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29 February: Daniel Sea of Met Art

Daniel Sea of Met Art

It has been a while since Met Art brought us a new 'winning' busty model, I believe the last one was the incredible cute Roxi. But this fresh girl with the remarkable name Daniel Sea is one without a doubt. In the bedroom this pretty angel whips out her beautiful big breasts out of her blue sweater and ends the shoot fully naked with her legs spread wide. Wow is the only word for Daniel Sea of Met Art.

29 February: Mature Sammy

Mature Sammy

Will Gina still model in about 20 years from now? I wouldn't be surprised but I can't prromise I am still around to report about it. Not sure if 46 years old Sammy of Mature NL did some previous modelling before, she's new to me. When she comes home after a night of dancing (and flirting with younger men? ) she undresses and lotions her big boobs. 

29 February: Gina G. soaps them

Gina G.  soaps them

We meet our huge chested friend Gina G. in the bathroom with only a towel covering her body. I like how that looks (one step away from being naked with a hint of her curves) but given her history you know that is going to last very long... Gina soaps her tits.   

Olivia Rose is a damn good looking artistic model, check her out in these pics and trailer

28 February: Busty in stockings

Busty in stockings

There already were special sabout busty models wearing bodystockings and pantyhoses but in all these years I somehow didn't make one about stockings. Untill now that is! And in case you don't care about much about this type of lingerie, there's plenty of good things to see above the waist :) 

A golden oldie of Pamela aka Peach.  

27 February: Hitomi gets 'dressed'

Hitomi gets 'dressed'

This clip is part of a long movie where Hitomi Tanaka is hired a some sort of a home entertainment. In the room next to her a group of men are eagrely waiting for her to make her entrance. But before that (and what is in this clip) Hitomi takes off her clothes and squeezes her big boobs into a small bikini (probably any bikini is too small for her size)... Hitomi getting 'dressed' for entertainment job.  

27 February: Alexya table strip

Alexya table strip

Alexya aka Luna Amor proofs once again why she's the uncrowned queen of cleavages for me.Not sure if you can the outfit she wears a dress, it's a little too short for that :) She ends the shoot only dressed in stockings and high heels... Alexya table striptease.

Three curvy webcam performer I saw live this morning: BustyHotness, Alicia and Penellope.  

26 February: Sophia of The Life Erotic

Sophia of The Life Erotic

Sophia of The Life Erotic is a seriously hot girl: raven dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and petite body with suckable big breasts. It might seems scary to see her tied up in an deserted barn at first. But don't you worry this is a story with a happy end: Sophia manages to free herself and we have the pleasure to watch her beautiful naked body. A win-win situation :)  

26 February: 'Tutti Frutti' - memories

'Tutti Frutti' - memories

This one brings back happy memories :) 'Tutti Frutti' was one one the first erotic tv shows back in the early 90's over here in Europe. I clearly remember how long it took to finally see a girl topless for a few seconds, like you can see in this clip with girl with fantastic big tits. The Italian version 'Colpo Grosso' had more nudity and don't miss with the mindblowing Amy Charles (first girl stripping in the clip).   

26 February: Ellie at Skin Tight Glamour

Ellie at Skin Tight Glamour

The gorgeous Ellie aka Sara Turner grants us another look at her wonderful naked body in this shoot for Skin Tight Glamour. The tight part refers to her jeans, that's too bad cause I am gathering content for a special about very tight shirts, dresses etc. and I am having trouble finding that sort of shoots. That doesn't make these pictures less attractive though!  

25 February: Casey daring in public

Casey daring in public

Because of urgent offline matter I only can make one post today, but it's a special one: I can't recall giving the pregnancy of any model more attention than the one of Casey Deluxe. But I just can't ignore this new movie of this German blonde at Frivolous Dress Order (a site she did stunning content for several times before). Watching her braless and revealing in a crowded public situations is priceless!  

24 February: Kendra 'Tiny Bubbles'

Kendra 'Tiny Bubbles'

No I am not going to repeat myself by praising Zishy for his great content and I am not going to tell you the background story of Kendra Sunderland again. I am going to leave you alone with Kendra naked in the bathroom having fun with foam instead and I am convinced that's perfecly fine for you... Gallery. 

The large soft pillows of mature Cami Cooper.  

