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31 May: Katrina Drew what a pair!

Katrina Drew what a pair!

I already spotted Katrina Drew from Brazil a few months ago. But I am actually suprised how incredible hot she's in her hardcore scene at Big Tits Round Asses. What an amazing package: cute face, sweet smile and most importantly a enormous pair of firm boobs. And I always thought Brazilian were famous for their round asses only :) Katrina got it all!

31 May: Bella Blaze at Innocent High

Bella Blaze at Innocent High

Bella Blaze 'the classy bitch' and ofcourse not to forget Haley Cummings are without a doubt the big breasts queens of 2010 sofar. And just as Haley did recently Bella went back to school at Innocent High. There she gets caught while masturbating in the shower by her gym teacher and suprise suprise one thing led to another :)

31 May: Carol on the backseat

Carol on the backseat

You would have expected that a beautifull woman that has been around for such a long time like Carol Goldnerova already had a personal website, but strangely enough that wasn't the case untill now. Better late than never... Carol strips naked on the backseat.

How Miram welcomes a guest into her house.

31 May: In the bathroom of Lora

In the bathroom of Lora

The title of this gallery is 'brunette amateur taking a bath' which is technically correct. However I like to be more precise so I inform this this lady is British Lora Morgan who you may also remember as the good friend of Candy. And when you like to see Lora spread her legs and pleasure her pussy than check out this clip.

30 May: Let's get married

Let's get married

Are you single and are planning to settle down ? Are you tired of your wife and are looking for a replacement ? Or who knows maybe you are a strong believer in polygamy. In any case I have a impressive line-up of busty brides for you! But I do hope you are not a jealous type cause these ladies have tendency to dress revealing :) 

29 May: Michelle on the stairs

Michelle on the stairs

See that's why I always say that I am big fan of a candid approach. We know Michelle Monaghan for a long time but it's very refreshing to see these 'fun at home' snapshots. She's could easily be your neighbour for example (I wish!)

I found some more content of true amateur Tasha, jerking a man at Cumblast City 01 02

29 May: Shopping with Hitomi Tanaka

Shopping with Hitomi Tanaka

Ok I got the message you guys want more of Hitomo Tanaka, trust me I fully understand. Let's go for some shopping then. Her boyfriend can't control himself but who can possible blame him with a pair of big boobs of that quality. Take a deep breath and enjoy... Clips: 01 02 03 04 05

Good times in public with Nana Natsume

28 May: Stunning secretary Christine

Stunning secretary Christine

Busty and beautifull brunette Christine is one of those girls of Cosmid who is (still ?) shy about giving us full frontal nudity. But even without 'showing it all' she manages to make it to the top my favourite office moments. Damn a sexy secretary as you ever saw one!  If I was her boss it would go like this :P (just kidding Christine I would treat you like a gentleman).

28 May: Selena is on fire again

Selena is on fire again

Selena Castro certainly is in the center of our attention lately. Seems the lesbian orgy she participated in was just a nice thing on the side for her. As Selena gets her true satisfaction from seducing guys with her big boobs (and they work like men magnets believe me!)... riding on top at Big Naturals and a more than amazing sex show going on at Big Tits Round Assses.

28 May: Karen in the jacuzzi

Karen in the jacuzzi

Another great golden oldie from Karen (Kathryn MacGregor) this time making her shirt wet in the jacuzzi and taking it off later... Gallery

Like leather and latex ? Then you must not miss the outfit of Pure Kelley. And a nerdy looking amateur turned on her webcam to share her heavy boys with the world.

27 May: Raeleen aka Alexia Rae

Raeleen aka Alexia Rae

Sofar Alexia Rae has been exclusive to the network of Bangbros. But that's changing now with appearance at Karupsha as Raeleen (which seems her new stage name). We find her stripping out of her bikini on a balcony. Nice view for sure!  And that's not all there is I also spotted Raeleen going wild with two girlfriends at Real Slut Party (just as Haley Cummings did before).

27 May: More of Maggie's sweater

More of Maggie's sweater

Exactly one month ago Maggie Green delivered us a magic moment in sweater history. She never looked better before so this matching clip is a must have for your collection.

As you may remember Maggie loves lesbian sex, watch her in action with silicone babes Megan Jones and Daphne Rosen (seperate clips).  

