be only screenhots but it still gives you a good idea how great and daring (public transport, shops, streets) the movies are.   

14 February: Michelle Marsh at the beach

Michelle Marsh at the beach

Michelle Marsh is a more recent Page3 model (but still a classic). The following footage of this attractive blonde naked on a beach in Mexico is nothing but excellent. I personally love the last seconds of the clip when she walks away topless.    

Talking about classics this clip with Maggie, Erica and Jelena creating a heaven of lotion is one too!   

14 February: Lavina, Malina and Ines

Lavina, Malina and Ines

Short, stacked and curvy Lavina Dream from Romania releases her big boobs from her top and then figures she might aswell take everything off.

And I have a casual Friday contribution from Polish Malina May who lets her tits pop out of her classy business outfit. Oh I totally forgot that it's Valentine's day well Ines Cudna most certainly didn't :)

13 February: Sha Rizel wow!

Sha Rizel wow!

With all respect for all the others that made pictures of Sha Rizel she and her majesctic big breasts never looked better than here in the bathroom of Eternal Desire. Wow is the only word that comes to my mind! And here she is taking off her blue bra for Scoreland.

Remember Trinity Michaels? It seems she has quit modelling but still is active as Streamate.      

13 February: Cherry making the bed

Cherry making the bed

The model formerly knonw as Toni Leanne has given herself a new name and that's Cherry Blush. She's now also active for Downblouse Loving which is great news cause I love the content that site produces. Here you can see Cherry making the bed wearing a revealing yellow dress unable to contain her big tits. 

Happy birthday (38) to legendary Lorna Morgan.

13 February: Lola in the garden

Lola in the garden

Yes we're all waiting for more of Lucie Wilde and rest assure there is more coming but you have to be a little patient. But DDF has other models to keep us entertained in the meantime, like Lola who's recent shoots all have been great (01 02) and so is this one of her taking off her lingerie in the garden

Blast from the past: Kelly and Bozena

12 February: Karla James at Cosmid

Karla James at Cosmid

When Karla James made a suprise come back during last summer (at Pinup Files) I thought it would be the beginning of more to come. Well it took her longer than I expected but the 'more' has finally come as Karla this week joined the ranks of Cosmid. In her first shoot her very big boobs are coming out of a revealing denim top... Karla James at Cosmid

12 February: Marta picking flowers

Marta picking flowers

While Marina is a wild one Met Art's Marta seems like the romantic type, who enjoys playing the piano, reading poetry, having candle light dinners and picking flowers in nature. She does have her ways to make it worthwhile for everyone, though! 

And for those you who like them mature and huge, I have the heavy pair of housewife Kristy.   

12 February: Marina at Wow Porn

Marina at Wow Porn

Two picture galleries with Marina Visconti of shoots she did for Wow Porn. The first is called 'Squeeze Me Gently' which is massage sex scene and the second is 'Believe in Love'  which is not a hard thing to do when you have Marina as your lover :P  

How Kelly Madison keeps in her fantastic shape? Burning callories in every way she can!  

11 February: Noelle portrayed by Zishy

Noelle portrayed by Zishy

Call me crazy all you want but I prefer these rather tame (compared to her usual standards) pictures of Noelle Easton over another new hardcore shoot. I probably said this before (so I probaby mean it!) but I love the way Zishy portrays his models and how he reminds us that they really are girls next door instead of pornstars... Noelle Easton portrayed by Zishy.      

11 February: Viola goes lesbian again

Viola goes lesbian again

Just as last week I have a lesbian scene with Viola in it and even when it lacks a model of the quality of Marina (the other girl is Beata Undine) I like this one better. Why? Because the girls look so natural and the passion seems genuine. Enjoy these two lovers exploring each other in the shower and bedroom. 

More Viola in this gallery as a stripping pirate.   

11 February: At the pool with Lily

At the pool with Lily

Yes my dear Lily Madison I would love to have that cocktail and drink it while I admire you trying on several bikinis and cool off in the pool. How can I possibly refuse such an once in a life time offer ? 

More wild action with Shae Summers: she and her friends out of control in this episode of In The Vip.   

10 February: Lenka of Czech Casting

Lenka of Czech Casting

Here's another casting session in the Czech Republic. This time with a girl named Lenka, she's not a beauty queen but a natural amateur with a slender body and saggy large naturals. As you might know some of the girls 'just' go naked, others masturbate and others go all the way. Lenka belong to the last category!  