24 February: Axis Evol of Burning Angel

Axis Evol of Burning Angel

My personal experience is that alternative girls may look dangerous but in reality are soft spoken and kind. Axis Evol of Burning Angel is a different story though, she lives up to her bad girl looks :) If you're not convinced these following clips will: online gaming leads to a very wild threesome, loving it anal and oiled up and banged in an inflatable swimming pool.  

23 February: Jane relaxing naked

Jane relaxing naked

The ultimate busty tourist Sensual Jane shares pictures of yet another vacaction trip with us. Yes Jane loves living the 'the good life' and she's fully deserves it as she's one of the hardest working natural busty pornstars for quite some time. Suggest song to play with this gallery is "Sittin' on a dock of bay" by Otis Redding, a great match with a naked Sensual Jane relaxing in the sun. 

23 February: Cyrstal and the handyman

Cyrstal and the handyman

Now that I think of it Cyrstal Rae would have been a good canditate for last Sunday's busty and petite special. Ah well I will put on her the to add list for a future update. Anyway in this scene of Mofos the handyman (why do they always get lucky lol) 'accidentally' catches Cyrstal naked in the bathroom. I don't need to explain what happens next do I? 

23 February: Naked doll Conchita

Naked doll Conchita

I showed you Conchita at AV Erotica about a month ago. This beautiful blue eyed looks a little more glammed up (but not over the top) in this shoot of My Naked Dolls. She's elegantly dressed in a silk robe, stockings and high heels and grants a great full full frontal view at her big breasts and shaven pussy.

Saggy but sweet: cam model SailorJupiter

22 February: Alexis Ann of Foxes

Alexis Ann of Foxes

Damn I can't understand how I missed this black girl with very big tits. As Alexis Ann of Foxes has been around for a couple of years already. Anyway I am grateful to person who mailed me about her, the same guy who made we aware of Kelia last week (that's what I like booblovers helping each other out). As far as I know (there's little known about her) Foxes is the only site with content of this unique ebony model.  

22 February: Rockstar Nikki Sims

Rockstar Nikki Sims

Don't we all pretend to be a rockstar every once in a while? Ofcourse you can play air guitar in front of the mirror but there also several video games to play. In this clip you can see Nikki play such a game, she seems pretty skilled to me and does have the look of a rocktar (a daring outfit included). Here a some pictures of this session as bonus and don't forget the specail I once made about busty guitar players.  

22 February: Outdoors with Alyssa

Outdoors with Alyssa

Allow me to bring back Alyssa one more time (ofcourse I will immediately report about her when she does more modelling in the future but you never van be sure with girls next door like here). In this gallery of FTV Girls this strawberrry blonde cutie is outdoors on a sunny day and lifts up her tight top.  

Online now: the very sexy blonde BootyPie 

21 February: Petite and busty special

Petite and busty special

As a result of what I wrote about petite and busty girls (needles to repeat of all that here again) I deciced to dedicate special to them. Not the most easy special to make as it can be kind of hard to judge the heigth of girl from pictures. But I believe that I selected 15 pretty good examples. However as always feel free to make suggestion or correct me! 

20 February: Nanami Horikita soaped

Nanami Horikita soaped

Somewhere in a Japanese bathroom we have to pleasure to meet Nanami Horikita (first time on my site). I've said this before but Japanese content producers do know how to properly introduce a model. A guy makes her shirt wet (always an amazing sight) and then soaps up those tasty looking big boobs! 

20 February: Meet Mia Sweetheart

Meet Mia Sweetheart

Yes Boobs brings a new voluptous model going by the of Mia Sweetheart. Just as many of our busty friends she comes from Romania (she's a good friend of Roxanne Miller). She introduces herself by slowly taking off her pink in the bedroom. Oh and she also made her debut at XL-Girls about a week ago. 

Candyland is a cam model with similar body. 

19 February: All belly and boobs

All belly and boobs

Pregnant women are beautiful don't get me wrong but I can't say I am sexually attracted to them. But there's an exception to everything and in this case the exception is Casey Deluxe. At nine months she's basically belly and boobs and the rest of her body is still slim. Good news: she have birth right on schedule and, as I already expected, plans to continue with modelling... Gallery

19 February: Darcie Dolce & Ava Addams

Darcie Dolce & Ava Addams

You know that Darcie Dolce loves being intimate with other women. We can add two more lesbian adventures to the list. In the first one at Girlsway she seduces her stepmom (what would the porn world be without them lol) Ava Addams (who used to have natural big tits hence the profile). Im the second one at Allgirl Massgage Aspen Rae gives her full body massage at the side of the pool.