27 May: Lorna from Australia

Lorna from Australia

Ok Lorna from Girls Out West is not as topheavy as is the standard round here (but she got a nice handful don't worry) . But her sweet and natural looks give her lots of bonus points. Now that I think of it she reminds me alot of Czech  Marry Queen same innocent outside and same naughty inside. You may have also seen this Austalian amateur around as Tiff of Abby Winters.

27 May: In bath with Clair Meek

In bath with Clair Meek

There a few strange things in shoot with Clair Meek taking a bath. The size of that tub is one and the fact that she keeps her panties is scond. Ah well those are just minor details, as long as she shows her big breasts I'm happy... Gallery.

Sara of Femjoy is a truely gorgeous girl and when I reincarnate I will become this bird :)

26 May: Jordan of No2Silicone

Jordan of No2Silicone

Another interesting find at the new site No2Silicone. It's an exotic model named Jordan who I haven't seen around before. And I sure am glad to have found her cause this young lady is blessed with an juicy pair of big tits. Enjoy her taking off her dress and taking a bath.

Exotic Jordan of No2Silicone

26 May: Six huge chested lesbians

Six huge chested lesbians

So I was adding Camelia Davis to Busty Legends when I stumbled upon a serious mass boobs session. Where apart from Camelia five other huge chested ladies were present: Renee Ross, Selena Castro, Scarlett Rouge, Hillary Hooterz and Haydee Rodriguez. Quite a meeting huh ? :P

Scoreland's orgy with six voluptous lesbians

26 May: International bra study

International bra study

What we already knew was published in the newspapers this week. According to a global study British women have an average d-cup where other countries only have a b-cup. Another interesting thing is that boobs have gotten bigger and if the trend continues the average UK size in 50 years will be between a whopping F and G cup, so the future is looking bright :) Long live the busty women of the UK

25 May: Bella amazing bouncing

Bella amazing bouncing

Sure we have seen Bella Blaze bounce before. But never as great as here sitting topless on a skippy ball. The best part starts after 43 seconds when we see those big boobs bounce in slow motion... what a sight :P 

And for some new hardcore check Bella out having naughty fun at the Gloryhole

25 May: Juliette of Simonscans

Juliette of Simonscans

No Juliette isn't as divine looking as last week's  beauty Isabelle. But she's a lovely girl next door. so weet and looking more approachable, I can picture myself walking hand in hand in the park with her :) Juliette of Simonscans 

Talking about girls next door, young redhead Jacky of FTV Girls also is sweet as candy.

25 May: Sapphire and Samantha

Sapphire and Samantha

Yesterday I told you that Samantha became plumper of the year. Last year horny redhead  Sapphire won that title. But did you know that they once did a threesome together ? Damn imagine getting crushed between those extra large melons, ah well there are worse ways to die :) And Sapphire also did a threesome with another chubby legend, Maria Moore.

25 May: A message from Jenny

A message from Jenny

Not only Jenny Jones unbuttons her white blouse and reveals her juyicy naturals she also has an important message. The text on her panties says 'if you're rich I'm single'. So when any of you guy's is loaded go and grab your chance!

And friendly Lindsey Strutt doesn't mind us watching while she's changing her clothes.

24 May: Score Awards of 2009

Score Awards of 2009

Back to 2009 one more time as the votes for the Score Awards have been counted. No real suprises, more or less the usual suspects. Model of the year: Karina Hart, Newcomer of the year: Ashley Sage Ellison, Plumper of the year: Samantha Anderson and a Hall of Fame entry for Sharday (her mouthwatering big breasts fully deserve it)... The Score Awards of 2009 

24 May: Danielle the exhibitionist

Danielle the exhibitionist

Our beloved Danielle seems good fun to hang out with (I admit no news here) not only she gives a-class blowjobs she also loves to go out and do daring things in public. Enjoy her flashing her tits and pussy. And as you can see in the matching clip it was more crowded place than the pictures showed, no she's far from a shy girl!

24 May: Millis so seductive

Millis so seductive

To say that Millis is looking sexy in black would be a quite an understatement. Ultra seductive in very very revealing lingerie allready sound better. But  you be you're own judge... Gallery. Yes it's a miracle this angel does hardcore.

It's been a while since petite blonde Darina paid us a visit... sex at DDF Busty, pics and clips.