Always a pleasure to see Ebony beauty Deserea

10 February: Fun with Sandra Milka

Fun with Sandra Milka

We know the very wild Sandra Milka best from her scenes at Putalocura. But this Spanish girl also did (she seems retired) around 7 hardcore movies for Cumlouder. The sex is a good watch but I like the intro clips even better. Like when she takes us for some sightseeing in Barcelona and here where she buys milka chocolate in a supermarket (fyi: she flashes her big boobs on both ocassions!).  

10 February: Io and Destiny Moody

Io and Destiny Moody

The new week starts with pale skinned brunette Io Waters. In the bedroom of Cosmid she takes off her underwear and grants us a full frontal look at her naked body. Got love her naughty smile!  

And don't miss the Borderline busty but oh so beautiful Desiny Moody, who llifts up her red shirt and takes off her panties on the couch.   

09 February: Busty hairdressers special

Busty hairdressers special

For many years I had the same lady cutting my hair (sadly she moved at some point). She wasn't that pretty but had wonderful big breasts and always brushed them against the back of my head (probably not intentional and nothing more happened this isn't a porn scenario!). So I dedicate this special about busty hairdressers to her :) (it has two times Kim in it but I am sure you can live with that). 

08 February: Aimi Yoshikawa

Aimi Yoshikawa

Last Saturday I presented you the sensational Shion Utsunomiya. At the same site (JAV model) I found another girl I didn't know Aimi Yoshikawa who is only slightly less sensational, as also Aimi is sweet, slender and blessed with firm big boobs. She was born in March 1994 and made her debut six months after she turned 18. Enjoy this nice introducion and remember that JAV has almost 30 hours of video available!  

08 February: Chrissy in front of the mirror

Chrissy in front of the mirror

Here's another shoot Hungarian sweetie Chrissy did for XX-Cel, in which she gets naked and checks herself out in front of the mirror. Chrissy smiles all the time so I assume she likes what sees (and she has has every reason to)... Chrissy back at XX-Cel

Webcam recommendation: a girl using a name that leaves little to guess... Double Deez.  

07 February: Brooke is wylde indeed

Brooke is wylde indeed

This is already the third sex scene Brooke Wylde does for Big Tits Round Asses and she's pretty busy overall, so I guess it's safe to assume she's enjoying her new profession. This new scene starts in the kitchen, continues in the bathroom and ends on bed (and not to cook, wash and sleep!). And also Ryan Madison had another rendez-vous with her again, the result of that you can see at Pornfidelity.   

07 February: Page3 classic Samantha Fox

Page3 classic Samantha Fox

Boobs and music are my two passions in life. Musically Samantha Fox did not had that much offer although I have to admit her most famous song 'touch me' doesn't sound that bad. But her boobs bring back happy memories of the 80's when I had her pictures hidden under my bed (I will spare you the details). So I consider it an honour that our paths cross again! Page3 classic Samantha Fox

06 February: Fiona in the classroom

Fiona in the classroom

Half Brazilian Fiona Siciliano is back at Only Tease. This time in the classroom wearing hipster glasses and a nice school uniform. I really had to laugh about what's written on the blackboard, I hope she has no problem solving it lol! But let's focus on more important things, her wonderful big breasts. Remember that Fiona was a busty cop once ? The latest member of the squad is Rachel Aldana.  

06 February: Sha Rizel sexy lingerie

Sha Rizel sexy lingerie

It's safe to say that it's a pretty good week sofar, so the big boobs of Sha Rizel fit right in. You get to see them again when she takes off her classy red and black bra. Her panties off come off too, Sha only keeps on red stockings... Gallery.  

And here's a nice gallery of attractive slender blonde Cikita (also on Streamate very regularly!).  

06 February: Paige Turnah

Paige Turnah

British pornstar Paige Turnah has been active for around 5 years but never made it to my site. Why? Not busty enough (barely) but Paige has beautiful natural looks and an amazing ass. The reason why I mention her is that I came across clips from a movie called 'Educating Reeves' 01 02 that are truely great. And since she's here anyway here some Paige content: 01 02 03 04 06 07 08 09.   

05 February: Viola and Marina go lesbian

Viola and Marina go lesbian

DDF Busty is releasing one great update after another. After the glorious debut scenes of Lucie they now give us a lesbian shoot with two of the finest newcomers of last year, Viola and Marina Visconti. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me! So sit back and enjoy this excellent duo get naked and fool around on the couch. Clip and pics of Viola and Marina Visconti go lesbian at DDF Busty

05 February: Shae Summers reverse cowgirl

Shae Summers reverse cowgirl

The thumbnail of Shae Summers pressing her big boobs against the window is a little misleading as it doesn't represent what's going on in the following clip (but it does look good!). Her sixth scene (yes I am keeping count) is a boy girl one at Big Naturals and in the footage you're about to see Shae is on top of her lover the reverse cowgirl way!  