19 February: Ink loving Mary Helen

Ink loving Mary Helen

In the member area of Cosmid I noticed a few guys complaining about the tattoos of Mary Helen. Yes I know I made smilar comments in the past (not with her but in general) and yes I do think she would look better without all that ink. But I think it's better accept to choices a person makes, as long and she's happy who are we to judge? And simply be grateful for what she offers to us(a great body).  More purple here.

18 February: Kelia of ATK Exotics

Kelia of ATK Exotics

It again was visitor (your help is appreciated my friend) who made me aware of Kelia of ATK Exotics. She started modelling for that site in August last year and I didn't need to think twice about making a post about this ebony girl. Her uniquely shaped pointy big breasts deserve a larger fanbase, enjoy!  

Jezabel having naughty fun at Big Naturals

18 February: Cece Capella massaged

Cece Capella massaged

And we go from the enormous F's (at the very least) of Alyson to the sweet 'n perky C's of Cece Capella. She accepted an invitation of Ryan Madison to come over to his house and get a massage. And if you know Ryan you know that the massage was not only thing that happend during her stay .... Trailer.    

The natural Wetkitty69 is ready to entertain you. 

18 February: A hot date with Alyson

A hot date with Alyson

The initial plan of Alyson Galen and her lover was a to have chill date on the couch and watch tv. But who can possibly relaex when a women with such a monumental next to you? Well the guy definitely could not and released her extra large naturals out of her shirt. And Alyson? She was more than happy to play along! Some priceless moment in this gallery.  

17 February: Natalie Austin tight dress

Natalie Austin tight dress

Zishy manages to surpass my expectations once again with an at one side basic but on the other hand glorious shoot of Natalie Austin. She wears a tight white dress that accentuates her curvaceous figure perfectly. I should also mention that Natalie wears neither a bra nor panties. The results are some of the finest very softcore pictures I ever saw... Natalie Austin in a tight dress for Zishy.  

17 February: Pov sex with Laura

Pov sex with Laura

Laure (or Orsolya as I prefer calling her because there aren't that many with an O) probably isn't a stranger for most you. This lady from Hungary is a veteran not only because of her age (39) but also in term of long she's in the 'business' (1997). In this clip you can watch her having sex pov style.   

Online now curvy redhead Sweet Fox

17 February: Shooting Joey Fisher

Shooting Joey Fisher

I would never be a good photographer that's for sure. How are you supposed to stay calm and focus on your shooting skills when you have a naked Joey Fisher right in front of you is? Don't get me wrong I never would harass her or any other women but keeping my hands steady is a different story. Ah well maybe you get used to everything... Gallery

16 February: Lila Payne from Australia

Lila Payne from Australia

Scoreland's Valentine's day gift to the world is one that will excite booblovers all world. I am talking about huge chested newcomer Lila Payne, this young brunette from Australia has been active on social media and as a camgirl at MyFreeCams for a while but now makes her official modelling debut. She's also available as a private escort, so if you're living down under... grab your chance!  

16 February: Skinny Ariel of DDF Busty

Skinny Ariel of DDF Busty

Now that's what I appreciate, people who think with me! Vistor F. reacted on what I wrote in the post of Milla yesterday and suggested me to have a look at Ariel of DDF Busty. She's more tall than petite but has in common with Milla that her breasts are remarkble when you consider how skinny she is. A rare model too, as this sexy blonde only did 2 shoots for DDF in May 2009.  

15 February: Vallory plays pool

Vallory plays pool

There were times that busty models played pool (in their own special way) regulary. Don't ask me me why but it's a rare activity these days. But Valllory brings this back in the spotlight and immediately enters the top 3 (in no ranking order) of best pool table shoots. The other two being the ones with Venera and Jana Defi so Val is really good company :P Vallory plays pool at Cosmid. 

15 February: Danielle is an example

Danielle is an example

Let's you a girl, have natural big breasts and are interested in being a mode. Then I have some career advice for you. Most important don't jump into hardcore from the start (Lucie Wilde being a classic example). No starts slow, pose topless, and grow a fanbase. Danielle is great example, who only takes steps when she's ready for it and actually enjoys it. Like recently  bondage and double penetration,

15 February: Milla of Watch4Beauty

Milla of Watch4Beauty

It may sound strange but being busty not only depends on the cup-size. If have seen BBW models with D-cups that look sad,  because the boobs kind of disappear because of too much fat on other places. On the other hand you have petite models, like pretty newcomer Milla of Watch4Beauty, with C-cups that really make a difference on the way their body looks.