23 May: Necklace between boobs

Necklace between boobs

Since I covered so many aspects of Boobology in previous specials it is not easy to come up with new themes. Suddenly I remembered something, I always love it when a busty woman wears a long necklace between her big boobs. It's a nice finishing touch and it automaticaly draws your attention to where it should be :) And it all started with Simi (the thumbnail girl).

22 May: Chihiro on the backseat

Chihiro on the backseat

Last week we had the ground breaking Hitomi Tanaka so it isn't easy for the next girl from Japan. But Chihiro Asou does a more than great attempt on the backseat. While riding through town she exposes her big tits with large areolas and presses them against glass.... Chihiro Asou on the backseat and in case you wonder yeas she also does more wild stuff

22 May: Lexi's white tanktop

Lexi's white tanktop

We know topheavy nerd Lexi of Cosmid best from her amazing turtleneck sweater. Sadly she still doesn't give us a full frontal look at her big naturals. But her nipples poking through her white tanktop is still a welcome sight.

Mature redhead Reyna Mae seduces a young neighbour with her pale curvy body.

21 May: True amateur Tashsa

True amateur Tashsa

So after finding Starr (Trinity) I checked out the same site for more amateurs with big breasts. And Tasha sure is a nice new discovery, ok maybe she's not as hot as her but with her blue eyes and dark hair she reminds me a bit of very missed and legendary Hailie. Ok the guy may be not your taste but just picture yourself on that bed ok ;) Tasha of True Amateur Models

21 May: A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods

Sitting behind my computer searching for and staring at big boobs is great fun. But every now and then I need to get out for some fresh air. So a walk in the woods seems like a healty idea. But I could use some company and there's certainly no shortage of choice: Eshe, Christy, Terry and Sofie just to name a few. And the latest volunteer is Alicja from Poland.

21 May: Lunching with Selena Castro

Lunching with Selena Castro

Sure there are many busty Latinas but the one with the sweetest smile must be Selana Castro. The way she looks at me makes me feel all funny inside :) So I wish it was me having lunch with her as she takes care of your appetite.

After Miosotis and Kristina Milan also Vanessa Dell has landed at XL-Girls... strip and sex.

20 May: Ellen's second sex scene

Ellen's second sex scene

Early this year Ellen went hardcore for the first time at Young Busty and I wasn't even aware there was second sex movie aswell. She's doing it with the same guy again and I hope he realises how lucky he is. That cute face, that sweet smile and most important those juicy big boobs are a the winning ticket in the lottery! Busty Ellen goes hardcore for the second time.

20 May: Danica and a tied up guy

Danica and a tied up guy

Her career has been going for decades but mature and Britsh Danica Collins never did went more dirty than at the fetish site of Lady Sonia. In this clip she has a naked guy tied up on a table at her disposal. But she's not going to punish him as you might expect but gives him a royal treatment instead. Playing fetish games doesn't seem so bad afterall :)

20 May: Trinity the topheavy punk

Trinity the topheavy punk

Remember the huge chested Trintiy of Club Tug ? I kepy my eyes open for her and I am glad to report that I found her exposing her big boobs as Starr of True Amateur Models. She had a bit of identity change though as she's has the appearance of a  punk rock chick.

Zuzana tied up with a rope at the beach.

19 May: Bella 'classy bitch' Blaze

Bella 'classy bitch' Blaze

Just when I thought that Bella Blaze had slowed down her activites, this classy bitch (not my words that is tattoed on her belly!) is back with another steamy hardcore episode. Watch her handling two guys in the clip but also pay attention to the pics the 'on glass' ones are fanatastic! Bella Blaze the classy bitch.

19 May: Marry Queen sex at Nubiles

Marry Queen sex at Nubiles

It is that we have met young busty blonde Marry Queen on several other occasions. Ohterwise I wouldn't believe that girl as sweet and innocent looking as her would do hardcore. But she does and it's safe to say that she does it very well! Her latest naughty adventure took place at Nubiles, want to have look how that went ? Marry Queen has sex at Nubiles

19 May: Kelly's sexy red dress

Kelly's sexy red dress

Does Kelly Madison has something to celebrate or did she put on that sexy red dress just for us ? I can't tell you but I do know that any piece of clothing of Kelly only in bound to come offf before you can blink your eyes... Gallery

Nice big tits with tanlines on this amateur girl doing a strip in a holiday hotel room.

19 May: Deserea garden shower

Deserea garden shower

Sure there are black girls that are way more busty than her but Deserea certainly one of the most beautiful ones. And she's look more than gorgeous again in this extra large gallery of her taking a shower outdoors in the garden.