05 February: Valentina Matteucci

Valentina Matteucci

My Spanish friends of Alrincon describes Valetina Metteucci as a woman who deserves to be more famous and they couldn't possibly be more right about it. As this beauty (reminding me of Felicity Fey) from Italy is nothing but breath taking and I am glad to make my modest contribution on her path to more fame. Also from Italy is Valentina Nappi who sure knows how to pleasure Elly's pussy.  

04 February: Stacey is flaunting again!

Stacey is flaunting again!

Stacey Poole is back at the beach of Ayia Napa, taking off her orange bikini, flaunting her big breasts and wearing a wet shirt. And looking at her overall tan Stacey is a frequent topless sunbather, so you know where to travel to next summer :P Talking about Ayia Napa, wet shirt and big breasts. I found out that this real girl gone bad from a few weeks ago did the same thing at a party years ago. 

04 February: Scarlet LaVey 'cutting hair'

Scarlet LaVey 'cutting hair'

"Scarlet LaVey has her friend's boyfriend, Ryan, come over to her salon for a haircut. She has ulterior motives for calling him over though. She always found Ryan hot and she figured if she could get him alone then she can finally make her move on him. She starts by rubbing her huge tits on his head..." I guess I don't have to tell you how this story ends :) Clip: Scarlet Lavey at Naughty America  

04 February: Antica the chesty ice queen

Antica the chesty ice queen

I love a girl that smiles however in the case of Antica it's not bad at all that she barely smiles, together with her fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes it gives her a sexy ice queen image. Those glorious curves however are quite heart warming and everything she does in this gallery (unzipping her vest, wearing a bathrobe, taking a shower) looks stunning. What a fine BBW model she is... Antica so sexy at XL-Girls

03 February: Lucie Wilde in the shower!

Lucie Wilde in the shower!

The dream started on Friday and continues on Monday, ofcourse I am talking about Lucie Wilde (DDF and hence did I named her Lucy Wilde earlier) who doesn't give us the time to catch our breath as here's already her second shoot! She drops her bathrobe and takes a shower and I don't have tell you how sensational that looks! Clip and pics of Lucie Wilde in the shower of DDF Busty!

03 February: Blonde is Tracy aka Joanna

Blonde is Tracy aka Joanna

Turns out that the Czech blonde with the tasty breasts I showed you on Thursday did more (hardcore) content. She looks really good here at Wow Girls as J. Joanna and and at Nubiles where she's having sex going by the name of Tracy Loves. Also Wet and Puffy has her this time called Tracy Smiles.  

Also medium sized and tasty is Sam Summers.  

03 February: Patricia Gold of XL-Girls

Patricia Gold of XL-Girls

Patricia Gold is a voluptous mature (don't know her exact age) lady who already made her debut in December 2013 at XL-Girls but I never showed you before. So it's about time to give you a proper introduction. Her face is not that pretty but damn once you look down and see those impressive big tits, you only want to do one thing... put your head between them and maybe more like this guy and this guy did.

02 February: 170 bathroom galleries

170 bathroom galleries

From all the specials I've made (and there are a lot of them) I probably like the bathroom ones best. You simply can't go wrong by portraying a busty model taking shower or bath. I added 5 new galleries to bathroom boobs part 6 and made a new special with 20 galleries, bathroom boobs part 7. This leads to a grand total of 170, must be enought wet entertainment to get you through the Sunday.   

01 February: Shion Utsunomiya wow again!

Shion Utsunomiya wow again!

Japan has brought many amazing busty talents as you can see each Saturday. But only very few are as senstional as this one named Shion Utsunomiya. Sweet and innocent looks, perfectly shaped firm big boobs and being an AV idol which means she goes all the way. This trailer will give you an idea of her beauty but it's only 1 minute of the 5 hours of video Jav Model has available!    

01 February: Amy Wild in the shower

Amy Wild in the shower

This feels like the 'day after' and it's tough for next model to compete. But sensual Amy Wild from Romania makes the best of it as she looks nothing but amazing here in the shower of Simonscans (a site that always gets the best out of models). And Amy recently got a few new tattoos on her arms. How I do know ? Cause she didn't have them here but does have in this recently released scene at Primecups

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