14 February: Busty picnics special

Busty picnics special

Inspired by the gallery of Antonella a few days ago I decided to make a special a busty picnics. To be honest picnics aren't on top of my favourite activities, ant always seem attracted by it and so are the annoying wasps. But you know me, I am happy to make an exception if any of the models below would invite me, the promise of bare big boobs makes me flexible :) 

13 February: Micky Bells cleavage

Micky Bells cleavage

The pregnant Micky Bells walks towards us on the street and it's impossible to look her in the eye. Cause every man (and woman for that matter) will look straight to her amazing cleavage. In the privacy of her apartment Micky shows us much more, impressive that's the only right word... Gallery.  

A sensual cam cougar from the US: Tina Chadford

13 February: The taste of Nan's breasts

The taste of Nan's breasts

Recently I saw a Japanese clip of men sucking on a pair of big boobs while wearing a diaper (no shortage of freaks in the world!). That would be a bridige too far for me :) However if Nana Aoyama would invite for me a long (non diaper) sucking session I wouldn't it turn it down... The taste of Nan's breasts.  

August Ames in a solo session for Joymii.   

12 February: Jo Paul pretty in pink

Jo Paul pretty in pink

Our British friend Jo Paul returns at Pinup Files being in a pink mood. What brings me in a very different mood is the close look at her big breasts (well known for their incredible firmness) once the pink shirt and bra are gone :P Jo Paul pretty in pink (and without). 

Busty boss Daria Glower invites you into her office for a private meeting (well sort of).  

12 February: Alyssa in motion

Alyssa in motion

On Monday we met Alyssa for the first time and I bet you're curious to see how she looks in motion. Just as good or even better is the answer. In this clip you can see her play with herself and oil up  and jiggle those wonderful firm big breasts.

Stella Cox is being her usual naughty self in these clips of Wank It Now, 01 02 03

12 February: Lena in the shower

Lena in the shower

Remember the shoot of curvy Lena from Australia in the tub? I am happy to present you the sequel of it (don't expect any shocking plot twists, the story line is still the same: a wet and naked Lena) in which she stands up and takes a shower... Gallery.  

Online as I type Lucia Hunt a pretty and natural busty webcam performer from Bulgaria. 

11 February: A picnic with Antonella

A picnic with Antonella

Antonella Kahllo:"Growing up in Ecuador, being out in nature was just a part of my everyday life and I can get pretty anxious if I’ve been working too long inside without a nature recharge. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love getting all glammed up and going out to have a nice dinner in the city too, but take me to a beautiful, secluded spot, pack a delicious basket and some vino, and you might end up with a very excited, sensual, amorous Latina on your hands!"   

11 February: Sara Stone lesbian

Sara Stone lesbian

If you have been checking out natural big boobs on the internet for many years you probably get nostalgic when seeing a model like Sara Stone. Well that happened to me when I found her at Girlfriends Films making lesbian love with two older ladies Brenda James and Magdalene St. Michaels, obviously these scenes are from a while ago as Sara is retired since 2011 but damn does she looks good or what?   

11 February: Yet another Katerina

Yet another Katerina

This is the first Katerina to appear at Czech Castin (here are just three examples 01 02 03) and it's safe bet that will not be the last either  This good looking young student (only 18 years old) got a nice looking body and I case you're wondering did go all the way during the full casting (a thing she refused before). 

Hana Haruna welcomes us into her bathroom

10 February: Vinyl lover Hilary Craig

Vinyl lover Hilary Craig

I already fell in love with Hilary Craig the first time I saw her but my love for her grows so much deeper today. My two passions are natural big tits (you're well aware of that) and music, vinyl records in particular. So you can imagine my excitement when I found the sepictures of a flashing Hilary flipping through records in a music store. So please Hilary can we go on date (crate diggin?), we'll work out the age difference :) 

10 February: Ivana swings and jiggles

Ivana swings and jiggles

Ivana Rita really goes the extra mile here in order to brings us busty entertainment. I can imagine that carrying around a pair of heavy hangers likes she has can be quite a burden, let alone swinging and jiggling them. But it does make a fascinating sight :)

Younger but also blessed with huge naturals (I-cup) is webcam performer MexxicanBeauty (pics in profile). 