Elegant Victoria looking tasty on the couch.

18 May: Kitana Flores aka Jazmyn

Kitana Flores aka Jazmyn

Call it a professional habit but when I see a woman I first look at their boobs. In the case of Kitana Flores I thought ' hey that pair looked familair' ! And when I looked up to her face I discovered the owner is the sizzling Latina lady we know as Jazmyn. Enjoy her going hardcore at Scoreland... Kitana Flores

18 May: Isabelle of Simonscans

Isabelle of Simonscans

I already posted this incredible beauty back in 2007 when she used a giant dildo and also when I recenly made the Simonscans (the only site she only modelled for) special. But still I feel I didn't give her the attention she deserves. Look at that raven black hair in combination with her blue eyes, slender figure and firm big breasts. Close to perfection... Isabelle of Simonscans

18 May: Lesbian salsa lessons

Lesbian salsa lessons

It's no the first time Yurizan and April O'Neil have an intimate meeting. We have seen them go lesbian at Big Naturals. Well it seems they liked the experience cause this story gets a sequel at Brazzers. Yurizan is acting as April's salsa teacher but soon enough she gives her lessons in love instead (also with a strap-on!). Here we go... pics and clip.

17 May: Here's Polish Vanessa again

Here's Polish Vanessa again

We saw Vanessa from Poland make her debut last month wearing a red corset (and pulling it down). Let's see what's she has been up to since. Turns out she has more sexy clothes for us. like this black fishnet top that suprise, suprise comes off aswell. Nice hooters for sure! 

Vanessa of Rub My Boob

17 May: Carly Holt in the office

Carly Holt in the office

Juding by the amount of clicks you guys were enthusiastic about the return of Carly Holt. In that case the following clip will make you happy for a number of reasons. We hear her talk in that sexy British accent, we find out that her boobs were the biggest of her class (O really ? lol) and she shakes her big tits four entertainment. Clip: Carly in the office

17 May: Dors gives them rest

Dors gives them rest

Maybe you don't always realise it but carrying big boobs can be a heavy burden and cause serious back problems. So I can understand Dors Feline gives them a rest every now and then :)  And I aslo have her as topheavy tourist taking off her bikini by the pool.

Lindsey Strutt sexy in front of the window.

17 May: Connie gets dressed

Connie gets dressed

Usually the models take their clothes off for us. But Connie decided to do thing the other way round and allows us to watch while she's getting dressed. Works fine for me aswell!

No new scenes to report from Haley Cummings but I do have additional pictures from her shoots at Naughty Bookworms and Innocent High.

16 May: Skinny girls with big breasts

Skinny girls with big breasts

As you probably know boobs contain a lot of fat, so it's logical that chubby girls in general haver large bosoms than slender girls. That also means that when women lose weight it can have dramatic results for their tits. But there are exceptions, miracles of nature as I like to call it. This special contains the most skinny girls who still have big breasts

15 May: Sophie Mei so sexy

Sophie Mei so sexy

Sophie Mei is a regular guest around here but seldom she was as sexy as today. You know I am not crazy about glamour but this shoot is one very well done. Sophie is looking as a modern Marilyn Monroe, especially pay attention to picture number six as that one is my absolute favourite. Admire the perfect hourglass figure of...  Sophie Mei at Big Tits Glamour

15 May: More wild stuff of Hitomi

More wild stuff of Hitomi

If you thought that last week's update with Hitomi Tanaka was wild you have seen nothing yet :) This Japanese girl visited a public bathroom, needless to tell you that the men went crazy when seeing her enormous big breasts and things went out of control 01 02 03 04. And in case you like like mass nudity make sure to check out the site Japanese Flashers.  

14 May: Halie and Heaven

Halie and Heaven

Former comedian Halie James and Heaven Summers join forces. The action takes place in some kind of beauty salon where they a have a wild threesome. Yeah the 'just blowjob' days of Halie are definitely over, in the clip it's Heaven getting poundend but as you can see in the pics Halie got her fair share aswell... Halie and Heaven at Big Naturals

14 May: Ellen cleaning

Ellen cleaning

Ok Ellen I get the point you desperately want to be a part of our domestic staff. Well you can consider your application to be a success :) We allways have room for another busty sweeper.

And over at Young Busty (happy memories) Ellen is pleasuring herself with a dildo.

14 May: Strawberries for Karen

Strawberries for Karen

There's more at No2Silicone than models of our modern times like Carly Holt. Do you recognize Karen who's making herself a lunch of strawberries ? It's the lovely Kathryn MacGregor who was active in the beginning of this decade.

Cream and big boobs is a usual combination, but a bra of cream is new to me! Pure Kelley 

13 May: Danielle gives a blowjob!

Danielle gives a blowjob!

I was thinking about Danielle this morning and deciced to check her site.... damn! Why didn't nobody inform me that Danielle has gone dirty at her personal website ? The way her beautifull blue eyes look into the camera is wonderful... Danielle FTV gives a blowjob! as you might remember she isn't new to hardcore long time she did it as Genevieve of Amateur Allure.

13 May: Shione wild bouncy sex

Shione wild bouncy sex

No it doesn't come as a suprise no more to see Shione Cooper having sex. But in her latest naughty adventure at Scoreland things become really wild and those big tits bounce and jiggle like they never did before. Pics here but you'll understand it looks way better in motion :P And over at DDF Busty Shione did a little outdoors workout pics and clips.

13 May: Chantelle, Peach and April

Chantelle, Peach and April

An nice golden oldie from the sadly long retired Chantelle Fontain. I still miss her every day (well almost every day lol) but the great thing about the net is that it doesn't forget.... Gallery

One of another redhead legend aswell the one and only Peach and April O'Neil unbutttons her blouse on a public street.

12 May: Bored in the office

Bored in the office

Katerina is bored in the office (loving her classy outfit) so she decided to turn on her webcam. I guess she didn't had any problem finding an audience, her juicy big boobs work like magnets for men.. Katerina and her webcam

Did you know she also 'works' as a french maid together with Dominno ?

12 May: Holly Hansen at 18years old

Holly Hansen at 18years old

My love for redheads should be no secret to you. And about a month ago I fell deeply in love with the innocent but oh sensual Holly Hansen. I've been checking for new content of her daily since then so I am thrilled to see her pop up at 18yearsold. Those freckles all over her angel face and firm big breasts yummy... pics and really wild clips 01 02 

12 May: Sexy selfshots of Muriel

Sexy selfshots of Muriel

Interesting to see that a trend from the amateur world gets repeated (and improved) by well know models. And you got to admit these selfshots of Muriel are really something special. (btw I loved her massage session aswell)

Previous selfshooters: Kayla, Lola and Conny.

12 May: Jenny in the wild waves

Jenny in the wild waves

Damn it's the middle of may and it's pouring outside. Thank god there's Jenny McClain to bring me the feeling of summer. She's looking spectacular again splashing nude in the waves

Anya Zenova (aka Merilyn) takes off her bikini in a black and white shoot and a sweet Asian girl going naughty in the bathroom.

11 May: Bouncing Big Tits

Bouncing Big Tits

Time for another round of bouncing big tits from Josh Girls. First in line to jump around  is an old friend Brittany Bod. But since her clip is rather short I also invited a redhead named Alexia who gives away a premium show. First with a white tanktop, then topless followed by some lotioning. The best ideas are the simple ones, I am loving this site's theme... Thumbs up!

11 May: Ricky at No2Silicone

Ricky at No2Silicone

Recently we saw lovely redhead Ricky do her first hardcore scene. But that doens't mean I don't appreciate a nice and clean nude shoot with her. She's the kind of woman I never get enough of... Ginger beauty Ricky of No2Silcione 

Is it time for a cocktail already ? If her Sweet Julia is fixing them I will never say no!

11 May: Boobstudy goes pink

Boobstudy goes pink

Plenty of pink going on at Boobstudy these days. And I am not talking about pussies :) Malibu Candi takes off her pink sweater and matching bra and releases her mighty pale tits ... Gallery. And another Busty British babe, the always adorable Louisa Lockhart wants to show you her new pink mesh top, by all means sweetheart... Gallery

10 May: Haley at Digital Desire

Haley at Digital Desire

Every now and then Haley Cummings takes a break from doing hardcore. Like recently at FTV Girls and now again at Digital Desire. And it's safe to say that she and her big boobs are looking breathtaking beautiful!  But you know Haley by know she can't last too long without sex. So see her in action at Baby Got Boobs.