09 February: Viola Bailey at ATK

Viola Bailey at ATK

Viola Bailey is the kind of girl that needs no further introduction. There once was a rumour that she stopped with modelling but I think she only said no to doing more hardcore scenes. Well I can live with that, no that I have any objections to seeing a busty girl have sex but it isn't a must for me. Being topless is the most important thing :) She does that and more (spreading her legs wide) here in the bedroom of ATK.  

09 February: Legendary Devon Daniels

Legendary Devon Daniels

No not all the models that are list at my site Busty Legends are legends, I admit. But Devon Daniels certainly is, a rare busty legend that is as this brunette from Florida was not only active for a short time in 1998 (a comeback as milf would be very welcome but I don't see that happening). But she did make an impression that will last for a long time among booblovers... Devon Daniels naked at the beach

08 February: Alyssa of FTV Girls

Alyssa of FTV Girls

FTV Girls has a new stunning model for us. The very beautiful Alyssa comes from Texas and turned 18 last November, this is what she says herself: "I was always called out for, for having big boobs. I started looking up cam girl stuff and easy ways to make money off of the things I already had". This shoot is her first step in the world of modelling and what an amazing body this shy girl has... Alyssa of FTV Girls.

08 February: Dream teacher Julia

Dream teacher Julia

God know how many times this guy has fantasized about seeing the bare big breasts of his teacher, I mean what would you do if you're educated by a lady like Julia :) This is the day that his wet dreams are coming true. When he's alone in the classroom with Julia she undresses right in front of him and let him even feel her perfect pair... Clip (two more Japanese teachers from the past: Anri and Meguri). 

08 February: Sporty Eva Green

Sporty Eva Green

The choice between a woman with a huge pair of silicone boobs or natural pair of handfuls is an easy one for me. I can only hope you feel likewise and don't mind me presenting you the second shoot of the very skinny Eva Green . This time showing her sporty side (and her naked body) ... Gallery.  

Never seen more nude girl than in this pool party.

07 February: Yes Boobs Special

Yes Boobs Special

The golden years of internet porn are over and the circle of sites that focus purely on women with big boobs has become smaller with several either offline or not udating anymore. So I was glad when Sarah Rae in late 2014 started Yes Boobs and I am enthusiast about the way the site evolved. Several interesting newcomers and content that is made with the purpose to entertain booblovers.  

06 February: Superboob Cece

Superboob Cece

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday as most of you will know. Not really my kind of sport but when busty models are part of the festivities I am all for it :) New is this scene football inspired sex scene of Cece Capella at Titty Attack. And in the archives I found three more (American) football related galleries: Sarah Nicola Randall, Jenny McClain and Kelly Madison (there she is again!). Enjoy the game! 

06 February: A wet Kelly Madison

A wet Kelly Madison

A private wet shirt contest in the bathroom of Kelly Madison. Since there's only one women participating it's not really a contest but even when there were a 100 of competitors the outcome would be the same: a winning Kelly. Absoulte stunning pictures in this gallery of Kelly getting wet in every possible way.  

Sexy blonde SpiceySweety is live now. 

05 February: Meet Stephanie Austin

Meet Stephanie Austin

We can always count on Busty Britain (I am going to update this special once I am done with this post) when it comes down to finding new curvy talents from the UK. No chubby nerd with big tits Stephanie Austin isn't the next busty sensation and will not go viral after my post but the lovers of ordinary looking girls with plenty of curves will welcome her with open arms. 

05 February: Nekane and Niemira

Nekane and Niemira

More of the wonderful Nekane at Wow Girls. In front of the patio door she takes off her sexy outfit and poses naked wearing long socks. A sweet smile, beautiful shaped perky boobs and a slender body, what's not like? And I also found this Spanish girl in a lesbian shoot with Lea Guarlin at Viv Thomas.   

The sweet Niemira of Femjoy naked in a field. 

05 February: Lottii Rose at Spinchix

Lottii Rose at Spinchix

We saw Lottii Rose (I always have to type her name twice cause it's so easy to misspell) dancing at Downblouse Loving recently. Well it's it seem like this pretty English girl is becoming more active and I found her showing those pale big breasts at Spinchix. More glammed up than before but still very nice.

Very hairy webcam model KissRose live now!   

04 February: Samantha Lily at the beach

Samantha Lily at the beach

This is the best content I've seen of Samantha Lily sofar. I've have several reasons to back up my statement: 01. Outdoors shoots (especially beach ones like here) are always a good thing 02. Samantha looks very natural 03. The cleavage of her bathing suit :P 04. The lucky man (?) who may lotion her big tits 05. The way she jiggles them... Samantha Lily at the beach with Yes Boobs.  