10 May: Kelly in the desert

Kelly in the desert

I found out Kelly Madison wasn't listed in my best mature boobs special. Stupid fuck up cause how many women of above 40 you know that have such a stunning figure ? Only bad thing is that she suffers of the as call it 'constant orgasm face expression'  (just like Alia Janine). But you know what ? I forgive her :) Kelly in the desert 

10 May: In bed with Calista

In bed with Calista

It's beyond me why Calista isn't a more famous model (maybe she quitted already). As she got firm big breasts, tight body and a pretty face. It would be my pleasure to invite her in the bedrooom.

And the boobies of our new British friend Holly pop out of her tight and striped dress.

10 May: Between the curtains

Between the curtains

Looks who's coming from behind the curtains to say hello! It's the one and only Edda the proud owner of one the best bodies on the net... Gallery

And another slender 'n busty angel Sofi wears a mesh fishnet top for our entertainment.... Gallery

09 May: Special: Domestic tasks

Special: Domestic tasks
Nobody likes domestic tasks like washing the windows, vacuum cleaning, ironing, doing the dishes and the laundry. But you got to give these busty women credit for making the best of it. At least for us that is cause it's a great thing to watch them behave like good 'n naughy housewives :) And in case you like them to cook aswell for you check out the kitchen special

08 May: Congrats Pinup Files!

Congrats Pinup Files!

Pinup Files is celebratings it's 12th anniversary these weeks. So congratulations from us are in place, but a big thank you even more. The boobs scene would be a different place without jaw dropping models like September Carrino, Leanne Crow and ofcourse Rachel Aldana. Keep up the good work my friends!

08 May: Hitomi sex in the subway

Hitomi sex in the subway

There are more great sites than Big Tits Tokyo and Wierd Japan in the same network. On Public Sex Japan I spotted probably the best Japanese girl ever Hitomi Tanaka. Wow what a boobs and what a very wild scene having sex with two men in the subway 01 02 and here she gets toyed in a public bar 01 02. Made my weekend!

07 May: Sizzling Latina Jazmyn

Sizzling Latina Jazmyn

Jazmyn (born 1981) maybe a mature woman to some of you but since I am not 18 anymore I don't see her that way. But we all agree on one thing... she got an incredible curvy body! So it's great to watch her having another hardcore adventure.  Did you know she also had fun with the Dancing Bear before ?

07 May: Miss Intrigue, Wifey and Alia

Miss Intrigue, Wifey and Alia

They could be the mom of some of you. But I rather see them as a friend's mother :) Get ready for 3 mature ladies:

01. Miss Intrigue naughty in the woods 02. Wifey as the French maid of your wet dreams 03. And sex addicted Alia Janine doing what she liks best at Anilos.

07 May: Kristina Milan XL Girls

Kristina Milan XL Girls

It's certainly the week of huge chested Latina babes coming to the Score network. On monday we had Miosotis and now just before the weekend Kristina Milan pops up at Xl Girls. Please don't ask who got the biggest boobs I am not good as such things :) Anyways watch her take off her a sexy outfit and playing with a guy.

06 May: The return of Carly Holt

The return of Carly Holt

This is a nice suprise! British Carly Holt made her debut at Boobstudy about two years ago and popped up again at Scoreland last summer. And now out of the blue she comes back showing her wet big tits in the shower. Hello again sweetie,

Carly Holt at No2Silicone

06 May: African goddess Laurence

African goddess Laurence

Maybe African Goddess Isabelle was better looking but the boobs of another girls from the same site Laurence are bigger and of unique shape. The thumbnail doesn't really do her justice, trust me when I say you just have to see her dance naked.

Kellly Kay has naughty fun on the balcony

06 May: Angie in a bar

Angie in a bar

More footage from Angela White at Girls Out West. She's drinking a cocktail in bar but something turned her on and she whips out her big boobs and starts masturbating.

From Australia aswell come amateur lesbians Danielle and Lea and the brunette got really nice boobies. 

06 May: Iga glammed up

Iga glammed up

Honestly I liked Iga Wyrawal better when she was posing for erotic websites. Imho she's too 'plastic' here. a natural beauty like her deserves better... Gallery

Someone forgot to add water in the pool of Cassandra but she makes the best of it and an overexcited football fan from Mexico.

05 May: Skye after the job clip

Skye after the job clip

Remember Skye of Amateur Facials a girls from the past I ony introduced you to a few months ago ? Well I still had a nice clip of her after she had finished the job and where you got a good peek at her boobs and curvy body. Too good to let it collect dust right ?  Enjoy your retirement sweetie I wish you all the best in your life.

05 May: More of Haley at FTV

More of Haley at FTV

More of Haley's fantastic shoot at FTV Girls. That black-white striped sweater suits her very good. And when there's no man around to satisfy her needs Haley has no other option than to help herself. Or did you really think she would a day go by with an orgasm ? You should know this always horny girl better by now :)

05 May: Something about Ashley

Something about Ashley

A visitor agreed that there's something about Ashley's and submitted a story about his personal experience with an Ashley. 

And there's a Dream of Ashley who could probably could float very well just using her big tits :) Like Danielle and Christy Marks proofed before.

05 May: Danica and others

Danica and others

Before we move on I must correct myself on Michelle from below. I knew she looked familair somehow and it turned out she also is Violet of Cosmid.

New content: Skinny brunette Danica of Femjoy, Carol seems to be a friendly neighbour and Shay so sexy in mesh.

04 May: Michelle of No2Silcone

Michelle of No2Silcone

New site No2Silicone (a theme I can only applaude for) enters the boobs scene with a fantastic model. Michelle is a extremely slender girl and yet she has firm big breasts as you know that's rare very rare.... Michelle of No2Silcone Am I the only one who thinks she's a look-a-like of TJ of Cosmid ? And also Terry of 18andBusty is a girl in the same category. 

04 May: Sensual Jane out of purple

Sensual Jane out of purple

Told you last week that Sensual Jane seemed to be back in business. Here she's again on the couch of DDF Busty she takes off her purple sweater.... Gallery

Purple is popular girl amoung busty women, these are my favourites: Lillian Faye | Danielle | Wifey | Ellie Jay

04 May: Becca of Cosmid

Becca of Cosmid

Another quality find from Cosmid. But before you start jumping up and down from joy, I have to tell you that she doesn't post nude or topless. And it's sure if we ever will cause this curly beauty is pregrant at this very moment. But all that being said she's a lovely fresh looking girl and these hots are very sexy... Becca of Cosmid 

03 May: Miosotis at Scoreland

Miosotis at Scoreland

There's no happy medium you either love Miosotis or not. Well it took me some time but I went for the loving side. Why ? How many times you meet a woman as huge chested as her without being seriously overweighted. Those tripple K big boobs are simply miracles of nature and then there's the hardcore bonus aswell! Miosotis strips and has sex at Scoreland

03 May: Haley at Innocent High

Haley at Innocent High

But there are more ways to burn callories. Health experts report that an active sex life is good for your emotional and physical health. In that case Haley Cummings doesn't need to visit a gym to stay fit don't you think ?  :P The latest sex adventure of this wild cat took place in the principal's office of Innocent High.

03 May: Paris Miland and Ayumi

Paris Miland and Ayumi

There's even more bouncy action going on at Juggs Joy. How about and the lovely latina Paris Milan jogging and doing jumping jacks in a park .... Clip

And Ayumi from Japan is wearing no bra while running on the treadmill.

03 May: Muriel on the stairmaster

Muriel on the stairmaster

Ok enough for lazy weekends we're going to get bus(t)y this monday morning. For starters there's slender angel Muriel excersing naked on the stairmaster.

And since we had quite a few sporty girls lately (with Lilly as the highlight) I decided to update the working out special.

02 May: Big breasts from Simonscans

Big breasts from Simonscans
I never understood why Simonscans isn't a more famous site. It has top of the bill photography and sexy looking models. In my opinion it's the English equivalent of FTV Girls. Not all the models are busty it has a fair amount of them (including some rare beauties like Betty and Thelma). Special: big breasts from Simonscans

01 May: Busty blonde of GFRevenge wow!

Busty blonde of GFRevenge wow!

Ok I only got 4 pictures, but trust me they are going to make your day. A gorgeous looking young blonde with perfect 'n tanlined big breasts. At this moment I know nothing more about her or how much more content there exits of her, but believe me I am going to make it my personal mission to find out.... Busty blonde of GFRevenge

01 May: Weird Japan

Weird Japan

From the makers of Big Tits Tokyo now comes a new Japanese porn site. This one is dedicated to strange, really willd and sometimes even perverted content. I tell you these people have some bizar fantasies (but creative for sure lol). There busty girls presents aswell so plenty of reason to check out.... Wierd Japan

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