04 February: Anabelle at Nubiles

Anabelle at Nubiles

Yes Anabelle in motion for the second time this week. And just like in the clip of XX-Cel this show starts with this Czech girl checking herself out in front of a mirror (this begins to look like narcissism lol) but even that gets boring after while and Anabelle uses her fingers to reach an orgasm... Anabelle at Nubiles.  

Anri Okita reveals her beautiful breasts in a train.   

04 February: More Danni Lynne

More Danni Lynne

A few weeks ago we saw Danni Lynne make her debut at Big Naturals. In the meantime also Scoreland also managed to spend some time with this huge chested ebony woman. She takes off her clothes in the bedroom in this pictures and just as in her debut Danni also had sex on camera.. trailer.  

And a huge white pair presented by Charlotte

03 February: Alexya 'Yoga Bare'

Alexya 'Yoga Bare'

Flexibility is not the first thing you expect from a woman with big boobs. Yet the past (see special) has learned that it is possible to combine these two. Also Alexya proofs that in this yoga session at Scoreland. That she doesn't fall forward (considering how top heavy she is) in picture 3 is remarkable :)  

Heather's DD's are ready to entertain you.  

03 February: Joey Fisher catsuit

Joey Fisher catsuit

Joey Fisher returns at Skin Tight Glamour dressed in a catsuit that gives her the look of a superheroine. But Joey wouldn't but Joey if she didn't peel the outfit off. Admire her glorious body on the stairways... Gallery

41 years old Jana of Czechc Casting has a totally different body but it always like it when ordinary women with extraordinary boobs get naked :)   

03 February: Lily Ivy & Madi Meadows

Lily Ivy & Madi Meadows

I've posted petite blonde Lily Ivy a few times already so you know what a hottie she is. This time she's together with Madi Meadows a young brunette who just a Lily has a not so big but tasty pair of boobies. Enjoy them being intimate in the bedroom... Lily Ivy and Madi Meadows make lesbian love at X-Art.

A great look at the naked body of Lora

02 February: Gillian Barnes of Zishy

Gillian Barnes of Zishy

You know in real life (yeah I turn my computer off every once in a while) I hate it when people repeat themselves all the time. I hope you don't think about me the same way. So yes I know I've mentioned the casting skills of Zishy and the fun factor of his shoots quite some times before. And guess what? He did it again with Gillian Barnes a natural beauty with curly hair and a body and pair of boobs to die for! 

02 February: Anabelle oils them up

Anabelle oils them up

XX-Cel doesn't only make great picture shoot but also his movies are exactly what us booblovers like to see. Here we have Anabelle who first opens up her towel and admires herself in front of the mirror (who can blame her?). Then she lays the towel on the floor and lays down it and oils up her big breasts... Clip.  

Hurry up the amazing Webactress is live now!  

02 February: Sanita and Lucy Li

Sanita and Lucy Li

Two Met Art galleries with young brunettes and I dediced to make Sanita the main post (the one who's thumbnail linked) and not Lucy Li. Sure Luci is the more beautiful and bustier/ But I've a praised her a couple of times already in the past months and I happed to like underdogs :) So enjoy this sweetie taking off her leopard dress and shows her tanned body and her nice looking full bush. 

01 February: Maria takes off her dress

Maria takes off her dress

Maria Beaumont is a such delicate beauty. Pretty face, porcelain skin, beautiful shaped big breasts and the list goes on. I was glad to find another shoot of her  at Karups where she takes off her black dress and shows the intimate parts of her body. I will be even happier when she becomes more active. 

Cassidy Banks loves to flaunt, no doubt... Gallery.  

01 February: Dorothy Black 38

Dorothy Black 38

Pretty much all women of Mature NL (and older women in general) show signs of aging. Not sure what magical potion Dorothy Black drinks but she still has the same body as let's say 10 years ago (she's 38 now). To be honest this model from Hungary has never been a favourite of mine (she tries too hard to be sensual) but she still is remarkable... Clip.  

01 February: A good morning with Allie

A good morning with Allie

Don't you hate Monday mornings in the office. With always the same boring questions "had a good weekend"? Well no such things when Allie Pearson is your co-worker. She welcomes you with a warm smile and a cleavage that can't be ignored. And when she notices you staring she puts her bare boobs on the desk... Gallery. And before I forget: she has done a 'Tits'& Tug' (and blowjob) scene at XL-Girls.    

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